Saturday, October 21, 2017

Exeter-Milligan Fourth Grade Class

 The Exeter-Milligan fourth grade class is pictured:  front row from the left are Jonah Geiger, Avery Nichols, Carver Kanode, Trevin Ronne, Brett Kallhoff, Logan Krupicka, Jase Luzum, Tucker Svec and Ronnie Babula.  Back row from the left are Alexis  Saatmann, Alivia Luzum, Kiley Oldehoeft, Selah Petersen and  Mrs. Shelli Mueller. Kaydence Haase is not pictured.

The Exeter-Milligan fourth grade class started the year by reading “The Energy Bus” by John Gordon.    Their teacher, Shelli Mueller, explained how this theme of positivity helps in the classroom, “When a student comes to me with a problem, we talk about how to solve the problem and make sure we follow the five rules of the energy bus.  One that I use a lot is to not let them on your bus and drain your fuel.”

Mueller has especially enjoyed the love of reading that this class has, “They love to be read to.  They listen very well, and I love reading books to them.”

Currently the class is reading “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” in their reading class.  During Makerspace last week, the students made witches wand.  The immediately shared them with Mueller and explained to her that they were for Oz.  “They are making connections,” according to Mueller.

Even fourth graders deal with stress and that is one subject that the students are exploring in health.
Mueller explains, “We sit on the floor and talk about the different posters. We started with stress and how to deal with stress. We also talked about good stress and bad stress. Now we have moved into conflict and ways to deal with that. It ties in really well with ‘The Energy Bus’.”

The afternoon in the fourth grade class starts with a quick sentence to correct on the smart board.  Above, Jonah Geiger makes the correction he identified.

Alexis Saatmann (left) and Jonah Geiger (right) tear pieces of paper to help understand the science concept of physical change (a change that begins and ends with the same type of matter).

 Kiley Oldehoeft is a little unsure of mixing the baking soda with the vinegar during the Exeter-Milligan fourth grade science class.
 Tucker Svec is shocked at the chemical reaction when the vinegar hits the baking soda and fizzes in his science class.

 Alivia Luzum mixes her two substances.
 Carver and Selah Petersen work on their study guides.

 Exeter-Milligan fourth graders have some tools in their classroom to help their writing improve.

 Exeter-Milligan fourth graders, along with their teacher, Mrs. Shelli Mueller, share their form of stress relief.

Above and Below: The Exeter-Milligan fourth graders have read the children’s version of “The Energy Bus” and have all gotten on the positivity bus in their classroom.

 Logan Krupicka tracks the science study guide as the class reads the information together.
 Carver Kanode looks for the information he needs to highlight in his science study guide.
 Trevin Ronne highlights and important fact in his science lesson.
 “The Energy Bus” rules of positivity are posted in the fourth grade classroom.

 The Exeter-Milligan fourth grade class in front of their lockers are pictured from the left:  Avery Nichols, Alexis Saatmann, Alivia Luzum, Kiley Oldehoeft, Tucker Svec, Trevin Ronne, Brett Kallhoff, Carver Kanode, Selah Petersen, Jonah Geiger, Jase Luzum, Logan Krupicka and Ronnie Babula.
  Jonah Geiger gives his teacher Mrs. Mueller a high five.

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