Saturday, November 18, 2023

State Championship Game Pep Rally

The EMF Cheerleaders and their coach Mrs. Brandi Perez planned a fantastic pep rally to get the team and the crowd prepped for Monday's State Championship football game at Memorial Stadium.  The football team were introduced in a video including some of the players favorite plays from the season.  Also, there was a "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Cups" competition along with a dance off between the crowd and the team.  Coach Kahlandt was interviewed by Mrs. Perez and talked about how the team needs to play as they have been playing all season. After the team played a rowdy game of musical chairs the cheerleaders and dance team performed together before the team received goodie bags.


Thursday, November 16, 2023

Throwback Thursday: 11/10/2013




Kara Myers' Shining Stars reading group at Exeter-Milligan is super bright! Each day these stars come out and shine their way through reading words and learning decoding skills to enable them to read stories and answer comprehension questions. One focus this year for the Stars is learning to read high frequency words quickly and accurately. They pair up with another “Star” and read as many high frequency words as they can in 1 minute. They have two chances each day to better their time. Each time their goal is achieved, they get to color in a star. We almost have a whole solar system colored in already! 


Exeter-Milligan schools upheld the tradition of recognizing and honoring Veteran’s on Veteran’s Day on Monday morning, November 11.


Exeter-Milligan Senior Alex Benorden welcomed the crowd before Exeter Cub Scout Pack 218 presented the colors and led the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Tim Wilbeck spoke to the audience, the band played several numbers and Erica Yound closed the program.

Exeter-Milligan met Randolph in the NSAA quarter final match up in Milligan Tuesday evening.  The clear cold evening was no match for the fired up Timberwolves.
The fans got nervous after the scoreless first quarter but the Timberwolves proved why they are #1 in the Omaha World-Herald poll bring home the bacon with a 42-22 win.  Even with the game ending injury of quarterback Nolan White, the Timberwolves prevailed.  James Sluka stepped into the quarterback spot and led the team to victory. 
The Timberwolves (11-0) will head to Creighton (11-0)


The Exeter Chamber of Commerce rescheduled the Halloweenie event that preempted by the Exeter-Milligan football game.  Instead, the chamber wanted to celebrate Veteran’s Day and invited the community to enjoy a free hot dog supper. 


The Exeter-Milligan 7-12 Students traded in their MacBook Pros for MacBook Airs in a one to one refresh this year. The new computers are lighter and faster than the older models and are equipped with the latest operating system and applications. They also have a much longer battery life, which allows the students to use them fully throughout the school day.


Exeter-Milligan has become fully immersed in Google as a Google School. The students use Google Drive to create and store documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Teachers have added their own Google Sites to the school website which can be found at

In the elementary school the students have been given iPads to use. Every student in Kindergarten through 6th grade has access to his or her own iPad. These are equipped with the latest applications and operating system. Teachers are able to engage students throughout the day with various applications.  Many times, a student can be heard saying, “Hey, I think we have an app for that.”

Monday, November 13, 2023

Exeter-Milligan graduates earn FFA American Degree


Ben Bartu (left) and Kiah Songster (right) fresh off the stage at the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis with their American Degrees in hand.


Only one half of one percent of all FFA members will earn their American degree, the highest degree available to FFA members.

Just 142 Nebraska FFA members received their American degree last weekend in Indianapolis and two are members of the EMF FFA.  In fact, they are two of the founding members of the chapter which began its combined charter in 2018.

Kiah Songster and Ben Bartu applied for the American Degree last spring and were notified late this summer that they would be receiving the award on stage in Indianapolis at the FFA National Convention.

To earn the award they had to be out of high school at least one year and have received their state degree.  They must also be pursing an agricultural college education and had to earn $10,000 profit from their Supervised Agricultural Experience project and invested at least $7500 in their project. 

In addition to the project, there was an extensive application which required them to have at least 50 hours of community service.  Their advisor, Amy Kohtz, emphasized the importance of good records, “Both of them have done a really good job throughout the years keeping their records up to date so it was an easy process of finishing out the year and submitting the application.”

Songster, who is pursuing an ag business major and communications minor degree at Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, Missouri, continued showing cattle after high school and logged all of those hours and the profit from selling her show cattle to earn her American degree.

Bartu, who is pursuing a diesel technology degree at SCC in Milford, logged his time and profit from his work at Horizontal Boring and Tunneling in Exeter.

Applying for the degree wasn’t exactly on Bartu’s radar but after Kohtz mentioned he might be eligible to apply he decided to go ahead and try for it.  Songster knew it would be a great addition to her resume and show “how hard working and passionate about agriculture” she is.

Both recipients gave a nod to the bonus education they received in FFA.  Bartu stated, “I have learned a lot of stuff about agriculture that I didn’t know.  As an officer in FFA in high school I learned a lot about organization, planning events, being involved and what it takes to run an organization.”

Songster added, “Being a part of FFA has made me a better public speaker, a better leader and made me be able to solve problems.”

Both encouraged other students to stick with FFA and take the leap to apply for their American degree. “It shows how hard working you are and the drive you have for what you are passionate about,” said Songster.

Kohtz noted that the degree and FFA help secure the future success of students, “by showing future employers that just because high school is over doesn't mean that they don't stop working towards goals. Work ethic is something that is hard to have students want to do and by continuing to take pride in their SAE projects and to continue beyond school shows not only work ethic but dedication to the organization.”

And just like Songster said, she learned many life skills in the program.  Kohtz emphasized that even students who aren’t going to pursue a degree in agriculture can benefit from participating in FFA, “Specifically we have Career Development Events.  These events align to different careers from welding, agronomy, ag business, sales, marketing to vet science.  Even if a student does not want to major in an agricultural career, the skills they learn by participating in these events and in Ag Ed classes gives them transferrable career readiness skills.”

Songster and Bartu travelled with their family members to Indianapolis and met up with the EMF FFA group who were able to all watch them receive their degrees on stage at the convention.


Sunday, November 12, 2023

EMF Headed to State Championship Football Game

Lincoln Bound!!!!
The EMF Bobcats traveled to Crofton on Friday night to play the 11-0 Warriors.  The Bobcats didn't waste any time showing the Warriors how it's done.  
To start the game the Warriors received and it didn't take long for the Bobcats to force a fumble with Bobcat Jacob Klooz recovering the ball.  The Bobcats capitalized on the Warriors error and with 9:29 left in the first quarter Breckan Schluter waltzed into the end zone for six and then tacked on two.  8-0
Crofton scored with 2:48 left in the first quarter but not without fumbling the ball again and losing it to the Bobcats.
Schluter scored again for the Bobcats and Spencer Eberspacher caught the Tyler Due toss for the two point making it 16 - 8.  With 3:46 left in the half the Warriors tied it up and the score was 16-16 at the half.
The Bobcats came out of the half strong with Schluter in for a TD with 7:30 left in the third.  Two point was denied so the score was 22-16. Schluter tacked on another TD four minutes later and added the two point making it 30-16.
Crofton got in for a TD making it 30-24 and then with 8:49 left in the fourth quarter scored again making it 38-32.  With 1:52 left in the game Schluter sealed the deal for the Bobcats making the final score 46-32.
The Bobcats will meet Stanton at Memorial Stadium on Monday, November 20 at 10:15 am for the Class D-1 State Championship game.