Saturday, September 12, 2020

Exeter-Milligan Cheerleaders

Exeter-Milligan Cheerleaders include (seated in front left to right) Daisy Kanode, Natalie Staskal, Cammie Harrison.  Back row from the left: Malorie Staskal, Jozie Kanode, Maddie Luzum, Morgan White and Emma Olsen.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Throwback Thursday


5th grade math in the Exeter-Milligan classroom looks a little different this year with the addition of a Smartboard. Students are able to log onto an interactive website and do math activities together. Google maps on a Smartboard are awesome! We can really zoom in to the area we are reading about.


Exeter Veterans were remembered in a unique veteran’s scrapbook.  Area veterans are interviewed and their stories along with pictures they have shared are made into digital scrapbook pages.  The scrapbook, which is still being added to, is available to view at the Exeter Public Library.


Washington, DC – Congressman Adrian Smith announced the names of the Third District high school students who will serve on his Youth Advisory Council for the 2010 – 2011 academic school year. Jameson Elias Trauger a senior from Exeter-Milligan High School has been reappointed for a second term.

Smith’s Youth Advisory Council is a forum for high school students to discuss throughout the school year opinions, thoughts, and concerns with Smith about local and federal issues. Through in-person meetings and other contracts, the Council provides students an opportunity for involvement and insight into their government and communities.

The Council is open to high school students who are nominated by their teachers, principals, or guidance counselors.


Mrs. Polak’s fifth and sixth grade social studies classes are in the midst of doing research projects to start the year. Ancient Cultures such as the Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Chinese, Maya, Inca, and early Afticans and American natives are occupying the sixth graders. They will be doing PowerPoint or Poster presentations of their research. The fifth graders are researching North American explorers, including Henry Hudson, Antoine de Cadillac, Kit Carson, and Juan Ponce de Leon. These projects came about as a result of the work of the Blue River Cohort, which brought schools in the area together to address common curricular issues. The sixth graders began with a brief introduction to archeology, during which they did some activities to show them how hard it is to determine what artifacts really represent about a culture.

The sixth grade science class has been “doing” science, and investigating a couple of questions posed by Mrs. Polak, and then coming up with their own variables to see if the results would change. They are now writing their own “testable” questions, and will eventually conduct an investigation of their own. Other topics for study this year include electricity, kitchen chemistry, earthquakes and volcanoes, and Legoä engineering.

Fifth grade science has begun a study of plants, and many are waiting impatiently for their Wisconsin Fast Plantsä to sprout. These plants have a life cycle of 35-40 days from seed germination to seedpod harvest. Fifth graders will also study some systems of the human body, rocks, minerals and fossils, force and motion (including Newton’s Laws) and possibly some weather.


The Exeter-Milligan Timberwolves visited Harvard Friday night and defeated them 76 - 0. This brings the Timberwolves record to 1 - 1.


May We Never Forget


Sunday, September 6, 2020

Exeter-Milligan/Friend tame the Tigers in Dwight

 The Exeter-Milligan/Friend Bobcats came out fighting and didn't look back.  They scored their first touchdown on the second play with Jackson Beethe in for six and Christian Weber on the keeper for two with just 41 seconds off the clock.

East Butler fumbled and the Bobcats recovered but went four and out.  Beethe had a big sack for a huge loss on third down on one series and had another QB sack later in the game.

End of the first quarter 8-0.

Big run by Weber was topped off by Breckan Schluter who stretched for the TD. The conversion attempt was denied score was 14 to 0.

Marcus Krupicka forced a fumble and recovered it for the Bobcats. Weber tossed a big pass to Keagan  Newsome who was tacked on the 13 yard line before finishing the series in the end zone.  Weber tacked on the two points.  22-0 with 6:49 left in the half.

Peyton Pribyl got a big pick in Bobcat territory and the Weber pitch to Schluter found the Bobcats back in the end zone.  Weber tacked on the two points bringing the score to 30- 0 with 445 left in the half.

The start of the second half found the Tigers marching downfield for six but denied the 2 point conversion.

East Butler attempted an onsite kick that was easily handled by JB Drake.

Despite a penalty called on the Bobcats they stormed ahead with Schluter in for six more.  The two point attempt was stopped. 36 - 6 with 7:19 in the third quarter.

Schluter picked up some more yardage for the Bobcats and a Weber pass to Beethe found the end zone.  Weber tacked on the two points.  44-12

With 7:05 left in the fourth quarter Weber snuck in the end zone making the score 50-12 which was the final score.