Saturday, October 9, 2021

Death NoticeL Elva B. McBride

 A Funeral Service for Elva will be held on Thursday, October 14, 2021 at 10:30 a.m. at the United Church of Christ in Exeter, Nebraska with Pastor Stuart Davis presiding.

Visitation will be held on Wednesday, October 13, 2021 from 1:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. at Farmer Funeral Home in Exeter, Nebraska.

Graveside Services will be conducted following the funeral service in the Exeter Cemetery in Exeter, Nebraska.

Memorials are to be directed to the family to be designated at a later date.

Exeter Volunteer Fire Department Filmed for Documentary

Gary Matoso, the creative director with Vignette, films Exeter Volunteer Fire Department members training on the new Jaws of Life.



The Exeter Volunteer Fire Department was spotlighted last week as the film company Vignette came to town and spent nearly the entire week filming fire department members in their everyday lives as well as using rescue equipment.

The film company plans to create a documentary about volunteer fire departments which “is the centerpiece of a larger goal which is to inspire people to serve in their communities,” according to producer and casting director Louise Colette.

The idea for the project came from producer Peter Yoakum.  He was aware that fire departments are struggling with recruitment especially in volunteer units.  At the time he felt so much divisiveness in the country, “I wanted to find something everyone could feel good about.”

Colette explained they “are partnering with the National Volunteer Fire Council to help them and all departments at large.”

They plan to tell the stories of eight departments from around the country, “No two departments are alike.  The way they train, work. . .we hope to paint as broad a picture as we call.  We want to focus on the diversity of the departments and also on the personal motivation of the volunteers,” described Colette.

Exeter was in a pool of 600 departments who applied to be part of the project.  After five or six zoom calls with the producer they were chosen, according to Exeter Rescue Captain Hope Strate.

They will film in California, Washington, New York, Virginia, Washington D.C. and Texas in addition to their stop in Exeter.  Not all of the departments are rural.  In Washington State they recorded at a training academy and the Virginia department they will visit is rural but of course, D.C. is urban.

Their plan is to have viewers learn about the opportunities for volunteering and to bring public awareness of the need for these essential workers.  They plan to “connect on an emotional level,” added Colette.

In addition to the initial idea for the project Yoakum has been working to secure the finances for the project.  So far, John Deere has stepped up to be a major sponsor. He is looking for a matching grant from companies who have “a vested interest in rural communities.”

He explained that John Deere was motivated to be a part of the documentary as they have “a lot of customers and employees who are volunteer fire fighters and farmers need fire departments.”

They aren’t sure how the film will be distributed but plan to take it to film festivals next year.  “We will be offering it free to any and all fire departments to use as a recruiting tool.  We hope they will have events and have Q and A sessions to start conversations,” added Colette.

Yoakum confirmed that their primary objective in the documentary was to recruit 25,000 new volunteer fire fighters.  He explained that the National Fire Protection Association estimates that the defrayed cost per fire fighter is $66,000 per year.

“This is what you what you would pay for a career fire fighter if you didn’t have a volunteer,” Yoakum explained.  “With over one million viewers we hope to recoup a $1.5 billion impact.”

Yoakum was impressed with the Exeter community right off the bat, “The town has been so welcoming.”

The production company has spent time with Strate and long-time department members Alan and Shari Michl.  They have filmed them both in their home and at work, even riding on the school bus with Alan as he did his morning route.  They also spent time filming at the Farmers Cooperative in Exeter where  several department members are employed.





Above - Members of the Vignette film company discuss plans for their evening with Exeter Volunteer Rescue Captain Hope Strate.  Pictured clockwise from the left are Louise Colette, Austin Slayton, Cameron Zohoori, Strate and Gary Matoso.

Above – The Vignette crew at the Exeter Fire Hall from the left: Austin Slayton (audio), Cameron Zohoori (lead camera/editor), Louise Colette (producer), Gary Matoso (creative director) Peter Yoakum (producer) and Lyle (the dog).

Below – Members of the Exeter Volunteer Fire Department posed with the Vignette crew.  From the left: Shari Michl, Vicki Androyna, Lane Strate, Hope Strate, Alan Michl, Louise Colette, Ken Strate, Cameron Zohoori, Austin Slayton, Gary Matoso, Peter Yoakum and Lyle.



Thursday, October 7, 2021

Throwback Thursday: Oct 2, 2011



Funeral services for Ted Larsen will be Saturday, October 8, 2011 at 2:00 p.m. at the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Cordova, Nebraska. Interment will be in the Zastrow Cemetery.


The Exeter and McCool Junction United Methodist Churches have a new pastor in residence at the Exeter parsonage. Pastor Ray Underwood, his wife Sharon and their young son Derrik have moved to the parsonage in Exeter.


Monday night during a Junior Fire Patrol meeting, members of the Exeter Fire Department discovered damage caused by a bullet shot into the Exeter Fire Hall.


Fireman, Jacob Miller, put on his fire gear to show the fifth graders present for the Junior Fire Patrol and when he removed his gear from his locker noticed a large hole in the wall.


Miller, recalled that on Friday, September 23rd one of the regular garden hoses had several holes in it when he washed one of the large fire trucks in preparation for the Homecoming pep rally. The last time the hoses were used on August 11th, there were no holes in them.


Once the hole in the wall of the fire hall was found, obviously made by a bullet, the department members present examined the hose and found several bullet holes, they also found a bullet lodged in the hose.


The Exeter-Milligan One Act Team, under the direction of Jami Adelman, will be performing The Insanity of Mary Girard this season.


On Friday, September 23rd, the Exeter-Milligan 3rd and 4th grade students attended the Plum Creek Literacy Festival at Concordia University in Seward. While there they saw authors and illustrators. They also participated in a Fun Science for Kids class and made slime.

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

EM places Fourth at JCC Tournament

 Exeter-Milligan Lady Timberwolves fought hard at the JCC tournament in Cook and Tecumseh but fell just short of playing in the championship game.  They started the morning in Cook defeating HTRS in two sets but lost to Falls City High 2-1.  They headed to Tecumseh to play the third place game against Lourdes Central Catholic and again fell 2-1 capturing fourth place in the tournament.  

Monday, October 4, 2021

EMF Goes 6-0 Defeating Amherst


The long trip to Amherst was worth it for the Bobcats on Friday night. After forcing a punt for Amherst on their first possession EMF came out fighting. On fourth down the Bobcats took the risk and Christian Weber sent a big pass to Chase Svehla for the first down. Weber got the ball in the end zone for six but the two point was a no go.  6-0

Broncos had good field position to start and made some progress getting in for six.  They kicked the extra point and with 4:58 left in the quarter it was 6-7

EMF whittled away on the yards and Breckan Schluter found the end zone for six.  The two point was again denied.  12-7 with 1:28 left in the first quarter.

The Bobcats took another risk on fourth and long and Weber sent Schluter a pass on the three yard line Schluter turned and ran into the end zone.  Weber kept the ball on the conversion and made it in.  20-7 with 10:45 left in the half.

The last pass play to Schluter worked so well their number was called again.  Schluter brushed off two defenders and he was back in the end zone but the two point was stopped. 26-7 with 3:14 in the half.  With 1:07 in the half on second down, Weber tossed the option to Schluter and he was in for another six.  Jessie Duba carried the two point in and it was 34-7 with :30 seconds on the clock.

The Bobcats defense worked hard and with three and out got the ball back with seven seconds left on the clock.  Weber shoots the long ball to Schluter and he is in for six..  Duba carried the two point again.  42-7 at the half.

EMF fell on a short kick and Duba ran the ball several times making headway and in for six.  Two point was no good with 8:07 left in the third 48-7

With a running clock Amherst fought hard and got six and kicked the point after.  Final score 48-13.
The Bobcats travel to Heartland in Henderson on Friday night to meet the 4-2 Huskies.