Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday Pool Construction Update

There was a constant stream of traffic and things happening at the pool on Friday. Friday afternoon saw the arrival of the plumbing contractor, Kelch Plumbing who were assisted by Styskal Irrigation (Dave Polak is running the ditch witch while Mike Kelch and Keith Mathiesen keep a watchful eye).

At one point in the afternoon, a semi with a flatbed arrived and construction workers unloaded several long pallets of pipes while a cement pumper truck was waiting on site for things to be ready and then three truck and pups showed up full of sand. It was a traffic jam in Exeter!

By using all of these local vendors the pool is paying for itself in part. Everything delivered will have Exeter sales tax on it and that money goes toward the pool.

Later in the afternoon (around 3:00 p.m.) the first cement was poured. One cement truckful was pumped into the area close by where the baby pool used to be. As soon as I find out what it will be I will post that information.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Daily Pool Construction update

There was lots of activity at the pool construction site on Wednesday. Horizontal Boring continued their excavator work and brought in some more equipment for safety. In addition three dump trucks, including Bill Volkmer's big sidedumper brought in clay all day long. The clay was dumped and then rearranged by two skid loaders throughout the day until a front end loader took over the job. Some more sidewalks were removed that were adjacent to the playground equipment and some special fabric arrived that might possibly be the "insulation blanket" that will keep the ground from freezing so construction can continue if the weather turns.

Exeter-Milligan Boys Basketball Stats

January 10

The Exeter-Milligan boys trounced on Rising City Friday night with a score of 70-15

Dillan White scored 16 points
Greg Pribyl had 13 points
Tanner Odvody 10 points


Cross County
Greg Pribyl 14pts
Travis Yound 10pts
Travis Yound 7 rebounds
Dillon Rischling 5 assists


Travis Yound 24pts
Greg Pribyl 9 pts
Travis Yound 8 rebounds
Mitch Horne 3 assists


Dillan White 16pts
Travis Yound 11pts
Josh Sluka 10pts
Dillan White 10 rebounds
Travis Yound 7 rebounds
Josh Sluka 7 rebounds
Dillon Rischling 3 assists
Josh Sluka 3 steals

Friday, December 12th
Exeter Milligan versus McCool Jct.
43 - 59 loss
Travis Yound 14 pts
Dillan White 9 pts
Travis Yound 11 rebounds
Ethan Kattes 8 rebounds
Shane Manning 6 rebounds
Dillon Rischling 3 steals
Shane Manning 3 steals
Greg Pribyl 3 Assists

Exeter-Milligan versus Friend
62 - 47 win
Josh Sluka 18 pts
Travis Yound 14 pts
Greg Pribyl 8 pts
Travis Yound 8 rebounds
Dillan White 4 Rebounds
Mitch Horne 4 rebounds
Dillon Rischling 5 Steals
Travis Yound 3 steals
Mitch Horne 4 assists
Dillan White 3 assists

Pool Construction Begins!!!

Construction began in earnest on Tuesday as subcontractor Horizontal Boring along with their subcontractor WyAd out of York started moving some serious dirt. Bill Volkmer and John Mueller drove dump truck after dump truck of clay onto the site to become a more stable fill for the construction. Two skid loaders kept busy all day arranging the giant piles of dirt along with an excavator removing some more of the old pool residue. Kopcho's also dropped off two large roll offs for construction trash.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Chamber of Commerce Meeting Time Changes

The Exeter Chamber of Commerce meeting time has changed. They will now meet on Wednesday at 5:15 p.m. at the fire hall. There will not be a meal served. Please come and give your input on how we can improve our businesses in Exeter!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Exeter-Milligan Girls Basketball Results

December 29th

Exeter-Milligan played 7-0 Deshler in the first round of the
Holiday tournament losing by a score of 58-47. Heather
Pribyl led Exeter-Milligan with 19 points and 11 rebounds.
Tina Kassik chipped in 11 points.

In the 3rd place game Exeter-Milligan came back with a win
against Cross County 65-55. Leading the T-wolves was Kelsey
Moore with 14 points. Heather Pribyl had 13 points and 13
rebounds. Amber Filipi and Claire White each scored 11

Next game: Home vs Diller/Odell Tuesday January 6
Friday, December 19th

Exeter-Milligan got a nice win last Friday as they defeated
McCool Juntion by a score of 55-20. Leading in scoring was
Amber Filipi with 15 points. Heather Pribyl followed with
10 points 8 rebounds and 6 steals. Tina Kassik had 9

Exeter-Milligan's next game is in the Holiday tourney at
Dorchester. They play Monday December 29 at 6:30pm against
Desher in Dorchester.
Wednesday, December 17th

Friend 52 Exeter-Milligan 27

Heather Pribyl led in scoring with 11 points and 13
Kelsey Moore followed with 6 points and 3 steals.

Exeter-Milligan is at Home FRIDAY vs McCool Junction

Friday, December 12th
Exeter-Milligan 48 Hampton 30

Senior Maddy Emshoff led in scoring with 12 points. Kelsey
Moore had 11 points and 3 steals.
Heather Pribyl had 8 steals in the game.

Exeter-Milligan 41 Deshler 47
Tina Kassik led in scoring with 12 points and 8 rebounds.
Claire White had 9 points.

Exeter-Milligan 40 Dorchester 49.
Kelsey Moore and Heather Pribyl led in scoring with 11
points a piece.
Amber Filipi had 10 points. Heather Pribyl had 14

Record 0-2. Next game Home VS Hampton on Friday in Exeter