Monday, November 19, 2018

Exeter-Milligan Fifth Grade Classroom

Jonah Geiger checks with Alexis Saatmann on their trait survey.

Exeter-Milligan fifth grade is a fun and unique place to be.  Their teacher, Brooke Soukup, notes that “all of them are very creative.” 
Their class is focusing on Core 5 this year.  Soukup explained, “Core 5 is an app that allows students to work at their own pace and at their specific skill level to develop critical reading and language skills.  Our goal as a class is to have every person complete the program by the end of the year.” 
In reading, the class just finished The Prince and the Pauper  and is starting The Odyssey.
In science, they have been learning about genetics and family traits.  The photos here are of the students surveying the different traits they might have including curly hair, attached earlobes, freckles, dimples and hairlines.  They also brought photos of their parents to see if they share physical traits with them.
Technology is used every day in the fifth grade classroom.  “It is used for little things, like displaying their morning routine every morning and our teacher student games throughout the day.  It is also used during lessons, independent work time, and for science and social studies tests.”
Each week the students take turns calling special seniors in their communities to check in on them.  These Telecare phone calls are one of the highlights of the students’ week.  They recently had a special breakfast with the seniors they call each week.

Above -Jase Luzum and Selah Petersen find some special traits to mark down on their survey.
Below- Trevin Ronne (left) and Carver Kanode find one of their traits a little funny,

Above -Trevin Ronne (left) checks to see if Tucker Svec has a widow’s peak.
Below – The fifth grade classroom at Exeter-Milligan is busy making sure they check with each classmate to survey their traits.

 This week’s Teacher’s Assistant is Alivia Luzum.  Students in the fifth grade can earn “funds” for their “bank.”  One of the special privileges they can purchase is time as the very popular Teacher’s Assistant.

Above -Selah Petersen (left) and Brett Kallhoff work through their worksheet quickly.
Below – Jonah Geiger interviews Ronald Babula (middle) and Tucker Svec (right) at the same time.

Above -Trevin Ronne and Kiley Oldehoeft compare their traits.
Below – The fifth grade class with their Teacher Mrs. Brook Soukup.  Front row left to right:  Trevin Ronne, Jonah Geiger, Brett Kallhoff, Kaydence Haase, Kiley Oldehoeft, Ronald Babula (behind) and Jase Luzum.  Back row from the left: Carver Kanode, Tucker Svec, Logan Krupicka, Avery Nichols,  Mrs. Soukup, Alivia Luzum, Alexis Saatmann, and Selah Petersen.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Exeter-Milligan Update: Espanola

Brock Steuben and Casey Jindra

EspaƱola at Exeter-Milligan
By Lisa Ricenbaw, E-M Spanish Instructor

Exeter-Milligan Spanish 3 student Alexis Turrubiates learned about the significance of mask making in the Hispanic culture. Masks were used in rituals and religious ceremonies. They were also used as a way to mock their Spanish oppressors during festivals. They are often made of wood, clay or metal and adorned with jewels and feathers. Alexis made her beautiful mask with paint, feathers and sequins.
(picture is alexis-mask)

Exeter-Milligan Spanish 1 students learned about the Huichol tribe in Mexico and the unique art they create using yarn, beads and wax. They created their own masks using yarn and glue.


Daisy Kanode, Georgia Meyer and Jaiden Papik

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Exeter-Milligan Update: Murphy Chosen for Nebraska All-State Band

Each year, approximately 3,000 of the best high school musicians in the state audition for the Nebraska All-State Band, Chorus, Jazz Band and Orchestra which are sponsored by the Nebraska Music Education Association. Selection as a member of one of these groups is one of the highest music honors attainable in Nebraska. Mr. Ryan Placek, Director of Band Affairs for the Nebraska Music Education Association, is pleased to announce that Exeter-Milligan Junior, Caitlin Murphy (French Horn), will be among the 160 students selected to be a part of the 2018 All-State Band. Guest conductor for the group will be Patrick Sheridan, one of the most celebrated tuba soloists in his instrument’s history and performer in more than 3,000 concerts in over 50 countries in venues ranging from the White House to NBA half-time shows to the Hollywood Bowl.  The All-State Band will rehearse Wednesday, November 14th through Friday, November 16th on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus, the host site of the 2018 NMEA Conference/ Clinic. A final public concert will be held on Friday, November 16th at the Lied Center for the Performing Arts on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Farmers Mutual Commercial featuring EMF Bobcats released

Longer version of the Farmers Mutual Commercial featuring the EMF Bobcats
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Exeter-Milligan Junior High Football

E-M/F Junior High Football team  Front row Left-right:  Tyler Due, Andrew Vavra, Jordan Lawver, Josh Meyer, Draven Payne, Andy Drake, Jacey Krotzer, Spencer Eberspacher, Jacob Weber, Devin Harrison, Breckan Schluter.  Back row left-right: Braden Benjamin, Andrew Lunt, Marcus Krupicka, Cade Kresak, Jack Baptista, Daysan Staskal, Chase Svehla, Chase Vnoucek.

EMF Junior High Football 2018 Season Summary

EMF Junior High Football had a very successful season with a good combination of young men from Friend and Exeter-Milligan.  The coaches enjoyed watching the players develop this season, especially as Coach Jay Hitchcock had coached many of them in pee wee football.

The year started with a lot of excitement and optimism and the first game began with a big lead at home against Diller-Odell. The younger students on second string played more snaps that the first string and scored several times against their first string defense.

The next game was against East Butler at Dwight. Again, the second string got a large amount of playing time and scored twice against their first string defense.  EMF wins the game 56-18.

The next contest was against Thayer Central at Milligan which got off to a fast start with EMF getting a large lead early. Thayer Central was able to score against the EMF defense due to broken assignments on option plays and the second string getting the chance for more experience. EMF wins again 50-36.

Meridian was the next challenge for the EMF squad. During warmups the Bobcats coaches were concerned with the size if the Meridian players but EMF controlled the game from the start. EMF executed to perfection several wedge plays for long gains against the large interior line. Another win for the Bobcats as the final was 60-6.

Heartland was next on the schedule for EMF. The game was a battle from the beginning with the Bobcats coming out on top with a final of 56-52. Hitchcock commented, "This was a very good win for us as Heartland was a physically superior team but we were able to beat them by working together as a team. We made a couple of huge first downs to run out the clock at the end of the game."

The final game of the season was scheduled against Osceola-High Plains at Milligan but was changed at the last minute to Osceola because of the snow in Milligan. "Osceola-High Plains was a very talented team and proved to be a very tough adversary." noted Hitchcock.

Although EMF fought hard some untimely penalties and turnovers cost the Bobcats the game with a final of 52-36.

The team ended up with a 5-1 record.  Coach Treven Cerveny and Hitchcock ended the season "very proud of the team. We appreciated how coachable and hard working they are.  We are fortunate to coach such a fun bunch of guys."

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Exeter-Milligan Honors Veterans

Cub Scout Axel Erdkamp posts the Cub Scout flag with the help of Richard Hickman at the Exeter Veteran’s Day Program on Monday.

Exeter-Milligan Student Council President Katherine White welcomed the audience to the Exeter-Milligan Veteran’s Day program on Monday, November 12.  

Braden Capek, a member of Boy Scout Troop 218, led the flag ceremony and pledge of allegiance with Pack 218 members providing the color guard.
The Junior High/Senior High band played the “Star-Spangled Banner” and the Junior High choir sang “Our America.”
Together the Junior/Senior High choir sang “Inscription of Hope” and the Senior High choir sang “one Great Nation.”
Mrs. Denice Kovanda introduced the speaker, Mrs. Mary Lou Vossler.
Vossler began her talk giving the history of Veteran’s Day which was first celebrated in 1919 and became an official holiday in 1938. The purpose according to Vossler, “Pays tribute to all American veterans living or dead.”
Vossler noted that at count in 2017 there were 18.2 million U.S. living veterans with seven million from the Vietnam War and 558,000 World War II.

On a sobering note, Vossler mentioned that every day 22 veterans commit suicide.

Vossler shared her own military experience with the audience.  “My senior year of high school I felt the pressure of what I wanted to do with my life.”
As the youngest of four children, Vossler knew that her family could not fund college for her, nor could she even ask them to help.  Her brother Bill had enlisted in the National Guard and she explained that when he told her he would get a bonus if she enlisted, she decided to sign up for a six year stint.
Her father had served in the Navy and her mother had been in the reserves along with other family members who served.  
Vossler felt that her experiences “Changed my life forever.  When I was asked why I chose to serve, I answered ‘Why not?’ I did it because of the respect of those who served before us, to protect our country.  I took the oath to support and defend the constitution.“
For six years Vossler spent one weekend a month and 15 days of training each summer along with the commitment to be available if her unit was activated.

She spoke of being an 18 year old female from David City, Neb. who had never been away from home or flown in a plane.  “At this time I found my inner strength to make my family proud and most of all make myself proud.”
She spoke of the intense experiences of training, learning about guns, soldier skills and first aid before moving on to become a 42L administrative specialist working with personnel records in the 867th Combat Engineering group in the branch out of Seward.
“These moments were life altering and allowed me to serve my country. Today I attend our Combat Engineering Company reunions and it’s just like having supper with your brother and his wives. The only regret I have is not staying in the National Guard.”
Vossler encouraged the audience to remember not only those who are serving but also those who are left behind while their spouse or children are serving.

The Exeter-Milligan band played “National Emblem” before recognizing each branch of service during the playing of “America’s Finest.”  Veterans in the audience were asked to stand as their anthem played and the audience recognized them with applause.

The program was closed by Student Council Vice President Caitlin Murphy.

Cub Scouts led the flag Ceremony at the Exeter Veteran’s Day Program on Monday.  They are pictured from the left Levi Jurgensen, Deacon Erdkamp, Richard Hickman and Axel Erdkamp with their Cubmaster, Becky Erdkamp behind them.
The Jr. Sr. High Band performs
Above - The Exeter-Milligan Junior High Choir sings “Our America.”
Below - The Exeter-Milligan Sr High Choir.

Above – National Guard Veteran Mary Lou Vossler was the speaker at the Exeter-Milligan Veteran’s Day Program.
Below – Local Veterans stand as their military branch anthem  is played at the Exeter-Milligan Veteran’s Day Program.

Above – Air Force Veteran Chuck Werner stands as the Air Force anthem is played.
Below – The Exeter-Milligan Band trumpet line plays during the concert.  Pictured from the left are Trever Zelenka, Jaiden Papik, and Mitchell Manning.

Above- The Clarinet line
Below - Caitlin Murphy closes the program.