Monday, January 21, 2019

White Chooses Missouri Western

Above: Katherine White signs on the dotted line to play at Missouri Western State University surrounded by her parents Brad and Darcy White.  Behind her Assistant Volleyball Coaches Laura Kroll (left) and Katherine Smith (right).

It wasn’t hard for Exeter-Milligan three-sport standout Katherine White to decide where to continue her education.

It was all about the volleyball. White, who has been an all-state outside hitter for Exeter-Milligan the last three years of high school, signed a letter of intent to play for Missouri Western State University in St. Joe,  Mo.

She was invited to campus this past summer to participate in one of their elite volleyball camps. The experience sealed the deal for White, “Their coach was the first thing that stuck out to me.  I felt that connection right away.  I also met a few of the girls and they were so nice.”

It goes without saying that White had options, but it was important to her to go with a Division II school.  “They don’t have a huge roster like a NAIA school.  They don’t have a JV team.  It feels like a small team like we had here and will help me connect better.”

She understands that she will have to fight for a spot at NWSU, “I had the same type of pressure here for state level games.  My biggest challenge will be learning a new bunch of girls.  So far, it’s been easy to connect with them, but getting to where we are comfortable will be the challenge.”

She will be playing for Coach Marian Carbin at NWSU.  Carbin has been looking for a player like White, “We liked her court presence; the way that she competes hard but stays calm and is a good teammate. We also liked her ability to be a 6-rotation player, playing both front row and back row effectively.”

White who had a team high 454 kills her senior season balanced this with her 251 digs for the season and 63 ace serves for the team.  This season she broke the school record in kills and in points scored in one season.

Her high school career made an impact on Exeter-Milligan volleyball records. In her career she sits in the second place spot for total kills with 1154, in first place for total aces with 199, in third for total digs with 865.  

Carbin hopes to capitalize on White’s combination of strengths in St. Joe, ”I think Katherine will compete for one of our open Outside Hitter positions. We have been looking for a 6-rotation outside for the past two recruiting classes, and I think Katherine has the potential to fill that role.”

One thing different at NWSU is White won’t have her mom, Exeter-Milligan Coach Darcy White, as her coach.  Katherine has played under different coaches on club volleyball teams and had no qualms about the experience.

Exeter-Milligan Coach Darcy White has enjoyed the challenge of coaching her daughter, “The best part of being able to coach her was probably that we have gotten to spend a lot of time together not only during our season, but also during her club seasons where we have had the opportunity to do quite a bit of traveling.”

"I think one of her strengths is that she doesn't take herself too seriously, but this was also an issue between her and I at times because she wasn't always the most coachable player for me.”

While she is keeping her options open right now, White has an inclination to pursue a career in education. She has a bit of a head start as she has been taking college level courses at Exeter-Milligan this year through SENCAP (Southeast Nebraska Career Academy Program).

Coach White is confident in the way Exeter-Milligan has prepared her for the next step, “Exeter-Milligan provides the opportunity to be involved in many activities as well as academic challenges .  KK's ability to be successful in those activities and in her academics gave her the confidence to continue to pursue those challenges and opportunities going forward.”

With all her success in high school so far, attending the state volleyball tournament all four years, the last two years at state basketball and state track, Coach White has high hopes for Katherine’s collegiate experience, “Hopefully she will continue to be successful at the next level, but it will be important for her to continue to work hard at these things and not take this for granted. It's important for her to keep a positive attitude while being patient as she becomes more comfortable with her role on her new team and in her academic focus.”

White sends a kill over the net at her last high school volleyball game in the state tournament against Wynot.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

E-M Post Season Volleyball Honors

Katherine White - MUDECAS Class A All Tournament Team, Crossroads Conference All Tournament Team, First Team All-Conference, York News Times All Area Team Co-Captain, Academic All State
Kate Jansky - MUDECAS Class A Honorable Mention, Crossroads Conference All Tournament Team, First Team All-Conference, York News Times All Area Team, Academic All State
Anna Sluka - All Conference Honorable Mention, York News Times All Area Team
Jaiden Papik - York News Times All Area Team Honorable Mention
Emma Olsen - York News Times All Area Team

York News Times All Area Stat Leaders


1. Katherine White SR. Exeter-Milligan 454
4. Kate Jansky SR. Exeter-Milligan 343

Set Assists

3. Emma Olsen FR Exeter-Milligan 431
5. Anna Sluka JR Exeter-Milligan  362


4. Kate Jansky SR. Exeter-Milligan 61


4. Jaiden Papik SO. Exeter-Milligan 312


3. Anna Sluka JR. Exeter-Milligan 66
4. Katherine White SR. Exeter-Milligan 63
6. Kate Jansky SR. Exeter-Milligan 53

Poster Found in the Library: The Circus Comes to Town

Who remembers the circus coming to town?

Thursday, January 17, 2019

E-M Boys beat Meridian

The Exeter-Milligan boys dominated Meridian 50-33 Tuesday night in Exeter.  Heading to Davenport tonight to meet BDS.

E-M Girls Beat Meridian

Exeter-Milligan girls got back on track Tuesday night at home against Meridian.  They came out on top 58-37 much better score than last Tuesday night at MUDECAS where the difference was just three points!  Headed to Davenport tonight!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Exeter-Milligan 2004 MUDECAS Champions Recognized

Exeter-Milligan 2004 MUDECAS champion girls team members were honored during the Friday night championship game.  
 On the floor being honored during halftime of the MUDECAS division A Championship game were coaches and members of the 2004 MUDECAS Championship team.  From the left are Assistant Coach Shelli Mueller, Assistant Coach Lin Schluter, , Rachel Rischling Johnson, Ashley Kassik Havel and Ashley Sluka Warren (not pictured).

Those able to attend were (L-R) Ashley Sluka Warren, Ashley Kassik Havel, Rachel Rischling Johnson, Assistant Coach Lin Schluter and Assistant Coach Shelli Mueller.  The team went on to win CRC championship and were State Champions as well.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Exeter Lady Timberwolves Finish Runner Up at MUDECAS

Final from Beatrice 55-26 with the Exeter-Milligan girls the runner-up in the MUDECAS A Division. 

EMF Boys Football Honors

Exeter-Milligan-Friend Football Player Honors
Edwin Baptista - All District First Team, York News Times All Area Team Co-Captain, All State D-1 First Team OWH, LJS
Spencer Pribyl - All District First Team, York News Times All Area, Academic All State, All State D-1 Honorable Mention OWH LJS
Mitchell Manning - All District First Team, York News Times All Area, Academic All State, All State D12 Honorable Mention OWH LJS
Slater Wells - All District First Team
Max Zeleny - All District First Team, York News Times All Area, All State D-1 Honorable Mention OWH LJS
Johnny Babula - All District First Team, York News Times All Area Honorable Mention, All State D-1 Honorable Mention OWH LJS
Trever Zelenka - All District Second Team, All State D-1 Honorable Mention OWH LJS
Colton Bosaller - All District Honorable Mention, All State D-1 Honorable Mention OWH LJS
Nick Hayek - All District Honorable Mention
Jackson Beethe - All District Honorable Mention

York News Times All Area Season Football Stats Leaders
Rushing yards
1. Edwen Baptista - Top rushing yards 1,731
Passing yards
3. Spencer Pribyl 899
Receiving yards
4. Max Zeleny 24-413
2. Max Zeleny 118
Team rushing yards/game
1. Exeter-Milligan/Friend 294
Total yards/game
3. Exeter-Milligan/Friend 369.8

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Village Board Passes Ordinance to Issue Bonds

After the minutes and invoices were approved the Exeter Village Board moved directly into the marshals report so that Officer Shawn Gray could get to another commitment.

Grey reported on the nuisance trash issue on Maplewood street.  “There were three attempts to deliver the certified notification.  The next move is to have someone clean it up and send a bill.  If the bill is not paid then a lien will be placed on the property.”

He also reported that he recently gave a ticket to an out of county individual who was at an Exeter park. After asking permission to search the vehicle he ticketed them for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. He explained his recent absence, “I feel like I have neglected you guys as I am the only guy in Friend right now.”

Chairman Alan Michl confirmed that Marshal Mark McFarland will continue as the marshal in Exeter and that Gray would work under him.

The board transitioned back to the agenda with JEO project manager Andrew Wilshusen approaching the board.  He reported on the final pay application for the downtown improvements and confirmed that some of the funds would be retained until the construction companies have completed all of the punch items.

Wilshusen stated that the total cost of the downtown project was $847,697.39 and the street project final number was $1,453,419.12.

Michl commented, “I appreciate this  report.  We haven’t ever had the numbers as clear as you presented. . .When all is said and done we were pretty close to our original numbers. “
The board approved the final payoff.

Next on the agenda was Ameritas representative  Brad Slaughter.  He explained the information on the bonding process as he presented the financial information.  

He then reviewed how the $2.28 million bond will be distributed explaining fees and required costs.  He also shared how the payment schedule will work.  The existing paving project will be paid for in June of 2019 and the new project payments will start in February of 2020.

Slaughter commented that the rate will end up between 3.25 and 3.3 percent.  “Rates have come back down and we will lock them in after you take action tonight. The timing of the project has helped.  You will save between $60,000 and $70,000 in interest savings because of the timing.  There are a lot things that have lined up and been beneficial for the project.

“ With the bonding and everything we were dead on but there were no surprises,” commented  Michl,  “All in all on a project of this scope it was right on.”

The board passed Resolution 19-01, the Street Improvement Bond Anticipation Notes which was for the construction and Michl noted this will reimburse the village for the initial engineering fees they incurred.

Next the board reviewed Ordinance 595, Issuance of General Obligation Bonds. The board waived the required three readings and approved the ordinance.

The board discussed the one and six year road reports.  Board member Justin Harre asked about Lincoln Avenue which was noted on the report.  Michl identified it as the street on the east edge of town which was added during the construction that the board decided to make a permanent addition.  He noted that Village Maintenance Supervisor John Mueller has been removing some trees so that the street can be widened to meet the street width requirements.

The board made no additions or deletions to the road report.

The board approved a lien against the property of Joseph and Linda Snyder.  The village has shredded their property three times at a cost of $250 each time.  The final bill was sent registered but they have not responded.  The board passed Resolution 19-02 for the mowing lien of $750.

The board discussed a large pine tree on Highway 6 near Burlington Avenue that is impeding a clear sight line for traffic turning onto Highway 6.  Clerk Becky Erdkmap reported that Mueller confirmed that the tree is on the state right of way.  Board members Harre and Mitch Schlegelmilch noted that the tree is close to the power line.  Erdkamp passed along Mueller’s recommendation that they contact the State.  Erdkamp will also contact the landowner.

Also on the agenda was a discussion for placing stop signs along Union Ave.  Harre reported that he had been contacted about placing more stop signs and he asked about placing them on the east and west streets.

Schlegelmilch asked about placing a few signs on Union to slow traffic going north and south.
Michl responded quickly, “I would have an issue with that.  Flow is one of those important things. . . We have to be certain about stop signs.  It’s very difficult to remove a stop sign once it is put into place.”

After continued discussion the board decided to leave things as they were and ask the residents to come into the office or write a letter with the request for stop signs.

The Board discussed who will be attending the League Mid-Winter Conference.

Michl reported that Mueller has been working on Lincoln avenue along with grading the gravel streets.  He added that one of the shades at the pool was ripped in the windstorm and preferred to replace both shades at the same time.

Michl added that the board would be reviewing pool manager and lifeguard applications in February.
Clerk Erdkamp noted that October sales tax was $8500.21 sales  and November Keno was $413.61 keno

The board approved new Library Board member Rhonda Maxson. Michl encouraged the board to tour the changes in the library as he was very impressed.  He also reminded the board they were invited to the annual fire meeting on Wed, Jan. 9 at 6 p.m.

The board set the next meeting for Monday, Feb. 4.

Job Openings at the Village of Exeter

HELP WANTED:  The Village of Exeter is taking applications for the position of Lifeguard for the 2019 season.  Requirements include CPR, First Aid, and Lifeguard Certification prior to the pool opening.  You must be 15 to take the certification class.  Approximate opening is May 27, 2019  Applications are available in the Clerk’s office or by phoning (402) 266-3051.  Deadline to apply is February 4, 2019. 

HELP WANTED:  The Village of Exeter is taking applications for the position of Pool Manager and Assistant Manager for the 2019 season.  Requirements include CPR, First Aid, and Pool Operator Certification prior to the pool opening.  Approximate opening is May 27, 2019.  Applications are available in the Clerk’s Office or by phoning (402) 266-3051.  Deadline to apply is February 4, 2019.

HELP WANTED:  The Village of Exeter is taking applications for the Summer Maintenance position.  Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and possess a valid driver’s license.  Approximate starting day is May 15, 2019.  Applications are available in the Village Clerk’s Office or by phoning (402) 266-3051.  Deadline to apply is February 4, 2019.