Friday, April 26, 2019

Kindergarten Classroom at Exeter-Milligan

Above – Exeter-Milligan kindergarten front row from the left:  Dahlia Zeher-Lewis, Archer Engert, Kolt Songster, Saydee Kassik, Kaidence Koehler, Willie Lock.  Back row from the left:  Brooklyn Lawson, Landri Johnson, Anton Classen, Kora Havel, Kyson Holtzen-Mitchell, Braxton Harre and Tommy Kallhoff.

According to Kindergarten teacher Amanda Pettygrove, “We have 13 fun, curious kindergarteners. They love learning new things!”

Their class has been busy this year learning to read and to count.  Pettygrove adds, “This month we have been learning about landforms, animal habitats, buying items using pennies and dimes, measuring length and weight, and we will begin writing our very first story about what we want to be when we grow up.”

Above – Saydee Kassik focuses on her measurement booklet.
Below – Kindergarten teacher Amanda Pettygrove instructs her class on how to use the measurement booklet she passed out.

Above – Kolt Songster and Landri Johnson focus on the measurements in their booklet.
Below – Anton Classen circles the answer in his measurement book.

Above– Dahlia Zeher-Lewis circles the answer in her measurement book.

Above – Tommy Kallhoff, right, and Kaidence Koehler answer a question and circle the right answer in the booklet.
Below – The Kindergarten class gathers with their teacher Amanda Pettygrove on the rug in their room awaiting instructions for their next activity.

Above – Kindergarten teacher Amanda Pettygrove draws a line on the smart board with her finger and then calls on different students to draw either a shorter or longer line on the board.
Below – Braxton Harre draws a longer line on the smart board.

Above – Kindergarteners were given a piece of yarn and had to make a collection of manipulatives shorter than their yarn.
Below – Landri Johnson makes a shorter line on the smart board.

Above – Tommy Kallhoff waits until someone checks that his manipulative line is shorter than his yarn.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Exeter-Milligan Girls Win Shelby/Rising City Invitational, Boys Place 6th

Exeter-Milligan girls dominated the track events (and a few of the field events) to pull off the first place win easily at Shelby/Rising City on Tuesday.

Katherine White - 2nd place 100m dash, 1st in 100m hurdles, 1st in 300m hurdles,1st in long jump
Maddie Luzum - 3rd in pole vault
Jaiden Papik- 3rd in 400m dash, 1st in the 800m
Cammie Harrison - 1st in 1600m, 4th in high jump
Cameran Jansky - 2nd in 800m
Kate Jansky- 3rd in 800m
4th in 4 x 400 relay -

Maddie Luzum, Kate Jansky, Cammie Harrison, Jaiden Papik

1st in the 4 x 800 relay -

Jaiden Papik, Cammie Harrison, Kate Jansky, Cameran Jansky

Exeter-Milligan boys just have nine team members and placed sixth at the meet.
Casey Jindra - 2nd in 100m, 3rd in long jump
Spencer Pribyl - 3rd in 800, 1st in discus
Peytan Brandt - 2nd in 110 hurdles
Jackson Beethe - 6th in high jump
4 x 100 relay - 4th -

Peytan Brandt, Mitchell Manning, Spencer Pribyl, Jackson Beethe

4 x 400 - relay - 3rd

Spencer Pribyl, Jackson Beethe, Mitchell Manning, Casey Jindra

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Exeter-Milligan Update: Fourth Grade

4th Grade News
by Shelli Mueller, Exeter-Milligan 4th Grade Instructor

We have been learning about plants and their parts. We also planted some to watch them grow. Cohen's was the first to pop out of the ground. We also took celery and put it in colored water to watch it go up the stem the leaves. Last week, we looked at the flower part lily to see its parts. The plants they planted will go home after the test. 

Pictured is Cohen Harre proudly displaying his plant.