Thursday, February 18, 2021

Throwback Thursday February 18, 2011


Exeter-Milligan Students at the County Courthouse to participate in the Fillmore County Courthouse were Clarissa Mounce, Samantha Horne, Kaitlyn Vavra and Hailey Luzum. Kaitlyn Vavra took third place in the 5th and 6th grade division.

Exeter-Milligan Junior High Students who participated in the Fillmore County Spelling Bee were Janey Due, Sean Maxson and Elliot Erdkamp.

Mrs. Julia Polak's 6th grade science class has started their physical science unit with an introduction to chemistry. The Blue River Cohort schools' 6th grade teachers begin their chemistry studies
with Matter and physical changes in matter, including mixtures and solutions.

Atoms and molecules are next, with the concepts of elements and chemical changes. Mrs. Polak calls her unit "Kitchen Chemistry," because almost all of the demonstrations and activities are done with common household items. The students will be given a "Chemistry
Cookbook" at the end of the year.

The Exeter-Milligan 5th grade class has been studying minerals, rocks, and fossils. They grew their own crystals, and were able to examine samples of rocks and minerals that Mrs. Polak shared, and that other students brought to class.

Exeter-Milligan School received a $2500 donation from Monsanto Funds at an all school assembly. 

A collection of Labors of Love was shared on Tuesday afternoon at the Exeter Senior Center.
The program welcomed anyone to bring in items that had been handmade to a sort of “show and tell” according to Fillmore County Senior Services Advisor Brenda Motis.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Exeter-Milligan Girls Conquer the Knights at Sub-Districts

Final Score 65-21 against the Lady Knights.  The Lady EM Wolves will play Parkview Christian in Exeter on Thursday at 6:30.


Exeter Village Board Discusses Possible Police Contract


The Exeter Village Board met on Tuesday, February 9 in the village library.

After approving the minutes and invoices the board invited Friend Police Chief Shawn Gray to discuss the proposed police contract between the two villages.

Gray explained that under the proposed contract officers would be present in Exeter at least 20 hours per week at a cost of $25,000 per year plus half of training and equipment.  Gray added that Friend is still trying to hire another officer as a current officer has interviewed for another job.  They also recently hired Grady Hampton Smith who will attend the police academy in May.

Chairman Alan Michl was skeptical about the number of hours Friend officers will be able to devote to Exeter, “Last year we had the two (officers) and we didn’t get many hours with two.  When you go back down to two will we just get half of one still?”

Gray responded that they would “Fill the obligation here (Exeter) first.  In the contract, no matter how much is going on, we will still have to come over here.”

Board member Bob Mueller also wanted confirmed that there would be “Twenty hours no matter what?”

Gray again reiterated, “That’s the whole reason behind the contract.  It is set in stone in the document.”

The board held a discussion on the options open to them in hiring an ordinance officer versus using the police.  Michl asked if the contract would be yearly and Gray explained, “Their recommendation is the first year as a trial period and then work from there.”

It was noted that the contract would include $21,000 for labor and $4,000 for the city of Friend to do paperwork and payroll.

“I like the idea of having police here but that’s a big chunk of change,” added board member Justin Harre.

Mueller asked about expenses in the past five years and Michl responded that there was no expense last year.  Clerk Becky Erdkamp noted, “It’s been pretty minimal.”

Gray suggested that several board members from Exeter visit with the Friend council and discuss details. The board took no action but discussed meeting with Friend council members.

Exeter resident John Miller came to the board with concerns about a letter he received from the board. Michl explained to him that the letter was not a bill but to just notification of how much the village has spent so far on the inspection on his property.

Librarian Lynette Trauger gave her report to the board.  She noted that the library was closed from March to May and in November and that patronage has been down.

She explained that accreditation for the library has been extended to 2023. She reported that she has completed input on the new software for the book checkout system.

This has been especially helpful during the pandemic as “Patrons can look at what is on the shelves.  Everything is on the system and they can see what the book is about.”

She also reported that the website is easy to use and she is currently working on purchasing audio books and large print books because “that is what my patrons are using.”

Despite the coronavirus she was able to still have 38 children’s programs and 11 adult programs and has  summer reading all planned for this summer.  “We will have everything in the park so I don’t have to limit the number to have inside.”

Trauger also reported that she has applied for a matching grant and hopes to use the funds for a new laptop and additional technology including the possibility of e-books.

The next agenda item was the continued remodel of the fire hall.  Michl explained that the old cupboards have been removed and to finish everything the estimate is $10,000.00.  The board voted to use Keno funds for the project.

The board also voted to purchase the gazebo, handicap swing and the industrial refrigerator from the owners of the nursing home.  The fridge will go in the fire hall and the village maintenance department will move the gazebo and the handicap swing to the grass next to the senior center.

The board reviewed the lifeguard applications and voted to hire Draven Payne, Andrew Vavra, and Savanna Horne as long as they get their lifeguard certifications.  Rehires at the pool were Cameran Jansky, Emma Olsen, Jaiden Papik, Anna Sluka and Kate Jansky.

The board thanked maintenance supervisor John Mueller for his excellent job cleaning snow.

Clerk Becky Erdkamp reported that sales tax for November was $9416.57 and Keno for December was $180.75.  Erdkamp also reported that the York County Sheriff’s department was not able to deliver the nuisance letter.

The next meeting was set for March 9.

Record Low Temps

 Exeter experienced record low temps Monday morning and Tuesday morning. Tuesday morning temps unofficially hovered in the -33 range with windchill's bring the air down to a brisk -40 to -45.  After more snow (about 5 inches over Friday, Saturday and Sunday) Exeter-Milligan had a late start on Monday due to drifting snow but started at the regular time on Tuesday despite the low temperatures.  Afternoon temperatures rose to close to 0 with the rest of the week still cold but out of the deep freeze.  

With the low temperatures which came from a polar vortex which started up in North Dakota and funneled all the way down in Texas (which had measurable snow and ice) came an increased need for power.  So much so that power companies were required to have rolling shut downs to conserve power. 

Monday, February 15, 2021

Exeter-Milligan Boys lose at home to Cross County

Cross County was large and in charge Friday night in Exeter.  Final was Cougars 69 - 41 Timberwolves.


Sunday, February 14, 2021

Exeter-Milligan loses close one at home

It was a rough and tough game Friday night in Exeter as the D-2 Timberwolves met the C-2 Cougars.  It was neck and neck through out the game with the Timberwolves trailing by three in the last few minutes of the game but they just couldn't get over that hump and lost 42-35.