Saturday, March 30, 2019

Exeter-Milligan Pre-Contest/Spring Concert

The Junior High choir opened the spring concert at Exeter-Milligan High School.

The Exeter-Milligan Junior-Senior High Choir and Band held their pre-contest spring concert on Monday, March 25 in Exeter.
The Junior High Choir opened the concert singing “Hitch A Ride,” and “Seize the Day” directed by Mrs. Angie Murphy.
Next, playing their contest piece, were a Brass Quintet comprised of seniors Trever Zelenka, Mitchell Manning, Joel Klemm, Josie Kresak and Spencer Pribyl.  They performed “Cantilena.”
The Women’s Ensemble did a beautiful rendition of “Coming Home,” by Jay Althouse followed by the Clarinet Choir comprised of Casey Jindra, Macy Due, Kole Svec, Jasmine Turrubiates, Olivea Swanson, Jozie Kanode and Malorie Staskal who performed “Chanson Triste.”
The Senior High Choir performed “Misty Morning,” by Carl Nygard.
The Junior-Senior high band played their fun piece, “Bohemian Rhapsody,” before performing their two contest pieces, “Circus Days,” and “Invicta.”
District Music Contest will be held April 11 and 12th at Sutton High School.

Above = The Brass Quintent comprised of seniors (l-r) Trever Zelenka, Mitchell Manning, Joel Klemm, Josie Kresak and Spencer Pribyl have performed together for a number of years.

Below -  The Women’s Ensemble are pictured singing “Coming Home.”  From the left are Katelyn Babula, Cammie Harrison, Natalie Staskal, Daisy Kanode and Caitlin Murphy.

Above - Mrs. Murphy arranges the chairs as the Clarinet Choir comprised of Casey Jindra, Macy Due, Kole Svec, Jasmine Turrubiates, Olivea Swanson, Jozie Kanode and Malorie Staskal warm up prior to their performance.
Below – The Senior High Choir sings at the Exeter-Milligan Spring Concert.  From the left are Caitlin Murphy, Cammie Harrison, Katelyn Babula, Natalie Staskal, Blake Meyer, and Daisy Kanode.

Above - Peytan Brandt plays the opening notes of “Bohemian Rhapsody” at the Exeter-Milligan Spring Concert.
Below – The entire Exeter-Milligan Junior Senior High band performs “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Above -  The clarinet players from the left are Kole Svec, Jasmine Turrubiates, Olivea Swanson, Malorie Staskal and Jozie Kanode.
Below - On the french horn are Josie Kresak (left) and Caitlin Murphy.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Exeter-Milligan Elementary Spring Concert

RJ Clevinger and Addison Foutch focus on playing their recorders at the Exeter-Milligan Spring Elementary concert.

The Exeter-Milligan Elementary Spring Concert theme was “Think Green!”
The presentation, held on March 12 in Milligan, focused on the theme of recycling.  The students embraced the theme and shared artwork they had created with recycled items including “The Recyclops” who stood over five foot tall.  Mrs. Lisa Kanode, art teacher, displayed all of the artwork in the gym.
The evening began with the fifth grade band playing “March Across the Seas” before they were joined by the sixth graders to play “Banana Boat Song” and “Indigo Rock.”
Mrs. Angie Murphy, director, introduced the students who participated in the Bruning-Davenport music contest and presented their ribbons to them.
The sixth grade band played “See, the Conquering Hero Comes” and the third and fourth graders performed “Salamander Step Dance” on their recorders.  Cheyenne Krupicka was a soloist for the recorder piece.
The concert opened with all of the students singing “It Starts With Me” about how they are each integral to saving the earth.
The kindergarten, first and second grade class sang “What Do You Do With A Water Waster,” “It’s Easy Bein’ Green,” “Clean Up Our World,” and “Nature Baby.”
The third and fourth grade class were next and brought their homemade recycled instruments on stage when they sang “Shut It Off,” “The Recyclops,” and “Earthlings Unite.”
The fifth and sixth graders took the stage to sing “Tomorrow Needs Us,” which featured solos by Carter Milton and Lily Jeffries.  They also sang, “My Planet, Your Planet,” which featured Jonah Geiger, Kierra Papik, Tucker Svec, Selah Petersen, Joleen Vossler, Emma Meyer, Kaydence Hasse, Alexis Saatmann, and Kiley Oldehoeft.  They finished their portion of the program by singing “She’s Our Planet.”
The kindergarten through sixth grade sang the finale “Agents of Change” together.

The Exeter-Milligan Elementary sing at the spring concert.
The Exeter-Milligan third and fourth graders played the instruments they made out of recycled items at their spring concert.
Above - Carter Milton and Lily Jeffries sang solos during “Tomorrow Needs Us.”
Below -  Tucker Svec was featured during the performance of “My Planet, Your Planet.”

Above – Kindergarten, first and second graders sing at the elementary concert.
Below – Mrs. Murphy high fives her students after the concert, congratulating them on an excellent program.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Exeter-Milligan Teams Bring Home Fourth at Turkey Creek Relays

4 x 100 - 4th place - Maddie Luzum, Katelyn Babula, Emma Olsen, Kayla Geiger
4 x 200 - 2nd place - Katherine White, Maddie Luzum, Cameran Jansky, Kayla Geiger
4 x 400 - 4th place - Katherine White, Jaiden Papik, Katelyn Babula, Cameran Jansky
4 x 800 - 2nd place - Cameran Jansky, Kate Jansky, Katelyn Babula, Kayla Geiger
1600 sprint medley - 1st place - Katherine White, Maddie Luzum, Jaiden Papik, Kate Jansky
1600 distance medley - 1st place - Katherine White, Jaiden Papik, Kate Jansky, Cameran Jansky
3200 distance medley - 2nd place - Kate Jansky, Maddie Luzum, Natalie Staskal, Jaiden Papik
Macy Due and Georgia Meyer placed 5th in the Discus Relay

4 x 200 - 2nd place - Blake Steuben, Spencer Pribyl, Jackson Beethe, Casey Jindra
4 x 400 - 3rd place - Clint Oldehoeft, Jackson Beethe, Spencer Pribyl, Casey Jindra
4 x 800 - 2nd place - Luis Jaegermann, Clint Oldehoeft, Blake Steuben, Spencer Pribyl
1600 distance medley - 4th place - Peytan Brandt, Jackson Beethe, Casey Jindra, Clint Oldehoeft
4 x 70 shuttle hurdle - 3rd place - Peytan Brandt, Braden Capek, Luis Jaegermann, Blake Steuben
Spencer Pribyl and Ben Bartu placed 6th in the Discus Relay
Jackson Beethe placed 6th in the High Jump Relay

Monday, March 25, 2019

Exeter -Milligan Update: News from the PE Department

News from the Exeter-Milligan PE Department
by Darcy White, PE Instructor

K-2:  Recently, the students have been working on batting as well as throwing and catching to get ready for T-ball, baseball and softball seasons.  Students are learning the positions on defense and how to run the bases on offense.  Fitness testing and outdoor activities will round out the school year.

3rd-6th:  Students have learned badminton and pickle ball and have played basketball and scooter hockey since the beginning of 2019.  Our middle school children are getting ready to start fitness testing as well as baseball and softball and will also begin preparing for field day as soon as the weather cooperates.

Sophomore PE:  Students have been in highly contentious doubles battles of basketball, badminton, and bowling since the beginning of second semester.  Students participate in round robin pool play in order to be seeded for a double elimination tournament for each individual unit of sport.  These students will round out the year with pickle ball, softball, tennis and fitness testing.

Pictured is Mrs White with kindergartners Archer Engert (batting) Landri Johnson (catcher) and Tommy Kallhoff (waiting his turn to bat).