Friday, November 6, 2015

Exeter GFWC Woman's Club Meets

Above - The GFWC Woman’s Club in Exeter celebrated “Make a Difference Day” by making cookies and delivering them.  Pictured are club members from the left Reba Toothman, Agnes Loukota, Suzanne Johnson, Judy Dinneen, Kathy Due, Sharon Mueller, and Sue DeJonge.
Below - Samantha Horne reported to the Exeter GFWC Woman’s Club about her experiences at the Sophomore Pilgrimage.

The Exeter GFWC Woman's Club met on October 20, 2015 at the home of Agnes Loukota. 
Co-president, Karen Chapman, welcomed Exeter-Milligan student, Samantha Horne who attended
the 31st annual Sophomore Pilgrimage at the State Capitol on April 8, 2015.  One of the
distinguished speakers was Governor Pete Ricketts.  She especially enjoyed speaking with several
of the Legislative pages.  The pages are usually students from UNL or UNK.  She also observed
the Unicameral in session, and stated the discussion of bills and the voting process was somewhat
different as all senators did not have to vote and there was much talking during the entire process.
Samantha thanked our club for sponsoring her.

The business meeting was called to order by Karen.  The Pledge of Allegiance and Club Collect
were recited.  Secretary, Sue DeJonge, read the minutes of the previous meeting.  They were
approved as read.  Treasurer, Sharon Mueller, gave the treasurer's report, which was filed for audit.
A silent roll call was taken.

Agnes read a thank you letter from Operation Smile for the arm bands made by our club, and Sue
received a thank you from Orphan Grain Train for the pillowcase dresses sent to them.

Co-president Kathy Due, Reba Toothman, and Karen reported on the Dist IV Convention held in
Fairmont on October 1.  A very interesting program was presented on human trafficking.  The
speakers were Donald Kleine from the Attorney General's office, along with FBI Agent Sara
Stanley, and Victim Witness Specialist Kimberly Roewert.

A report was given on our pie sales at the Exeter Holiday Avenue Sampler.  Kathy reported that we
will no longer collect plastic lids, but will continue with Our Family bar codes and Box Tops for
Education.  Greeting card orders were turned in to Sharon.

Under new business a motion was passed to give a memorial to Faith Lutheran Church in Lincoln
in remembrance of Jerry and Karen Chapman's son, Terry, who passed away earlier this year.

The Young Woman's Quiz Bowl will be Wednesday, October 21 at the Seward Civic Center.  Girls
attending will be Ashley Benorden, Samantha Horne, Hannah Horne, Karoline Knudsen, Josie
Kresak and Kate Jansky.  The writing workshop for women and young women will be held at the
Seward Civic Center on November 4, 2015.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, November 17, 2015 at the UCC fellowship hall.  Sue DeJonge
will present a program on the BOW weekend she attended at Halsey National Forest.  Hostesses
are Marsha Jorgensen and Barb Votipka.

Karen thanked Agnes for volunteering her home for the meeting.  There being no further business,
the meeting was adjourned.  Refreshments were served by Karen and Reba, followed by members
assembling plates of cookies to deliver to veterans and seniors in Exeter, Fairmont, and Cordova
for “Make A Difference Day.”

Recording Secretary
Sue DeJonge

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Exeter-Milligan Tames The Kennesaw Blue Devils

Exeter-Milligan didn't take long to put up points Wednesday night in a windy playoff match at home in Milligan.  The Kennesaw Blue Devils traveled to Milligan confident after their first round defeat of Giltner 81-6.  The Blue Devils must have been shellshocked when the Timberwolves took a 28-8 lead by half.  By the end of the third quarter the T-wolves were up 34-8.  The Blue Devils finally made some progress passing the ball when #6 Tyson Burr caught a Schnitzler pass with 8:41 left in the fourth quarter. Kennesaw completed the 2 point conversion (34-16) but the Timberwolves turned right around and on the first down Maxson runs into the endzone 59 yards for another 6.  Zeleny pulled a QB keeper and tacked on two more points. Kennesaw had the ball again and on the second down the ball was scooped from Schnitzler's on the 3 yard line by Kirby Soukup and Jack Dinneen.  Joey Bartu carried the ball in for a touchdown but couldn't get the conversion in.  Kennesaw tacked on another touchdown with the reserves for both teams in the game making it 48-24 with 3:45 on the clock.  The Timberwolves went three and out and in their final possession the Blue Devils scored again making the final 48-32.  The Timberwolves will meet Wynot in Milligan on Tuesday.

 Kennesaw got tired of seeing the picture above and below.  Above - Sean Maxson carrying the ball for another t-down and below - their star quarterback Preston Schnitzler on the bottom of a pile of Timberwolves.

 Kennesaw quarterback #8 Preston Schnitzler knows he isn't going anywhere with Cameron White in front of him.
 Sean Maxson breaks loose and heads down the line for a touchdown.
 Zeleny decides to keep the ball and makes some yards.
 Spencer goes up over the top of the Blue Devils.
#1 Colton Bossaller tries to make some headway.

Exeter-Milligan Construction Continues

Top - A new drinking fountain in the hallway at Exeter-Milligan has a water bottle filling station.  Below - this picture of the breezeway outside the Exeter-Milligan gym shows the construction in progress.  The trophy cases have been moved out of the way to allow demolition of the wall for a new entrance into the small gym and eventually access to the new concession area.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Exeter-Milligan Update: Exeter-Milligan Celebrates Red Ribbon Week

Above and Below -Decorated doorways in Milligan remind the students that drugs and bullying will not pay off.

Above - The Exeter-Milligan junior and senior high students reach for free t-shirts thrown into the crowd by Mrs. Vossler (right) and Mrs. Myers (left).
Below - The freshman class gathers around their sponsor, Mrs. Wahl, to get some free handouts that were donated by the Fillmore County Coalition.

Exeter-Milligan School has been "rocking" this last week. We celebrated Red Ribbon week in style by focusing on the campaign,  "Our School Rocks, Bully and Drug Free".  Teachers supported students by decorating their doors with different drug free themes and tying red ribbons on each students lockers.   Elementary students enjoyed wearing a different color each day and discussing and writing about making good life choices.  Kindergarten, first, and second grade students worked hard putting cups into the chain link fence surrounding the playground to spell out "DRUG FREE".  Fifth and Sixth grade students enjoyed creating drug and bully free banners to display in the school.  The junior and high school watched videos including, "The Truth About Drugs" and "They Said, They Lied".  On Tuesday, student council members handed out drug and bully free stickers and fish crackers that included a drug free message to all students and children that attended the Pink-Out volleyball game against Shelby-Rising City.  It was a great week for EM students to learn about making smart, healthy decisions.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Fillmore County Businesses Attend Rural Opportunities Fair

Fillmore County Businesses Attend Rural Opportunities Fair
FCDC Director Patt Lentfer along with Lonnie Shoup, HB&T, Erinn Wolf, Metal-Tech Partners, and Abby Tuberville, Fillmore County Hospital were at the Rural Opportunities Fair on East Campus. This was the first time the Opportunity Fair was a part of the Rural Futures conference. College students were invited to see some of the opportunities that rural Nebraska has to offer and the variety of careers available in all parts of Nebraska.