Saturday, October 2, 2021

Exeter-Milligan Update: Math Musings



Math Musings

By Mary Kay Pribyl, Exeter-Milligan Math Instructor


The algebra classes are finishing their unit on solving equations.  Pictured is Kiley Oldehoeft solving a literal equation for the specified variable.  Also pictured are Jayden Capek and Mikey Bartu and Joleen Vossler and Emma Meyer working together to write an equation to solve their application problem.


Thursday, September 30, 2021

Throwback Thursday: September 25, 2011



Annual Outdoor Ed day was held on this week. Each year Marla Weber shares idea packets with Lorie Sliefert's class of juniors and they choose a subject from the ideas offered they would like to teach to the second graders. The packet guides the juniors to create hands-on fun activities that are easy for the juniors to teach and interest everyone. One of the favorites for the juniors in this year's event was a senses station where students listened, tasted, touched and smelled different objects. 


Exeter-Milligan students enjoyed a week of "Kicking It Old School" for their 2011 Homecoming celebration.

Each day was a different dress-up theme with Pajama Day starting off on Monday.  On Tuesday, each class, along with the faculty was assigned a different decated starting with the 40's.  Wednesday each class was assigned a different color to wear and Thursday was Sports Throw Back Day that sported plenty of Milligan Rooster purple and Exeter Eagle outfit's. 


Exeter Milligan 2011 Homecoming Court was crowned after the Timberwolves defeated Meridian on Friday night.  They are pictured from the left, Freshmen Kyle Jensen, Madison Horne, Juniors Jacob Kroll and Taylor Erdkamp, Duke Blake Mark, Duchess Becca Vossler, King Nate Bigelow, Queen Claire White, Prince Jalen Maxson, Princess Lana Kennedy, Sophomores Brooke Manning and Garrett Pribyl.


First Grade students have been learning about the Pledge of Allegiance. They are learning what the big words mean. They watched a video given to us from the Legion. They will be explaining the meaning of the pledge at our Grandparents Day program on October 21.


Exeter-Milligan Junior High football team members were: Kyle Jindra, Trevor Luzum, Kirby Soukup, Elliot Erdkamp, Evan Harre, Brayden Olsen, Sean Maxson, Sam Zeleny, Jack Dinneen, Cameron White, Spencer Papik, and Johnathon Mounce.

They were coached by Brian Murphy and Jordan Marr.

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Exeter-Milligan Update: Fabulous Frogs


Fabulous Frogs Reading Group

By Kara Myers, Exeter-Milligan SLP


The Fabulous Frogs Reading Group are leaping through another year of reading!  They are working hard reading such words as "anybody" and "laugh".  They are also bounding through such stories as "Boo the Ghost" and "Don the Superman".  Included in the picture are: 

back row Reed Wince and Kenan Petersen, 

Front row: Layne Zelenka, Maizy Ogren, and Knox Becker.

Not pictured is Avery Hankins.



Tuesday, September 28, 2021

EMF Finishes off Thayer Central

Friday night's matchup in Friend against Thayer Central had fans sitting on the edge of their bleachers.

The teams went back and forth downfield the first quarter until EMF had two big passes from Christian Weber to Chase Svehla on third down and then to Kole Svec for the TD.  The two point was denied.  With 2:58 left in the first quarter it was 6-0.

EMF was back in the end zone but it was called back for pass interference on the offense. But the Bobcats came storming back with a big Weber pass to Svec and into the end zone.  12-0 with a minute left in the half.

Thayer Central made good use of that minute as they intercepted a Bobcat pass and were stopped on the five.  With just five seconds left on the clock the Titans put 8 points up on the board. 12-8

Out of the half EMF holds TC on fourth down and blocks the punt into the end zone for a safety 14 to 8

Another pass to Svehla gets Breckan Schluter in range to run in for six. 20 - 8

TC gets free of the EMF defense and runs in for six. 20-14 with 6:48 in the third quarter.  Just into the fourth quarter TC tied up the game 20-20

EMF fights back and storms downfield. Weber in from eight yards out and Schluter got the two point. 28-20 which was the final in the nail biting contest.  The Bobcats travel to Amherst for Friday's game.  The game will be on strive Link to Amherst striv  and sound will be available on the EM NETWORK


Monday, September 27, 2021

Exeter-Milligan Tops Friend in Volleyball


It was a quick three sets for the Timberwolves in Friend on Tuesday night.  The Timberwolves took control to start and won all three sets easily.