Saturday, December 30, 2017

Exeter-Milligan Update: Holidays Around the World

Holidays Around the World
By Shelli Mueller, Exeter-Milligan 4th grade teacher

The 3rd and 4th graders at Exeter-Milligan participated in Holidays Around the World with the Durham Museum in Omaha via distance learning interactive video. Did you know that in Mexico, they celebrate Las Pasadena with piƱatas during the Christmas season? Also, the winter solstice is tomorrow (December 21) with the shortest day of the year. A German tradition is that whoever finds a pickle on Christmas morning gets to open a present first. A Japanese tradition is decorating with origami figures and fried chicken is the traditional meal since World War II.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Exeter-Milligan Update: 7th Grade Math

A few of Mr. Jackson Krejci's 7th grade math students at Exeter-Milligan are working on Math review sheets before the big final this week. The students are currently through 4 chapters and have focused on lesson's such as two step equations in Algebra, perimeter and area along with working with fractions. They have also enjoyed working on computer math programs such as IXL and prodigy math.  Pictured in class (front to back) are Chase Vnoucek, Gabe Jindra, Cade Kresak and Daysan Staskal. 

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Exeter-Milligan Jr Sr High Christmas Concert

The Exeter-Milligan Junior/Senior High band under the direction of Mrs. Angie Murphy.

The Exeter-Milligan Junior/Senior High Band and Choral groups held their Christmas Concert on Monday, December 18 in Exeter.

The program started with the full band and jazz band performing “The Herald Angel Swing” and “Swingle Bells.”

The junior high choir took the risers and performed “Angels We Have Heard On High,” and “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree.”  They were joined by the senior high choir member, Blake Meyer, and they sang, “Born ‘Neath A Star.”

Meyer presented a solo, “What Made The Baby Cry?” before the Friends of Vocal members joined him to perform “Antiphonal Deck the Hall.”

The junior/senior high band were next with “A Magnificent Christmas,” “A Christmas Collage,” and “A Winter’s Night.”  They closed the program as they traditionally do with a “Christmas Sing Along,” including the audience.

The Exeter-Milligan Junior high choir along with the high school choir.
Senior high choir member Blake Meyer performs a solo at the Christmas concert on Monday night.
Choir member Blake Meyer, far left, is joined by Friends of Vocal members from the left Braden Capek, Natalie Staskal, Cammie Harrison, Daisy Kanode, Katie Moody, Jaiden Papik and Caitlin Murphy.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Exeter-Milligan Update: English and Journalism

 Freshman Clint Oldehoeft, junior Macy Due, and freshman Jaiden Papik (left to right) work on digitizing images and collecting information about pictures collected for the History Harvest project. The students recently visited the Exeter Senior Center to collect pictures from community members for the project.

 Juniors designed posters about concepts relevant to their reading of The Jungle and presented them to the class. 

Greetings from the Exeter-Milligan 10-12 English and Journalism classroom!
By Ashley Stutzman, Language Arts Instructor

This semester, we have been busy in our English courses. Each grade has participated in a novel study, and we have been busy learning new vocabulary words and reviewing grammar concepts. In 10th grade, students read the novel Frankenstein, seniors read the novel Ender’s Game, and juniors are currently working on the novel The Jungle. With each new story comes new ideas, thoughts, and reflective moments, and it’s always interesting to hear what the students have to share in class!

The journalism girls have been troopers this semester as we have been coming up with new ideas to share news around the school and throughout our social media channels. The journalism girls write a large number of the posts on the school’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages. They also write a newsletter each week, which features a student of the week, faculty member of the week, upcoming events, jokes submitted by elementary students, and wellness tips to help students make healthy choices.

Another project that the journalism students have been involved in is the History Harvest project, which is being led by Mr. Brian Murphy. This is an exciting project that allows community members to submit old pictures to us so that we can digitize the photos. Eventually, we hope to have a website that contains the digitized images and stories of the origins of each of the pictures.

Thank you for reading about our classroom! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday break with family and friends!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Girl Scouts Make Holidays Brighter

From the left, Abby Burke, Brooklyn Oldehoeft and Chezney Kanode  are pictured with some of the items they purchased to donate.

Exeter Girl Scout Troop 20703 recently took advantage of the season of giving to experience their own version of sharing.

The three scouts, Chezney Kanode, Abby Burke and Brooklyn Oldehoeft went with their leader, Kendra Oldehoeft to a local big box store after school on Monday, December 11.

The girls were able to pick and choose items off the giving tree at the store to purchase.

After the girls picked the giving ornaments for girls they shopped for the items.  According to Oldehoeft, the girls were a little nervous about picking items but she encouraged them to “get what they would like.  They were picking items for girls who were the same age as them.”

Each year the girls make a huge effort to raise funds selling girl scout cookies.  They use the funds to pay for their year of scouting and make sure to include activities where they can experience benevolence.

Two years ago the troop chose a family from Blue Valley to bless with a donation of needed items for Christmas.  This time they decided to go with something closer to home, “We talked about how it would be fun to have someone their age getting the stuff,” according to Oldehoeft.

This experience has been great for the girls, “It is interesting to see the girls bloom throughout the year.  I feel like they naturally have a more community service mindset and service project conversations don’t have to be led as much by the adults.  The girls have been picking up on that importance themselves.”

The girls enjoyed the experience reporting that it was “Fun to go shopping for someone,” explained Brooklyn.

While this service project didn’t specifically go toward completing a badge, Oldehoeft felt like it gives helps so much more than a badge, “It gives them a wider view of being a part of our community or of our world.  There is a badge they could earn but we try to do activities throughout the year that are community based because it helps to show the girls it is a lifestyle choice instead of a one-time thing for a specific purpose.”

Oldehoeft explained that the Girl Scout program has so many benefits for the girls, “It gives them a good exposure to a variety of elements that are in our world that maybe they wouldn’t get otherwise.  It can spark interest that could stick with them for a lifetime.”

The Exeter-Milligan girl scouts will begin selling cookies in February to fund programs and learning experiences just like this.