Saturday, May 2, 2015

FCDC Update

Lt. Governor John Nelson

FCDC Holds Annual Meeting

The 2015 Annual Meeting of the Fillmore County Development Corporation was held Sunday February 15, 2015 at the St. Stephens Parish Hall in Exeter, Nebraska.  The afternoon started with the FCDC hosting a social gathering serving pie, coffee, and tea.

Karla Jacobson, President of the Fillmore County Development Corporation welcomed everyone to the annual meeting. She invited Senator Laura Ebke to say a few words to the group about the current legislative session. 

Eric Kamler then introduced the afternoon speaker, John Nelson.  He had been the Lt. Governor for 101 days as well as a Nebraska State Senator and served on the appropriations committee all eight years.  Mr. Nelson is a native of Fillmore County and graduated from Geneva High School.   He still has farm group in Fillmore County. 

Nelson spoke for about 30 minutes about his experiences as the Lt. Governor and some of the duties that entailed.   Other information he shared with the group was about the successful Nebraska Advantage Act and Intern Nebraska programs.  He reminded the group that Nebraska is #1 in cattle on feed, #2 in ethanol production and currently there is $700 million in the cash reserve. 

Karla Jacobson presided over the business meeting.  The minutes of the 2014 annual meeting were approved as well as the proposed budget for 2015. Bart Brinkman of Shickley, Bryce Kassik of Geneva and Amie Underwood of Exeter were elected as new Board of Directors of the FCDC to serve four year terms. 

Karla Jacobson recognized and thanked the 2014 FCDC members for their investment and support. She also recognized the FCDC Board members: Alan Emshoff, Don Jividen, Don Bristol, Eric Kamler, Shari Michl, Ann Jansky, Amanda Haumont, Megan Williams, and Brandy VanDeWalle. Alan Emshoff and Don Jividen will be going off of the Board after serving many years.

Patt Lentfer, Executive Director, thanked the FCDC investors, Board members, and committee members.  She also talked about the growth that has happened in Fillmore County and the growth that continues.  Lentfer said that creating a positive business climate and being ready for opportunities are the goals of the FCDC.  Currently we are working on a job fair/career day, on-line job board, housing development, becoming a Livestock Friendly County, and continue to partner with NE Department of Economic Development, utility partners and the Lincoln Area Development Partners as well as the Fillmore County Supervisors and community leaders. 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Exeter GFWC Woman's Club Welcomes Babies

 The Woman’s club honored the new babies in Exeter at a celebration on Friday, April 24th.  The babies are pictured with their parents.  From the left are Mary Schlegelmilch holding son Easton, J. J Becker holding son Knox with her husband Zach behind her, Kendra Oldehoeft with her son Kyler and Kayti Sudrla and her daughter  Kenleigh.

Three hundred and fifteen babies have been celebrated at the annual G.F.W.C. Woman’s Club “A Tree For Each New Baby” celebration in the last thirty years.
When the program began in 1985 they welcomed 19 babies into the community, including a set of twins.  That first year they planted a tree in the community for each new baby.  Marilyn Manning, who passed away earlier this year was instrumental in beginning the program and just last year gave up her role as the head of the committee.
This years program began with Elaine Oldehoeft, Exeter G.F.W.C. President, welcoming the families and guests present.  She introduced committee member Sharon Mueller who spoke a little about the event before presenting Exeter Mayor Alan Michl.
Before reading the official Arbor Day proclamation Michl thanked the Woman’s club, “I would like to thank the Woman’s Club for being here today, especially for this baby recognition they have done for 30 years.  Not only to thank them for this today but for their other work in this community.”
After the mayor spoke, Woman’s Club member Kathy Due shared some thoughts on the importance of Arbor Day.  She noted that J. Sterling Morgan, the co-founder of Arbor Day, noted that “most holidays reflect on the past but Arbor Day proposes for the future.”
Another committee member and woman’s club member Karen Chapman gave the history of the Arbor Day baby celebration in Exeter.  She noted that in 1990 they welcomed the most babies, 23 that year.
Chapman explained, “This is the last year for the project. Another project will start in the community to replace it.  We want to thank everyone who has been involved in it.”
The main reason given for discontinuing the program was the difficulty with the school district boundaries.
Exeter-Milligan Secondary Principal Lin Schlueter brought each of the babies a Timberwolf backpack and thanked the Woman’s club for the event as he welcomed the new babies on behalf the district.  He noted that the babies will have the opportunity to attend preschool in the new addition at Exeter-Miligan.
Jill Schmidt from Fillmore County Good Beginnings gave a brief presentation on the We Have A Little Emergency (W.H.A.L.E.) program which helps place identification on car seats.  She presented each family with the stickers to place on their child’s car seat.
Committee Member Sharon Mueller presented each child with a quilt that was handmade by community member Sandra Horne.  Chapman and Due also presented each family with a packet including a book, a copy of the proclamation the mayor gave along with a history of Arbor Day and a lilac bush and a flowering plant for the families.
The children welcomed into the community were Easton Robert Schlegelmilch, May 4, 2014, son of Mitch and Mary Schlegelmilch, Knox Joseph Becker, July 2, 2014, son of Zach and J. J. Becker, Kyler Eugene Oldehoeft, January 16, 2105 son of Chad and Kendra Oldehoeft and Kenleigh Jo Sudrla, April 15, 2015, daughter of Nick and Kayti Sudrla.
At the end of the program  it was noted that one of the honored babies the first year, Nick Sudrla, was now a parent in the final year, the 30th year.  The Woman’s Club members planted a tree in the park with  a jar containing the names of the babies placed in the hole with the tree.

Below - Exeter G.F.W.C. Woman’s Club member Sharon Mueller presents a quilt made by Sandra Horne to J.J. and Zach Becker.

Woman’s Club member Karen Chapman welcomes baby Kyler Oldehoeft who is held by his grandmother Elaine Oldehoeft with his mother Kendra Oldehoeft.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Exeter-Milligan Update: FCCLA

Exeter-Milligan FCCLA Chapter Moves Toward New Horizons
By Mary Lou Vossler, FCCLA Advisor

Lincoln, NE-  Over 1,100 students from all areas of Nebraska gathered for the
Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America’s (FCCLA) State Leadership
Conference held in Lincoln, Nebraska April 12-14. This year the conference was
moved from the former Pershing Auditorium to the Pinnacle Bank Arena. Exeter-Milligan students including Samantha Horne, Cookie Koopman, Haylee Sheffield, Ashley Benorden, Tara Mueller, Caitlin Murphy, Katie Mounce, Kayla Bonds and Hannah Horne were among the students that attended the conference.
 Over the 3-day conference, students were able to participate in competitive
events such as STAR, and attend several sessions and workshops led by many
inspiring speakers on relevant youth issues. Topics included leadership
development, peer education, organ donation, college readiness, healthy
relationships, and much more. The students who attended the conference got the chance to listen to the conference keynote speaker Kevin Wanzer. Kevin has spoke to over 3,000 audiences and has reached countless students, educators, and parents all over the world including 49 states, Canada, China, Europe and Singapore. Kevin’s program encouraged attendees to discover their hidden passions, embrace diversity and celebrate the laughter in us all.
 This year, Caitlin Murphy, Katie Mounce, Kayla Bonds and Hannah Horne
competed in STAR events at State Leadership Conference. STAR Events (Students
Taking Action with Recognition) recognizes members for proficiency and
achievement in chapter and individual projects, leadership skills, and career
preparation. Caitlin Murphy's Recycle and Redesign project:  From Rags to Rugs received a gold medal, was State Runner-up and will advance to National Leadership Conference.  Katie Mounce, Kayla Bonds and Hannah Horne's Illustrated Talk project:  Electronics Down received a gold medal, was State Runner-up and will advance to National Leadership Conference.
This year, the National Leadership Conference will be held in Washington,
D.C. on July 5-9th. FCCLA members around the country will gather in the nations
capital to attend workshops and youth sessions, as well as to compete in national
STAR Events. Students will have the opportunity to work will members from all
around the country and become HEALTHY with their FCCLA family.

Pictured Back row L-R: Samantha Horne, Cookie Koopman, Haylee Sheffield, Ashley Benorden, Tara Mueller
Front L-R: Caitlin Murphy, Katie Mounce, Kayla Bonds and Hannah Horne

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Exeter-Milligan Update: Adult Living Class

 Madison Horne, Marissa Howard, Brody Kresak, Dustin Axline, Broc Mueller, AJ Underwood, Jarett Maxson and Derek Luzum.

  L-R Broc Mueller, Marissa Howard, Jarett Maxson, ,Madison Horne, Derek Luzum, AJ Underwood, Brody Kresak, and Dustin Axline.

Dustin Axline, AJ Underwood and Derek Luzum

Exeter-Milligan Schools' Adult Living class, taught by Mary Lou Vossler,  had the opportunity to learn about the less fortunate through researching the statistics within the state of Nebraska and nation wide, viewing current news videos and articles, creating poetry, informational posters, viewing 30 Days living on minimum wage, and numerous learning experiences.  Each student created their own persona for the reasons they came into a situation where they were less fortunate.  They than created a list of what they would take with them if they only had 30 minutes to evacuate their homes and than had to narrow that down to what they would take if their next home was a cardboard box.  This became reality as the students spent the night outside in their designed cardboard homes.  A soup supper was held for supper, but the students had to bring their own dishes (tin cans) and they had a cup of soup outdoors.  Each student was than involved in gathering wood for the evening fire and securing their areas.  Later in the evening the group of students went on a walk around town, which ended with a discussion of the less fortunate at the Exeter City Park.  Students returned to their "community" to share stories over a bonfire and enjoyed Smores and later a hot dog over the open flames.  Everyone was secured into their homes later in the evening and spent the night in their "homes".  
The students than completed this project by using their funds that they gathered doing fundraising by selling spicy pretzels, snacks and beverages they were able to buy over $450 worth of diapers, wipes, clothing, socks, personal hygiene items, and t-shirts.  These items were donated to People's City Mission, Lincoln, NE.  The kids also were able to donate 23 garbage bags of slightly used clothing and shoes to the Salvation Army in Lincoln, NE.  
Those involved in this homeless simulation and community service project were:
Brody Kresak, A.J. Underwood, Dusty Axline, Derek Luzum, Jarett Maxson, Broc Mueller, Madison Horne and Marissa Howard.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Exeter-Milligan Update: Jr High Poetry

Academic Poetry

Junior high students at Exeter-Milligan High School are celebrating National Poetry Month, in April, by discovering poetry in their academic subjects.  After spending eight months of writing formal paragraphs, essays, and test prompts, students are exploring new ways of looking at their textbooks.  Their first exercise was to make poetic line breaks out of academic prose.  This gave them a new perspective on core subjects such as history, science and math.

The 8th Graders are discussing the elements of a poem
 Above:  Trever Zelenka and James Becker
Middle photo: Macy Due and Peytan Brandt
Bottom photo: Mitchell Manning, Colton Bossaller, & Spencer Pribyl

From Earth Science (p. 272)
“If you ever look at a map of Earth’s surface, you can see that the edges of some continents look as though they could fit together like a puzzle. Other people also have noticed this fact. For example, Dutch mapmaker Abraham Ortelius noted the fit between the coastlines of South America and Africa more than 400 years ago.”

The Earth’s Surface
By Colton Bossaller

If you ever look
at a map of Earth’s surface,
you can see
that the edges of some continents
look as though they could fit together
like a puzzle.
Other people also have noticed this fact.
For example,
Dutch mapmaker Abraham Ortelius
noted the fit
between the coastlines
of South America
and Africa more than 400 years ago.

From United States History (p. 426)
“Many enslaved Africans found comfort in their community and culture. They made time for social activity, even after exhausting workdays, in order to relieve the hardship of their lives.”

By Macy Due

Many enslaved Africans found comfort
in their community and culture
They made time for social activity,
even after exhausting workdays ,
in order to relieve the hardship of their lives

Two other forms of free verse, that give us a visual picture of people, places, things, or ideas are Acrostic and Concrete poems.

Acrostic Poems

Trever Zelenka

Kate Janske
Kool, is
Awesome, and
Thinks a lot and is

Concrete Poems
Jesus has
risen, come
out and listen
to a tale of the
son of God. He
suffered and struggled, but he didn’t rebuttal
to the crowds shrieks and cries. He knew it was
coming, and he knew his cause, and he didn’t accept
any applause.
He was slain
and died in vain,
And for many days
was dead, with
his family in dread,
for they didn’t know
what would happen.
For many days he
was in the tomb, but
alleluia, he was gone
gone from his room!
(By Nick Hyak)

Shines bright
Through the night
A beautiful creation
That stuns the nations
Stars look so simple from the distance, so delicate, so small
But they are really very complex, and not tiny at all
Most people look up at stars so high above
People study and admire, with love
They wish upon a star, hopefully
Everyone wants it to come true, if only
I hope, desperately   hope, day and night
 One wish come true    makes all things right
Stars don’t do harm        to anyone or anything
In fact, much joy                do they seem to bring
Stars make up                       beautiful constellations
They are the                                     beautiful creations
Shooting                                                             stars fly
Through                                                                 the sky
Make                                                                         a wish
on a                                                                                  star
.                                                                                             .
(By Caitlin Murphy)