Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Journal Found in the Walls

There is a television show called “If Walls Could Talk” which explores unusual findings in older homes. They trace the history of the items to try and tell the story of past occupants of the home.

Exeter recently had it’s own version of this story.  Exeter residents Wayne and Rachel Vossler had some remodeling done to their kitchen and when one wall was removed a journal and some papers were found. 

Rachel began exploring the journals and found some names.  She started to ask about the names and one connected with her. She knew that one of her neighbors just one block away had family members with the same name so she decided to contact her.

In the meantime Rachel also spoke with another person in town and mentioned the name on the journals, Delores Rasmussen.  To her delight, Rachel found out that the original owner of the journals, which were dated from the early 1950’s, was alive and active in the area.

Rachel had contacted Delores’ daughter, Lori Walford. With this other friend in town, Rachel decided to surprise both Lori and Delores with the journal along with the other papers found. Lori, a history buff, was recently diagnosed with cancer. 

Both Lori and Delores were thrilled with the discovery.  The journal had been Delores’ in high school.  Much of her school papers from her freshman year were in the journal that contained several notebooks.  As Lori flipped through the pages of the journal she found all kinds of musical notes doodled here and there, “you could tell what Mom’s mind was on. . .music.”

Also with the journal was a copy of Delores’ freshman “Exeter Eagle.” She explained that each class made a “booklet” as she called it, every month.  There were also some copies of some of her old Exeter cheers. She had shared them with her children prior “and they died laughing.”

Her parents moved to the house where the Vossler’s now live in 1955 although she graduated in 1954.  She recalled spending some time in the house after she graduated from high school.  She figured that the papers and journal had been stored up in her parent’s attic and were along the edge of the wall and fell down into the open studs.

After spending some time sharing the journal together and talking about sharing it with the rest of the family when they gathered for the holidays Delores and Lori started to compare notes with Rachel on how the house looked when they purchased it and how it looked when Rasmussen’s owned it.

While the journal didn’t contain any money, the memories were precious for these women.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Odego Leadership Class Learns About Education

 Exeter-Milligan Students Haylee Sheffield, Joan Strate, Superintendent Paul Sheffield and Senior Kelsey Moore assist in the Odegeo Tour at Exeter-Milligan.

FILLMORE COUNTY - The Fillmore County Odegeo Leadership for Fillmore County class visited the Fillmore Central Schools, the Exeter-Milligan Schools, Shickley School and the Southeast Community classroom in Geneva for their December session focusing on education in the county.
Becky Adkisson, SCC Coordinator told the group about the SCC Adult Education program in Fillmore County and the area. She encouraged people to teach a class, let her know of people who might want to teach a class or take a class themselves.
Mr. Rose the FCS principal had Mrs. Talley, the business teacher talk about how she used the Smart Board technology in her classes. Then Mr. Mark Novell, Superintendent of the Fillmore Central Schools gave an overview of the district. Mark Wragge, Principal at Geneva Elementary gave a tour of the elementary school and Michele Rayburn, Success Coordinator gave and overview and tour of the Success and Tyke classrooms. The group enjoyed rolls and juice at the high school.
Class members also visited the Head Start center in Geneva. Audrey Rickers, Director, gave a tour of the facility and gave information about the program.
The Odegeo Leadership class also visited the Exeter-Milligan school district where Paul Sheffield, the Superintendent, talked about the district. Kelsey Moore, a Senior High student, explained the lap top computer program where students are given a laptop computer to use in and out of the classroom. Two sixth grade students assisted Mr. Sheffield with a tour of the Milligan facility. The class was treated to a school lunch in Milligan cafeteria.
Mr. Evan Wieseman, Superintendent of the Shickley Public School, gave an overview of the Shickley district and then the group toured the building. The class members enjoyed cookies and coffee after the tour in the Shickley cafeteria.
The ODEGEO class will meet again in January when the topic will be “Health and Human Services.”
The day ended with a presentation by Crystal Higgins, Beatrice Chair, who is an instructor in the SCC (Southeast Community College) Nursing Program and serves the students at the Geneva site.
Persons interested in learning more about the Fillmore County Odegeo leadership program should contact the Fillmore County Development Corporation at 759-4910 or go to

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Milligan to allow 2 a.m. Bar Closings - is Exeter next?

In October, the Village of Milligan became the second community in Fillmore County to pass the 2 a.m. bar closing allowed by LB 861.
The bill, introduced by District 32 Representative Russ Karpisek, requires that two-thirds of the governing board of a community approve the additional one hour extension. The Village Board of Milligan passed the bill unanimously.
Milligan Village Chairman Eric Milton saw the measure as business decision. “We had a business approach us and my opinion was to allow the businesses to make that decision for themselves. There were certain circumstances or certain things they wanted to stay open that late for. I don’t see that this will be relevant a lot of the time,” said Milton.

Elaine Korbelik, owner of Ron’s Tavern in downtown Milligan doesn’t have plans to invoke the new 2 a.m. closing. “I don’t know of anything right now. Maybe for some special occasion or something. At least we have the option, but so far we have no plans of doing it yet,” said Korbelik.

The other regular establishment in Milligan is Evening With Friends which is owned by Jon and Stephanie Nichols. Jon was interested in the time extension, “Times are going to go that way eventually. It most likely will only come into play on Friday’s and Saturday’s. I think it’s an opportunity for us to expand our business.”

As Nichols sees it, “In a rural location you are more of a destination rather than a rolling by point. Customers need the chance to have a place to stay.”

Milligan Village Board member Steve Briske felt, “It should be allowable for the people that wanted to use it.”
So far, the Exeter Village Board has not been approached with any requests for time extensions. 

John Graham, owner of John E’s is looking into bringing the issues before the Exeter Village Board. “We are looking at going before the Village Board after the New Year to ask about the 2 a.m. opening but we would only use it for special occasions and have no intention of staying open until 2 a.m. regularly.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Fillmore County Hospital Construction

The Fillmore County Hospital Construction project saw its first bit of cement poured on Monday, December 20th.  Dirt work has been almost constant the last few months with the project using dirt from a nearby farm.  Excavators, backhoes, dirt packers, tractors and other heavy equipment have been involved with the project.  Two homes have been removed with one more home and some outlying buildings yet to be removed.  The project is scheduled to be completed in 2012.  Currently there is a capitol campaign being initiated to help fund building the medical clinic at the new hospital site.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Exeter First National Bank holds Open House

Bethine Leif poured herself a cup of hot apple cider as she enjoyed the First National Bank Open House on Monday. Customers and residents were welcomed to refreshments during the all day event.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Santa Visits Exeter Saturday Morning

Cohen Harre was definitely staying close to Grandpa Kenny Harre and wasn't too interested in giving Santa his wish list.

 Brett Kallhoff wasn't getting any closer than he had to so Mom could take a picture.

 The Horne kids are experienced with Santa pictures. They got a great one and gave him their list as well.

The kids loved playing Christmas Bingo after they visited with Santa. Everyone got a Bingo and then a few got the opportunity to play cover-up as well.

Santa stopped for a last minute visit to Exeter Saturday morning.  Good girls and boys had a chance to give him their wish lists before he headed back to the North Pole.
After a picture with Santa each visitor received a goodie bag with fruit, candy and a toy in it courtesy of the Exeter Chamber of Commerce.  The Chamber also sponsored Christmas Bingo at the Legion hall.
Parents and kids enjoyed playing Bingo with the Christmas star at the center of each card as the free spot.  After a Bingo the kids were given a golden dollar.
In just one more week Santa will be back in Exeter to pay another visit to all the kids who have been nice.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Exeter-Milligan Athletes Recognized

The York News Times Recently named several Exeter-Milligan Athletes to their All-Area Teams.

Exeter-Milligan Volleyball players named were:

Claire White, Junior - Also was named on the D-1 First team by the Omaha World Herald
Kelsey Moore, Senior
Heather Pribyl, Senior - Also named Co-captain of the team - Also was named on the D-1 First team by the Omaha World Herald
Exeter-Milligan Football players named were:

Zach Jensen, Senior - Also named as an honorable mention on the Omaha World-Herald Class D2
Nolan White, Freshman (Nolan was the only Freshman named to the team and was second in receiving yards among players nominated to the team). Also named as an honorable mention on the Omaha World-Herald Class D2

Honorable Mention:

Cody Soukup, Senior

Congratulations to all!

Monday, December 20, 2010

New Temporary Cell Tower in Exeter

 Will cell service actually be possible in Exeter?  

Arriving in Exeter Monday afternoon was the first temporary cell tower. Although the Verizon tower is temporary, Verizon does plan to build a permanent tower on the east side of the Exeter school football field. The tower will be activated in a few days as power had not been connected to the site yet.

 In November, Jerry Carpenter, a representative of U.S.Cellular spoke to the Fillmore County Board of Supervisors about placing a new tower along Highway 6 just a few miles out of Exeter.  The Fillmore County Planning Commission held a hearing, Monday, December 20th and the Supervisors will hold a hearing on Tuesday, December 28th to approve the U.S. Cellular tower.

Exeter-Milligan School Update - Learning New Words

Learning New Words:  Mrs. Mueller has introduced the upper
high school   students with learning disabilities to the
VocabAhead site, but the   site is definitely for anyone who
wants to increase their vocabulary.    This website is  It is used to learn SAT, ACT and GRE 
vocabulary words.  It uses entertaining cartoon
illustrations that   summarize a short story-like situation.
 You may sign up to receive   the Word of the Day through
your email.  There is also a Study Room,   Word Lists, and
Videos that a person may access to increase their 
vocabulary.  They even have an application that you can use
with your   iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.  Teachers may also use
this site for their   Elementary and SAT Vocabulary words.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

New Items at the Exeter Public Library

What's New at Exeter Public

For Adults:
Edge by Jeffery Deaver
Hell's Corner by David Baldacci
Cross Fire by James Patterson
I Still Dream of You by Fannie Flagg
Port Mortuary by Patricia Cornwell
Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand
Rescue by Anita Shreve
Hollywood Hills by Joseph Wambaugh
An Amish Christmas by Cynthia Keller
Dead or Alive by Tom Clancy

For Kids:
Santa Paws DVD
Toy Story 3 DVD
Sorcerer's Apprentice DVD
Despicable Me DVD
Katie Kazoo- Hair Today, Gone tomorrow
10 Little Hot Doags

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Exeter United Sunday School Christmas Porgram

The Exeter United Sunday School performed their Christmas program, "The Perfect Fit," at the United Church of Christ on Sunday, December 12.  The program taught the students that giving and receiving are both important.  Bibles were presented to Katie Mounce, Clarissa Mounce, Caitlin Murphy, and Brooke Poppert following the program.  The Sunday School is made up of children from the Exeter United Church of Christ and the Exeter United Methodist Church. The group collected 90 lbs. of food for the Blue Valley Food Bank at their program.   Students pictured from left to right with some of the donated food items are:  Brooke Poppert, Katie Mounce, Caitlin Murphy, Haylee Sheffield,  Olivia Poppert, Clarissa Mounce, Trevor Swartz, and Patrick Murphy.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Exeter- Milligan Update - Skating Rink

Exeter Skating Rink opens!

With the recent freezing rain, the elementary students at
Exeter-Milligan practice their skating skills.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Exeter Holiday Lights

 Looks like Santa is here!

Exeter Hosts Giant Reindeer

There is a new resident in Exeter. Norm Bristol built this giant reindeer out of 3/4 inch plywood.  The reindeer, which stands on the south side of Bristol's house on North Burlington Avenue in Exeter stands 15 foot tall. According to Bristol he saw the pattern on the front of a catalog he receives and decided to make it. The reindeer withstood the heavy winds this last weekend pulling one stake loose until Bristol was able to restake the line. While the reindeer doesn't have a name, Bristol runs a red spotlight on the figure at night.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

County Supervisors Discuss Paving of Road Between Exeter and Milligan

With hopes high for a special Christmas gift the residents of Exeter and Milligan will be disappointed as they will have to wait until 2011 to see if a road between the two villages will be paved sometime in the future.
The Fillmore County Board of Supervisors met Tuesday, December 14th in Geneva with the road plan on the agenda.  While working through the road portion of the agenda Supervisor Robert Mueller made a motion to pave Road 21 from Highway 6 to Highway 41.
Supervisor Albert Simacek seconded the motion and Supervisor Chair Ray Capek opened the floor for discussion.  The Supervisors asked questions of County Road Superintendent Elmer Hessheimer first.  Several asked if the project was put on the plans would it actually ever have to be done.  Heisheimer responded that it "if did take place, it would be down the road."
Mueller asked Hessheimer what the costs associated with preliminary engineering would be.  A representative of Speece Lewis Engineers present at the meeting estimated that the costs would be around $60,000.
Capek asked guests if they had any comments and Exeter-Milligan School Board member Tim Pribyl commented that he would like to see Road 24 paved.  "I have spoken with the Milligan Fire and Rescue members and they would like to see Road 24 paved.  Road 24 sits right in the middle of Highway 15 and 81. This would give them easier access to the Friend hospital," said Pribyl.
Pribyl also noted the student traffic on the road, "We have at least one vehicle roll over a year on the road."
Several other residents spoke in support of paving one of the roads.  Chairman Capek called for a vote. Supervisors Jerry Galusha, Larry Cerny and Albert Simacek  all voted against placing the paving of Road 21 on the road plan while Supervisors Capek, Mueller and Steve Yates voted yes, Dennis Kimbrough abstained leaving the vote tied three to three and failing.
The board plans to look at the road plan and have it complete in February.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Exeter-Milligan School Update

Reading Tidbits by Jeretta Tauriella

Alicia  Bigelow and Taylor Erdkamp read one of their
favorite children's books, You Read to Me. I'll Read to
You by Mary Hoberman.  The book has short rhymed stories for
two.  It is written for beginning readers and those who like
to experiment with voices. This book would be a nice gift
because it requires two people.  It can be mom and child,
grandfather and child, or babysitter and child. It makes for
an enjoyable event. If you are purchasing for a teen the
following website may be helpful:

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Exeter Sign Featured in Rural Electric Magazine

Don't toss that copy of Rural Electric Nebraskan before taking a closer look on page 6.  The Exeter neon sign was featured in three photos published in the magazine.  The magazine will be archived and be available for viewing online hopefully soon.

Click here to get to the page for the archived magazine (you want the December issue)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Exeter-Milligan Elementary Program - "Shape Up Santa"

Santa got stuck. There was no two ways about it. The Exeter-Milligan Elementary students told the story of his unfortunate incident but the aftermath of the event was even more unfortunate.
After that fateful evening, Mrs. Claus and the elves had begun to chart Santa's weight. As Christmas approached, Mrs. Claus checked the chart only to find that Santa had gained weight, not lost it.
Sharing in part of the blame were some of Santa's elves who revealed some of his hiding spots for his favorite goodies, in the toys, and even under his hat.
Mrs. Claus decided that something had to be done and decided to enlist the assistance of Betty Body's Health Haven.  Santa enrolled himself in Betty's program but was still supplied with his favorite junk food by his head elf Hughie.
Once discovered Santa is kicked out of the health haven but when he returns home he, with the help of the pizza delivery person discovers that the odds of him getting stuck again are slim to none, and he really likes all the junk food too much to ever be slim.
Exeter-Milligan Elementary students presented the musical to family and friends Tuesday evening in their annual performance. Santa was played by Trystan Brandt with Samantha Horne as Mrs. Claus. Hughie, the head elf was played by Trevor Luzum with Joan Strate playing Betty Body. The rest of the sixth grade class played elves and other assorted rolls.
To start the evening, the Exeter-Milligan fifth and sixth grade band played three classical Christmas tunes, followed by the fourth graders on their recorders.  The kindergarten, first and second graders all had their chance to perform individually and as a group.  The third, fourth and fifth graders participated in the musical provided back up music and full cast numbers.
After the evenings entertainment the attendees were welcomed to a Christmas tea in the cafeteria.
 Exeter-Milligan Kindergarten, First and Second grade classes.

 Exeter-Milligan sixth grade girls and Mrs. Santa.

 Exeter-Milligan third and fourth graders performing "Fit as a Fiddle."

 Mrs. Santa discovers that Santa has not broken his bad eating habits.

 Exeter-Milligan fifth graders Shape up with Santa.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Exeter Scouts attend National Treasure Event

 Exeter Webelos Scout Eric Olsen and his dad, Kent, wait in line for pizza at the National Treasure Event at the Nebraska History Museum.

 Friend Boy Scout Liam Noel (left) and Webelos Scout Seth Noel listen to Friend Webelos Den Leader and Assistant Scoutmaster Cynthia Cassel describe about hides and furs at the Nebraska History Museum.

 Webelos Scouts Joey Bartu (left) and Travis Gilliam look for clues while Tiger Cub Ben Bartu points the way.

Carol Capek, far left, watches her children, Tiger Cub Braden Capek and his sister Briana Capek mold clay into pots at the Nebraska Treasure event.

One night in two museums clues and crafts were plentiful in Lincoln.  With close to 600 cub scouts attending the Nebraska History Museum and the Lincoln Children's Museum were overrun Friday evening.

The Cornhusker Council of the Boy Scouts of America planned and sponsored the two museum event billed as the Nebraska Treasure.  The scouts were given a guidebook at the door depending on their age. Siblings and parents also attended to help search for the clues hidden throughout the two museums.

It was all about decoding during the evening.  The scouts had to break the codes found in the clues they were given by finding the museum displays where the clues were hidden.  Each floor of the museum had a different type of code to break. Along with the codes there were crafts and activities for the scouts and siblings to complete.

After the scouts "broke" the codes and discovered the password they progressed to receive a sticker that held part of the final clue. As the scouts headed to the Children's Museum they learned about Braille, cryptography and secret messages hidden in disappearing ink.

Once the scouts had all four stickers they discovered the final clues: Nebraska History Museum, Seek the Arrow, Chief Akela and First Floor.  They were able to attend a brief presentation by the Golden Sun Lodge of the Order of the Arrow and learn more about Boy Scouts.

Seven Exeter scouts attended the event with their parents and leaders.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Exeter Scout Pack 218 tours Fire Hall

 Exeter Fire and Rescue Department member Mark Beethe gave the Exeter Pack 218 Cub Scouts a tour of the Exeter Fire Hall Monday night.Pictured left to right are Tiger Cubs Ben Bartu, Braden Capek, Alec Schlueter, Wolf Cub Jackson Beethe, Mark Beethe, Trystan Brandt, Webelos Peytan Brandt and Joey Bartu.

 Beethe showed the scouts all of the gear the firemen wear in a fire.

 Beethe explained to the scouts that if they are ever in a fire and see someone wearing all of the equipment that they won't be able to understand the fireman but they should do what he says.

 Webelos Scout Peytan Brandt tests the weight of an air tank while Fireman Mark Beethe looks on.

 Tiger Cub Alec Schlueter proudly stands in front of his dad, Lin Schlueter's, locker at the Fire Hall.

The Exeter Cub Scouts got an indepth look at all of the fire equipment as well as lots of safety tips during the tour of the Exeter Fire Hall.

Exeter Cub Scouts got a tour of all of the fire and rescue equipment from Fire and Rescue Department member Mark Beethe on Monday evening.

The scouts started the evening asking Beethe a few questions about his training and his experience in the fire department. Beethe explained the many hours he spent training and testing to receive his EMT certification.

The scouts wanted to know about the worst fire he had experienced and if he had ever been frightened. After answering their questions Beethe led the scouts to the rescue unit. The boys were able to get inside the unit as Beethe explained how the calls are answered and how the patients are transported. 

From there the group toured the attack truck. Beethe donned his fire garb and then brought out a tank and a mask for the boys to see.  He modeled the equipment and showed how the mask garbled his words encouraging the boys to make sure they follow the direction of a fireman if they are ever in a fire - "he's not an alien," said Beethe.  In other words they shouldn't be afraid of the strange voice and the scary mask if they are in a fire.

Beethe showed the boys the jaws of life and some of the other equipment the department uses on their calls.  Next the boys moved on to the two large fire trucks.  Beethe showed them the trucks inside and out, noting the water canon on the large truck and he also showed the boys how the side tank comes out on the tanker truck to provide extra water capacity onsite.

After taking a group photo, the boys thanked Beethe for the informative night.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Exeter-Milligan Students Chosen

The Exeter Milligan Team recently competed at the District level.

Congratulations to Linsey Klemm, Jameson Trauger, Mariah Ruhl, Amanda Dinneen and Deidre Stevens who received acting awards.

Congratualations to D2-3 All District Football Players:

First Team Offense; Nolan White -E; Zach Jensen -QB
Second Team Offense: Landon Rhodes and Jacob Wilkins- L; Cody Soukup- E; James Sluka - RM
Honorable Mention Offense: Tyler Manning
Second Team Defense: Landon Rhodes and Robbie Androyna- L; Zach Jensen - LB/DB
Honorable Mention Defense: Nathan Bigelow

Exeter Kids Enjoy Halloween Story Hour Exeter Halloween Story featured the story of Spookley who was a square pumpkin. The kids listened to Spookley story, made Spookley snacks and made paper Spookley's. Pictured is Exeter Librarian Nina Bartu with from the right Caitlin Murphy, Ben Bartu and Jaiden Papik.

In addition to fun stories, crafts and treats the Halloween Story Hour participants enjoyed games like an eyeball relay and balloon race.  Pictured with the eyeball relay are from the left in the lead Ben Bartu, Jaiden Papik and Caitlin Murphy.

Exeter Halloween Story featured the story of Spookley who was a square pumpkin.  The kids listened to Spookley story, made Spookley snacks and made paper Spookley's.  Pictured is Exeter Librarian Nina Bartu with from the right Caitlin Murphy, Ben Bartu and Jaiden Papik.

Pictured with their square Spookley paper pumpkins are from left Jaiden "the witch" Papik, Ben "John Deere Tractor" Bartu and Caitlin "Dancer" Murphy.

UCC Women Hold Annual Bake Sale

 Joannie Manning (far left) and Diane Hanson visit at the UCC Women Bake Sale Saturday morning. You have to arrive at 9 a.m. sharp or you will miss the goodies.

 The ladies visited while enjoying refreshments Saturday morning at the UCC Church.

Pat Becker purchases some raffle tickets from Lois Ann Kuska for a beautiful quilt and a nativity scene afghan. The quilt was won by Pastor Ginny Adams and the afghan was won by Hope Androyna.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Exeter-Milligan School Update

Mrs. Audrey Betka-Mager's Sig. 1 reading group is learning
that reading is fun!  These eager to learn students complete
one to two lessons per day in Reading and Spelling in
Exeter-Milligan's Reading Mastery program.  Each day, they
learn some new vocabulary words and review words learned
earlier in the week.  Then they read a variety of stories at
their level and complete comprehension worksheets following
each reading.  Every 5 lessons, they have a check-out to
determine the speed and accuracy of their reading.  They are
working hard and enjoying learning to read! Those students
are: Alivia Hartmann, Cameran Jansky, Emma Olsen, Briana
Capek and Braden Capek.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Exeter-Milligan School Update

Exeter - Milligan High School Art by Jill Shipley

The art classes have recently completed an art project that
involved recycling milk jugs into art.  This is a project
that the cohort team came up with, so several schools will
be doing this project.  Schools involved include
Exeter-Milligan, Friend, McCool Junction, Dorchester and
It is a fun project because the students get to choose their
own creative idea as to what they will do with their milk
jug and we recycle at the same time.

Exeter Police Department Update

The Exeter Police Department is announcing the results of the Click It or Ticket campaign that was held from November 22nd to 28th.  Thirty-five traffic stops were conducted for violations ranging from child restraints and seat belts to speeding to various vehicle defects.  In addition, officers responded to several other calls for service including a gas drive off and recovered property.

With the completion of the “Click It or Ticket” enforcement, the Exeter Police Department will be starting the “You Drink & Drive. You Lose.” selective enforcement which will run from December 3rd to January 1st.  Like the previous program, this enforcement will also be funded by a grant from the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety and will focus on deterring people from driving while intoxicated.  For more information please visit the national highway traffic safety administration at

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Updates from Fillmore County Development Corporation

Mary Johnson and Patt Lentfer of the Fillmore County Development Corporation joined other rural Nebraskans at the Governor’s Conference on Rural Development in Kearney on November 19th. The theme of the conference was “Rethinking Strategy for sustainable Communities.”

Keynote speaker for the event was William Taylor, founding editor of Fast Company and co-author of Mavericks at Work. He suggested that as an entrepreneur you can’t do big things if you’re content with doing things a little different or a little better from everyone else. A business has to be and do something special. Originality has become the acid test of strategy.

Other sessions throughout the day were grouped by community, business, technology, resources and the economy, and youth. The sessions focused on such things as volunteer leadership, growing jobs, industries, and talent, getting found online, a review of USDA Rural Development programs, and connecting youth to their community through entrepreneurship.

The NCIP (Nebraska Community Improvement Program) awards were presented at the evening banquet. The City of Geneva was a recipient of a special award for the Secret Garden project under the Parks, Recreation & Environmental Awareness, Class III division.


FILLMORE COUNTY - The Odegeo…Leadership for Fillmore County class attended a Government-Power of the People session at Heritage Crossings, November 16, 2010.
The class was welcomed by Geneva’s Mayor Rod Norrie. County Supervisor, Bob Mueller talked about county government and Kyle Svec talked about the government of a second class city. A panel discussion was held and included village clerks from Exeter, Fairmont, Geneva, Milligan, Ohiowa and Shickley.
Svec Farms provided rolls and coffee for the morning break.
Eric Williams, VA Administrator, talked to the group on Veterans Affairs. Donna Mainwaring, Emergency Manager/Zoning, also visited with the group. The quest speaker for the morning was Senator Russ Karpisek. Several guests were also present to hear the Senator speak about our state government.
Lunch of pizza and salad were provided by the Bruning State bank for the class participants.
To start the afternoon the group traveled to the Court House where Amy Nelson, Joan Ackland and President Fillmore gave the group a tour including a tour of the clock tower.
Heading back to the Heritage Crossings, Beth Boesch from NPPD, Randy Prior, Saline County Extension, and Gina Hudson, a member of Thayer County wind energy group held a Wind Energy panel discussion
The group traveled to the Fillmore County Fairgrounds, where Mussman Farms provided cookies and drinks. Marilyn Christiancy gave the history of the fairgrounds. Deb Hoarty and Russ Mussman, Fair Board members, took the group on a tour of the fairgrounds
The leadership group traveled back to the Heritage Crossing to hear a panel discussion from the county school board members.
The December session of the ODEGEO class will focus on Education.