Friday, September 18, 2015

Timberwolves post win #29 for Homecoming

 Above:  Trevor Luzum runs the ball in for a touchdown.  Below:  Spencer Papik blocks for Sean Maxson.

 Maxson runs the ball in again.
 Johnson Brock tries to bring down quarterback Sam Zeleny (above and below).

Above: Cameron White sacks the Johnson Brock quarterback for the first of his two sacks on the night.  Below:  Jack Dinneen catches a Zeleny pass for a touchdown.

With a score of 32-0 at half it looked like the Timberwolves had the game in the bag but apparently the Eagle hadn't quite landed yet.
The Johnson-Brock Eagles pulled a few fast moves and in two minutes as the third quarter ticked down they put up 16 unanswered points.  They added twelve more points in the fourth quarter but the Timberwolves came back with 16 points on their own for a final score of 46-28 and win #29 in a row for the Timberwolves.  The Exeter-Milligan senior boys now have an unbelievable record of 41-1 for their football career.

Exeter-Milligan Homecoming Celebrated

 Above:  It was Farmer Day on Thursday and from the left, Jaiden, Kayla and Caitlin pull out their best farmer duds.  Below:  Elementary students made sure to get the Timberwolf gear on for the pep rally.

 Quarterback Sam Zeleny #3 asks the crowd to come out to the game and be loud.  Below seniors Spencer Papik #81 and Elliot Erkdamp take the lead in the three legged race.

 The Exeter-Milligan junior cheerleaders lead a cheer for the crowd.  Below:  The Cheerleaders pump up the crowd.

 After the game the royalty was announced.  Above are Sophomore attendants Hannah Beethe and Seth Maxson.  Below are Freshmen attendents Katherine White and Mitchell Manning.

 Junior attendants (above) are Samantha Horne and Evan Harre and (below) King Jack Dinneen and Queen Janey Due.

The Homecoming royalty from the left Katherine White, Mitchell Manning, Samantha Horne, Prince Elliot Erdkamp and Princess Marissa Howard, King Jack Dinneen, Queen Janey Due, Duke Sam Zeleny, Duchess Brianna Beatham, Hannah Horne and Seth Maxson.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fillmore County Foundation Announces Grant Recipients


The Fillmore county Foundation board met on September 8, 2015 in Shickley at the Shickley Cafe.  Twelve members of the Board were present.

Committee meetings began at 6:00 p.m. followed by dinner and the Board of Directors meeting.  The Publicity Committee, Fine Arts Committee, Grants Committee, and Scholarship Committee all gave reports of activities since the last meeting. 

The Fillmore County Foundation acts as a pass through for specific causes or fundraisers, thereby making donations from individual’s tax deductible.  The Foundation has served in this capacity numerous times.   When the Foundation accepts earmarked funds or acts as a pass through a minimum project size is required.

Currently the Fillmore County Foundation board consists of 29 Fillmore County residents selected from throughout the County. One new Board member, Holli Lovegrove, was elected at the Fall meeting. Scott Oliva is the current President of the Fillmore County Foundation.

The grants that were approved at the September meeting were for:  Fillmore County Coalition, Fillmore County Development Corporation, Fillmore Central Backpack Program, Fillmore Central Teammates, Geneva Rotary coat drive, The Christmas Store (Good Beginnings), Exeter United Methodist Church for Joey Bartu’s Eagle project. 

The Fillmore County Foundation was founded in June of 1983 and since its inception it has been dedicated to the future and honoring the pioneer spirit by encouraging social, cultural and educational progress in Fillmore County.  During the nearly 30 plus years of the Foundation nearly $2 million has gone back to the Fillmore County citizens in the form of community projects and scholarships.
Awards are granted in March and September of each year.  Individuals interested in applying for assistance for projects or with questions about the grant program may contact Scott Oliva at 629.4446.  Applications are available approximately one month prior to each meeting.  The next application period will be during the month of February 2016 for consideration at the March meeting. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Exeter-Milligan Homecoming Friday night

Exeter-Milligan will celebrate homecoming this Friday.  During the week students have shown their spirit by dressing up.  Friday afternoon at 1:45 p.m. there will be a pep rally downtown.  The football game in Milligan will start at 7 p.m. against Johnson-Brock.  Homecoming Queen and King will be crowned after the game.

Homecoming Court includes:

Katherine White
Mitchell Manning
Hannah Beethe
Seth Maxson
Samantha Horne
Evan Harre
Janey Due
Marissa Howard
Brianna Beatham
Sam Zeleny
Jack Dinneen
Elliot Erdkamp

Fillmore County High School Juniors Participate in Career Industry Day

Fillmore County junior students watching a Horizontal Boring & Tunneling employee demonstrate an auger machine during the Career Day Industry Tours.

Fillmore County junior students listening to Sam Scott before starting a tour of Metal Tech Partners  the Career Day Industry Tours.

 Fillmore County junior students gathered around the conference table learning more about Sunflower Marketing from plant manager Craig Hughes (not pictured) during the Career Day Industry Tours.

Career Industry Day for Fillmore County High School Juniors
The Fillmore County Development Corporation (FCDC) in cooperation with the Fillmore County schools and local businesses held a Career Industry Day for the juniors in the county on September 9th.  The format for the day involved having the students go to the business locations, rather than the business people coming to the school.

Three tracks were developed so students had a choice and could decide what area interested them the most.  The tracks were Agriculture and Ag Business, Health and Human Services, and Skilled and Technical Sciences.

The goal of the day was to expose students to some of the career opportunities in Fillmore County.   The FCDC wanted to expose students to all aspects of a business that they would not see from the outside. The tours allowed the Fillmore County juniors to hear comments about employment opportunities and training requirements from people in the business. Twenty-four businesses hosted the tours with 40+ presenters.

Tyler Williams, a committee member who accompanied students on the Agriculture and Ag Businesses tour said, “I was impressed how many good things are going on in ag businesses in Fillmore County.  There are jobs available and opportunities for careers in agriculture.”

“It was great to have the cooperation from the businesses and the three county schools to set up the Career Industry Day,” according to Patt Lentfer, FCDC Director.  A committee of eight people put a lot of work into making the day successful by contacting businesses, setting up the tours, and arranging lunch.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Exeter-Milligan School Board meets Wednesday

Public School
Budget Hearing, Levy Request Hearing
Regular Monthly Meeting – Conference Room
(old elementary Computer lab) in Exeter
Wednesday, September 16, 2015 – 8:00 PM
Bills: Adam Erdkamp
1. Recognition of Visitors
2. Motion to verify that this meeting of the school board of the ExeterMilligan
Public School was
duly advertised and that all board members were notified as to the time and place of the
meeting pursuant to board policy and practice.
3. Consensus Agenda: Items can be requested for singular consideration
Treasurer’s Report
Minutes – August 12, 2015 Regular Meeting and August 26, 2015 Work Session
September Expenditures
4. Old Business
A. Building project update building
and grounds committee report
B. eMeetings through NASB
5. New Business
A. Motion to Adopt 201516
Budget of Expenditures as Published in the September 2 , 2015
Nebraska Signal
B. Motion to Notify the Fillmore County Board of Equalization of the following property tax
requests for ExeterMilligan
Public School #300001:
General Fund $
3,919,940.39 and
Special Building Fund $
659,090.90 for a total tax request of $4,579,031.29 as published in the
September 2, 2015, Nebraska Signal
C. Approve Superintendent Paul Sheffield as the representative for all local, state and federal
D. Curricular opportunities in Ag
6. Information / Discussion
A. NASB State Convention in Omaha – November
B. NASB Area meeting report
C. NeSA Test results
D. Nutrition services and beef donations
7. Next Regular Meeting – October ___ at Milligan at 8:00 PM
8. Adjournment