Saturday, November 12, 2022

Exeter-Milligan Performs One Act


The Exeter-Milligan One Act team performed “And Then There Was One: A Spoof” by Michael Druce in Exeter on Sunday, November 6.  The play was a “who done it” with all but one predicted to die.  The group will perform the play again in Milligan on Sunday, Nov 20 at 2 p.m. in the auditorium.  Actors include Jozie Kanode, Troy Kallhoff, Neal Scott, Jasmine Turrubiates, Logan Krupicka, Morgan White, Kierra Papik, Kmila Benitez, Tucker Svec, Lily Jeffries, and Liberty Johnson.  Their tech crew includes Olivea Swanson, Savana Krupicka and Taylor Pribyl.  The students are directed by Denice Kovanda and Kara Myers.  The will also perform the play at their district competition in Shickley on November 16.

After the play attendees were treated to a variety of desserts in the commons hosted by members of the Exeter-Milligan FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America).

Trying to figure out which of the twelve scheduled to arrive on the island past shark infected waters is missing are from the left Emily Plain (Jasmine Turrubiates), Margaret LaRue (with the lampshade on her head)(Lily Jeffries), Presley York (Kierra Papik), Delores Biggs (Morgan White), Albert Prince (Neal Scott), Clayhorn (Troy Kallhoff), Horatio Miles (Logan Krupicka), Heather Starlett (Kmila Benitez) and Matthew Charisma (Tucker Svec).
Arguing about “who done it” are from the left Emily Plain (Jasmine Turrubiates), Margaret LaRue (with the lampshade on her head)(Lily Jeffries), Presley York (Kierra Papik), Delores Biggs (Morgan White), and Albert Prince (Neal Scott).
Everyone in the Exeter-Milligan One Act “And Then There Was One: A Spoof” had their “guns” drawn in this scene from the left: Heather Starlett (Kmila Benitez), Matthew Charisma (Tucker Svec), Horatio Miles (Logan Krupicka), Albert Prince (Neal Scott), Delores Biggs (Morgan White), and Emily Plain (Jasmine Turrubiates).

The characters in the Exeter-Milligan One Act “And Then There Was One: A Spoof” share their concern about disappearing chocolate penguins.  Pictured from the left are Matthew Charisma (Tucker Svec), Emily Plain (Jasmine Turrubiates), Horatio Miles (Logan Krupicka) and Margaret LaRue (Lily Jeffries).

Friday, November 11, 2022

Exeter Precinct tops 200 in person voters


The Exeter precinct had over 200 in person voters along with many additional voters who chose to use the early ballot options.

In addition to statewide offices, Exeter voters had the option to re-elect two village board members, Justin Harre and Jim Anderson.  Both were reelected to serve the village.

The race for Exeter-Milligan school board had three incumbents running along with two challengers on the ballot and one write-in candidate who waged a campaign on social media.

The voters returned all three incumbents, Adam Erdkamp, Kendra Jansky and Dan Kallhoff to the school board.  After tabulating the unofficial results for all four of the counties that the district encompasses, the margin was just 32 votes between Dan Kallhoff  with 352 votes and Anthony Due at 320.  Jason Pribyl fell short with 285 votes.

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Throwback Thursday 11/4/2012


It was five nail-biting sets for the Timberwolf fans but out team got the job done!  Exeter-Milligan won the first set 25-20, lost set #2 and #3  (25-23 and 25-22) went in for the kill in set #4 at 25-22 and sealed the deal in set #5 going to set point twice before winning 19-17.  The Timberwolves advance to the semi-finals meeting Sutherland (#2) at GI Senior High at 6:30 p.m. on Friday evening.

Exeter-Milligan Volleyball team defeated Guardian Angels Central Catholic in an exciting 4 set match.  This is the Timberwolves third state championship in four years.  Congratulations Timberwolves!!!

Bob Mahoney with his Exeter Public Library Patron Appreciation prize. The library had a drawing of current and new patrons for a prize that included an Exeter Public Library mug, a gift certificate to Greg's Market, a notepad, candy, and other goodies. Congratulations Bob!

Several Exeter-Milligan students were selected to participate in the Doane Fall Festival of Winds on Saturday, November 3 including Maitlyn Thomsen and Amber Pribyl, alternates; Madison Horne and Taylor Erdkamp, Tiger Band; Meredith Emshoff, Erica Yound and Jennifer Pribyl, Merrill Band; and Jordyn Brandt, Honor Band.

Exeter-Milligan football team now 11-0 after defeating High Plains Tuesday night 58-24

Exeter-Milligan Kindergarten class has been learning about Body Parts in Science Class. They have learned about internal organs and what the heart, lungs, stomach, and brain do for us. They have learned how important bones are to the body and made a skeleton. For external body parts, they made a scarecrow. They learned how important the thumb is. First they wrote their name, ate a cracker and picked up pennies using their whole hand. Then the thumb was taped down and they had to do the activities without the thumb.

The Exeter American Red Cross Bloodmobile was held Friday, October 26 at the Exeter Legion Home. 

 Their goal was 35 pints of blood but they collected 38 pints of blood.  There were 42 donors registered with just four deferrals and three double red donors along with 32 whole blood donors.

First time donor was Shellie Olsen.  Noreen Songster earned a five gallon pin and Donna O’Brien earned a six gallon pin.

The unloaders and loaders out were Ralph Jansen, John Miller, Steve Rhodes, Larry Cudaback, Alva Smith and Adam Erdkamp.

Lunch was provided by the Methodist Church ladies.  The workers were Evelyn Michl, Janice Miller, Bonnie Cudaback and Pat Sudrla.

The registration and escorts were Doris Hall, Erma Adamson, Sharon Dyer, Elva McBride, Barb Jansen, Dianne Hanson, Carol Schafer and Ruth Ekeler.

Doris Hall and Ruth Ekeler served as co-chairs of the event.


For those living in the Village of Exeter OR the Exeter-Milligan School Board these are the registered candidates:

School Board vote for 3:

Annette Gloystein – incumbent

Tim Pribyl – incumbent

Jim Zeleny – incumbent

Becky Bigelow – challenger

Rhonda Korbelik – challenger

Rob Androyna – challenger

Lynn Strate – challenger


Exeter Village Board - vote for 3


Alan Michl - incumbent

Mitchell Schlegelmilch - incumbent

Kathy Erdkamp - incumbent

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Exeter-Milligan Update: Science News


Pictured are Mackenzie Jaeger, Kate Pribyl and Hannah Petersen

Pictured are Beau Becker and Boden Graham


Science News Update

By Lorie Sliefert, Exeter-Milligan Science Instructor


The 6th grade science class is currently learning about the engineering design process.  As part of our unit, we are building a model car that will travel the farthest down a ramp.  They had to brainstorm different models and then analyze them to see if they meet the criteria and constraints that were part of our problem.  They selected 3 designs and then did a decision matrix to determine which was the best solution.  We are currently in the process of testing our cars.  We will analyze the results and then make changes to our designs to improve our models.   


Sunday, November 6, 2022

Exeter Public Library Launches Reading Contest

Congratulations to Jordan Sudrla who was the first one to turn in his list of 10 books read (or were read to him) at the Exeter Public Library.  Jordan got to choose a Teeny Beanie to take home.  Jordan is the son of Nick and Katie Sudrla and is pictured with librarian Pat Sudrla.