Saturday, July 23, 2022

Exeter Class of 2002


The Exeter Class of 2002 pictured from the left are Dana Miller Myers, Morgan Brandt, Kendall Gloystein, Ryan Betka, Mike Mika, Lindsey Waldron, and Shane Bristol.  This was the last Exeter high class graduating.

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Throwback Thursday 07/15/2012



What's New at Exeter Public Library

For Adults:
Gone Girl by Gilian Flynn, In One Person by John Irving, Porch Lights by Dorthea Benton Frank, Spring Fever by Mary Kay Andrews. Harbor Nocturne by Joseph Wambaugh, Summerland by Elin Hilderbrand, The Next Best Thing by Jennifer Weiner, Back Fire by Catherine Coulter, Night Watch by Linda Fairstein,
Fall From Grace by Richard North Patterson

On their opening weekend the Exeter United Methodist Church Garment Gadget Giveaway Store held a Fashion Show complete with a main street runaway to show the variety and quality of items available in their shop.


One of the coordinators, Roma Rhodes, noted the sheer quantity of items that the store opened with this year.  “We have a lot of great stuff, and I mean some good stuff. I was gone for an hour earlier and it was great to come back and see the store full of people.”


What is unusual about the thrift store is that everything is free.  Absolutely free, no questions asked, take what you can use.  Last year the church was looking for some opportunities to serve the community and decided that this giveaway store in the summer could fill in the gap of the food backpack program that they coordinate during the school year.


They have added a small food pantry along with a school supply section this year to help bridge the gap over the summer and maybe supply some school items for those who need them.  The ladies in the congregation volunteer their time to work a weekend or whenever they can to keep the store open.

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Exeter-Milligan Update: Third Grade


Third Grade Update

By Laura Steuben, Exeter-Milligan 3rd grade Instructor


Third graders have studied economics this semester and financial literacy has been part of what they learned. Representatives from Generations Bank in Exeter and Farmers & Merchants Bank in Milligan came to our school to enrich our learning with a presentation about financial literacy. Part of the presentation included a game of Financial Literacy Bingo.


Pictured are Saydee Kassik, Anton Classen and Brooklyn Lawson playing Financial Literacy Bingo.



Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Exeter VIllage Board Discusses Paving South Depot


The Exeter Village Board met on Wednesday July 6 with Board member Justin Harre absent. The board approved the minutes and invoices before inviting Rose Pinkman from  HBE to review the audit with the board.

Pinkman shared a brief summary of the findings of the audit and ended her presentation with some recommendations to improve the audit process.  The areas of issue were “pretty standard in government entities.”

She recommended the purchase of an additional module for the village financial software so that bank reconciliations could be processed in the program.  She also advised the board to have at least one member review the bank reconciliations along with the payroll and invoices and initial each invoice.

Village Board Chairman Alan Michl commented that they would “prioritize what needed to be done the most.  Trying to do all that at one time would be quite a bit.”

Clerk Becky Erdkamp added that she had received a letter that the audit had been accepted by the State.  The board approved the audit.

Andrew Wilshusen , project manager from JEO, along with three interns,  presented to the board on the Exeter South Depot improvements.

The board is looking at paving two blocks on South Depot avenue from S. Exeter Avenue to S. Missouri Avenue which includes the area between the coop bins and the scale.  The bid,$622,320.00, includes new storm sewers with improved drainage and also specs the concrete at 10” deep because of the truck traffic in the area.

The board held a lengthy discussion about the project and options for paying for the upgrade.  Wilshusen, along with an engineer from JEO plan to visit with available board members and Village Maintenance Supervisor John Mueller on Tuesday to continue the discussion on the project.

WIlshusen did note that right now “It is hard to get anyone to bid a project.  Werner wasn’t bidding any concrete work this spring as they were booked.”

“Now is a good time to do it but there again we have to pay for it,” added Michl. 

Michl encouraged the board to wait and see if the village gains in tax funding with the annexation of the coop north fertilizer plant and the construction that will increase the valuations.

On another note, Michl informed the board that the fire department plans to add on to the fire hall at an estimated cost of $165,000 to $200,000 using American Rescue Plan Act money.  The building will be just to the south of the current fire hall and will be 24 x 100 but not attached to the current facility.  He concluded “We need to proceed because we are just out of space.”

The board approved the closure of Seneca street from Exeter Avenue to the alley for Exeter Days activities on July 29.

The board discussed the Farmers coop railroad crossings.  Burlington Northern fixed their tracks and the board will draft a letter to the coop to ask them to fix their tracks on the spur they own.

Mueller gave his maintenance report.  He noted that the gazebo had been moved adjacent to the senior center on Exeter Avenue and a new top and cushion for the wheelchair accessible swing have been ordered.

Mueller also reported some issues with the well and asked the board about getting information on a generator for both wells that would run on natural gas.  The board asked him to get his some numbers on changing to generators.

Mueller asked if the board had any interested in replacing the motor grader.  Board member Bob Mueller recommended, ”we get someone out here to see what all it needs.”

John Mueller reported that a water line on Exeter Avenue broke on Thursday, June 30 adjacent to Highway 6.  They were able to repair the line but it is in bad shape and a new line will need to be run.

Clerk Becky Erdkamp noted that new windows and doors were ordered for the concession shack for $3300 and she has spoken to several Exeter residents associated with the ball teams about holding a fundraiser.

Since the ball association merged with Milligan each village owns and is responsible for the concession shack not the association.  Erdkamp mentioned that there are grants that can be applied for but the Exeter parents need to organize a committee to raise the funds.

The board discussed the Slama property that is up for tax auction soon.  There was a discussion on whether the village will receive any of the paving portion due on the property.  Erdkamp noted that Slama is arrears on her water bill and has tried to work with her on a payment plan but so far she remains behind. The board instructed that the water be shut off.

The board planned to send a letter to Mark Stokebrand as the lot is not being mowed and the house foundation needs to be cleaned up and filled in.

The Board discussed several issues at the pool with lifeguards and Erdkamp reported that sales tax for May was $13,717.66 and June keno was $204.98 .  The next meeting was set for August 9.


Monday, July 18, 2022

Exeter-Milligan T-Ball Team Yard Goats


Exeter-Milligan T-ball Yard Goats team is pictured front row from the left Kolbie Kahlandt, Westin Yound, Kash Rischling, Rex Wince, and Rhett Roesler.  Middle row from the left are Ryker Wince, Wyatt Lock, Breckan Sluka, Kohlsen Kahlandt and Parker Gloystein.  Coaches in the back row are Tina Yound, Kelly Rischling and Kim Gloystein.

Photo courtesy of Jessie Johnson, Images by Jessie