Thursday, May 8, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Exeter 1958 Football Team

Here they are - the Exeter High School Football team in 1958

Back row:
Robert Dinneen, Richard Harrison, Jerry Bristol
Front row:
Larry Starr, Jerry Vavra, John Morgan, Babe Starr, Thomas Songster

photo courtesy of Gladys Petersen

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Exeter-Milligan Update: Music Department Update

The Exeter-Milligan music department, under the direction of Angie Murphy, recently completed their contest season at Heartland Community School with the District Music Contest.  The students did an excellent job and worked hard this spring.  Every solo and small group followed through with the commitment they made to contest in early February, and competed at both the MUDECAS and District contests.  Exeter-Milligan had twenty-three entries in each of the contests.   

At the MUDECAS contest on March 25, the high school band and women's chorus each received superior ratings. The band had  a superior from each of the three judges and was awarded a plaque for their efforts.  Other superior ratings were earned by:  Jordyn Brandt, flute; Ashley Benorden, clarinet, Erica Yound, alto saxophone; alto saxophone duet (Erica Yound & Madison Horne); Devin Sheffield, tenor saxophone; Trystan Brandt, trumpet; Haylee Sheffield, French horn; Percussion Ensemble (Wyatt Clift, Meredith Emshoff, Felix Richter, Jack Dinneen, Janey Due, Elliot Erdkamp & Evan Harre); Meredith Emshoff, piano; Jordyn Brandt, piano; Haylee Sheffield, piano; Ella Wilkins, piano; Kimberlin Ruhl, voice; women's duet (Kimberlin Ruhl & Ashley Benorden.)  Receiving excellent ratings were:  Ella Wilkins, flute; Brianna Beatham, clarinet; Deidre Stevens, bass clarinet; Samantha Horne, French horn; Maitlyn Thomsen, trombone; trumpet trio (Amber Pribyl, Brody Kresak & Kylie Briske)' women's duet (Kimberlin Ruhl & Hunter Stride.)

At the district contest, the high school band received a superior rating and the women's chorus received an excellent rating. Also receiving a superior rating were:  Jordyn Brandt, flute; Ashley Benorden, clarinet; Deidre Stevens, bass clarinet; Erica Yound & Madison Horne, alto saxophone duet;  Trystan Brandt, trumpet; Samantha Horne, French horn; Kimberlin Ruhl, voice; Meredith Emshoff, piano; Jordyn Brandt, piano;  and Ella Wilkins, piano.  Receiving excellent ratings were:  Ella Wilkins, flute; Erica Yound, alto saxophone; Haylee Sheffield, French horn; Maitlyn Thomsen, trombone; percussion ensemble (Meredith Emshoff, Wyatt Clift, Felix Richter, Jack Dinneen, Janey Due, Elliot Erdkamp & Evan Harre); women's duet #1 (Kimberlin Ruhl & Hunter Stride); women's duet #2 (Kimberlin Ruhl & Ashley Benorden); and Haylee Sheffield, piano solo.  Receiving good ratings were Brianna Beatham, clarinet; Devin Sheffield, tenor saxophone; and trumpet trio (Amber Pribyl, Brody Kresak & Kylie Briske.)   Jordyn Brandt was selected as one of the Outstanding Performers by her flute solo judge.

Pictured is the Exeter-Milligan High School Band while warming up at the District Music Contest.

Also pictured is the FOV (Friends of Choir) group singing at the spring concert.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Exeter-Milligan Update: 5th & 6th Grade Band students tour

Exeter-Milligan 5th & 6th Grade Students Go On Tour
The 5th & 6th grade band students who participated in the Bruning-Davenport Band Contest on February 15 went on tour on Wednesday, April 9.  They began their day by sitting in with the junior band during their class. That was followed by performing their solos at the Exeter Care Center for several residents and parents.  The group then returned to the school and performed for the lower elementary students. They answered questions about their instruments after performing. Following their second performance, the group travelled to York for a lunch of Chinese food before heading to the radio station. The students performed on the KAWL Old Time Radio Show at 1 p.m.  They were sponsored by Generations Bank.  The students performed well all day and represented our communities in a positive manner.

Row 1 (L-R) - Jaiden Papik, Kayla Geiger, Anna Sluka, Cammie Harrison
Row 2 (L-R) - Nick Hayek, Jacy Schlueter, Caitlin Murphy, Clint Oldehoeft, Brock Steuben, Eli Johnson