Saturday, February 3, 2018

Exeter-Milligan Update: Zoology Class Study Fish

 Hannah Horne and Katie Moody are dissecting a sting-ray.
Alexis Uldrich and Katie Moody are dissecting a dogfish shark.

They slice and they dice…
By Lorie Sliefert, Exeter-Milligan Science Instructor

Zoology Students at E-M are currently studying fish.  In this class, we are comparing the anatomy of several species.  This week students have had the opportunity to dissect a dogfish shark, a sting-ray, and a skate to study the types of cartilaginous fish. We will also dissect a perch to look at a ray-finned bony fish.  Good thing we aren’t having fish for lunch anytime soon!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Exeter-Milligan Update: District FCCLA

District FCCLA
By Mary Lou Vossler, E-M FCS Instructor/FCCLA Advisor

District #4 FCCLA STAR (Students Taking Action with Recognition) was held at Exeter-Milligan Public Schools on January 15th.  FCCLA STAR participants from Exeter-Milligan, Cross County, Doniphan-Trumbull, Bruning-Davenport and Sutton competed in the competitive events that provide leadership skills, focus on the multiple roles of the family, showcase specific lifetime skills in character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, career preparation and practical knowledge. Exeter-Milligan's FCCLA STAR participants were (pictured below - left to right): Kaitlyn Vavra- Illustrated Talk:  Dementia-The Disease You'd Like to Forget- Gold Medal, Hannah Horne- Leadership:  Finding My Leadership:  Silver Medal, Daisy Kanode- Illustrated Talk:  Depression- Just Snap Out of It- Silver Medal, and Caitlin Murphy- Recycle & Redesign:  Patchwork Plastic Pouf- Gold Medal. All advance to State Leadership Conference on April 9th.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Blind Date with a Book Coming Soon!

Exeter Public Library will be holding a contest during the month of February.  Starting February 1, you can have a “Blind Date with a Book.”  Check out one of the mystery books that have their outside covers covered and for each book returned on time and by the end of February receive an entry to win a prize at the end of the month.  You can’t always judge a book by its cover!  The contest runs through Wednesday, February 28 and is open to adults only.

Exeter-Milligan Update: 100 days

100th Day Fun
by Sara Lincoln, E-M First grade teacher

The Exeter-Milligan Kindergarten and First graders were able to celebrate the 100th day of school.  The First graders entered the classroom through a zero in the number 100 to start off the day.  They then went into the Kindergarten room and helped them with different 100-day activities.  They helped glue 100 gumballs on the gumball machine, wrote sentences about 100 things they would like to do.  My favorite sentences to see them write were, if you could only eat 100 of something what would that item be? They then were able to roll the dice and color in a picture that showed the number 100.  The First graders are excited to continue their number line in class with numbers greater than 100. 

Pictured are:

Front – Ms. Sara Lincoln, Joel Vossler, Hannah Petersen, Gavin Mueller, Avery Nichols, Kate Pribyl, Micah Korf, Boden Graham, Abigale Burke

Back Row: Beau Becker, Brynnlye Johnson, Maddux Milton, Chezney Kanode, and Mackenzie Jaeger

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Exeter-Milligan Update: Second Graders

Second Grade News at Exeter-Milligan

Marla Weber’s second graders at Exeter-Milligan took a break from their typical regiment of paragraph writing. Instead, these students were challenged to write a 6-word memoir. According to legend, Ernest Hemingway was challenged to write a story in just six words. He accepted the challenge and wrote, “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” Taking a cue from Hemingway, second grade students at EM accepted the quest. To accomplish this goal, students began by writing nonstop for five minutes; listing anything that described themselves or items in which they showed interest. From this list, students selected just two or three words they liked best. From these words, their topic was selected. Next, students wrote for three minutes about this topic; anything that came to mind. Each of these steps brought students closer to their goal. At the conclusion of this timed writing, these young writers were prepared to compose their 6 word memoir. Students learned the power of words. This challenge was more difficult than students first realized. Second grader, Titus Petersen, said, “At first I thought it would be easy to think of just six words. Then I realized I have to choose the right ones.” A story in just six words. Care to take the challenge?

Pictured are the 2nd graders with their 6-word memoirs:
Front L-R: Braxton Saatmann, Clayton Pribyl, and Levi Jurgensen
Middle: Deacon Erdkamp, Richard Hickman, Titus Petersen, Will Kallhoff, and Kalvin Lock.
Back: Addison Foutch, Aaliyah Million, Scout Grummons, Ava Million, Natalie Meyer, and Ensley Stahl.