Saturday, October 20, 2012

Exeter-Milligan Update: A Letter

To the kind and generous people in the Exeter and Milligan communities: 

Last summer I heard the words, “may be cancer” and then the word, “cancer” alone; a scary and unpleasant word.

At first I kept it to myself and told very few, until “chemo” was introduced to my vocabulary. If I was going to beat the cancer, chemo would become a realty. At that point, I realized that not just a few would know but everyone would know because I would loose my hair.

The time came when I decided to tell my students. What a tough day that it was! I started by asking if anyone knew what a bad hair day was or if they ever had one. Then I asked what the worst hair day would be? During third period, one student said, “having no hair”; so I shared, “that is what is going to happen to me”!

Last Tuesday night I was amazed and honored with the support from the Exeter-Milligan   Public Schools, and the people that “grace” these two towns. Mrs. Darcy White told me that the volleyball girls wanted to do a pink out for me at the last home game. I wasn’t aware of the T-shirts being sold until I was getting groceries at Greg’s, one Sunday morning. To say the least, I was a little embarrassed. Then later I heard about the bake sale. 

The number of T-shirts sold was close to 200, and the bake sale was very successful. I want to thank everyone for their generosity, and the overwhelming support I have been given at this time in my journey in life. I especially want to thank Mrs. Darcy White, the volleyball team, Mrs. Mary Lou Vossler, Mr. Paul Sheffield, and Mr. Lin Schlueter.

Thanks for your prayers and acts of kindness,
Mrs. Judy K. Votipka

Friday, October 19, 2012

Exeter Fire Department Gives Fire Truck Rides

Exeter-Milligan Preschool got to ride on the fire trucks on Thursday afternoon.  They are pictured from the left with their teacher Jodi Pribyl, Taylin Schluter, Jonah Geiger, Brett Kallhoff, Avery Nichols, Trevin Ronne, Kiley Oldehoeft and Kate Hale.

The Exeter-Milligan First and Second grade classes rode together on the Exeter Fire Truck.  They are pictured front row from the left Devin Harrison, Trenton Vossler, Savana Krupicka, Savannah Horne,  Troy Kallhoff, Andrew Vavra, Gabe Jindra, CC Murphy, Morgan White, Cade Kresak,  Marcus Krupicka and Chase Vnoucek.  Back row from the left are First Grade teacher Sharon Lott, Tyler Due Taylor Pribyl, Dravin Birkes, Josh Meyer,  Amarah Carr, and Olivea Swanson.

Exeter-Milligan Kindergarteners enjoyed the ride on the Exeter fire truck.  They are pictured from the left Jolene Vossler, Mikey Bartu, Kierra Papik, Aiden Vavra, Emma Meyer, Madison Rankin, Ayla Kahler, Emma Rose, Liberty Johnson, Jayden Capek, and Carter Milton.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Exeter-Milligan Update: 6th grade news

Kate Jansky, Trever Zelenka, and Josie Kresak show off their sarcophagi (burial boxes) for three different pharaohs

6th graders Joel Klemm and James Becker with their model of Hatchepsut's temple and tomb.
6th Grade News by Julie Polak

     The Exeter-Milligan sixth grade class is very busy with a new Math curriculum and trading off between science and social studies.  Saxon Math (Course One) is a bit different than the other elementary grades.  We still do our daily "Power-Up" sheets that include reviewing math facts, mental math, and problem solving.  The instruction focuses on one or two bits of information with some guided practice.  Then Mrs. Polak does some of the homework problems for us, and then we usually have time to work on the rest of the problems.  Whatever we don't get done in class, we take home to finish.
     We began social studies with how we know what we think we know about ancient civilizations with a brief study of Archaeology.  Mrs. Polak even went to the Nebraska Archaeological Society's Annual Artifact Show in Seward and shared some of what we did in class.  She even came home with a ribbon!  Our study of Ancient Egypt included projects;  some of us made a sarcophagus for a pharaoh, some made Egyptian temples, and some made tools the Egyptians might have used.  Others did a drawing of a royal barge that would have gone up and down the Nile River, or a picture of a carving that appears on a wall.
     We are studying physical science this year, and are having fun with Newton's Laws of Motion and demonstrating some of the vocabulary terms.  We just finished trying different lubricants to reduce the friction between our little pipe-cleaner-and-craft-stick skiers and a plexiglass slope.  Some worked and some didn't, but we learned to use the right terms to describe what exactly happened.
     The E-M sixth grade is also learning to diagram sentences, write critiques, and make nouns plural, and possessive.  We will begin a financial education program in the computer lab after the first of November, courtesy of the Farmer's and Merchant's Bank of Milligan and the First National Bank in Exeter.
     Mrs. Polak's reading class began the year with an environmental novel, The Talking Earth, and we liked it so much we are now reading another survival tale, Touching Spirit Bear. 
     It's going to be a challenge getting everything done that we want to do this year in Mrs. Polak's room, but it will be fun learning!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Volkmers Host Annual Pumpkin Painting

Hundreds flocked to the edge of Exeter for Bill and Terri Volkmer’s annual pumpkin painting this last weekend making it a challenge to find an empty spot at a table.

The Volkmer’s have hosted the annual event for ten years starting out small with just five painters. Each year has grown exponentially with this year being the biggest.

Preparation for the event starts at least three weeks before the event. Pumpkins, paints, and brushes  are just a small part of the set up.

“Halloween has always been my favorite holiday,” said Terri “Every year Bill says this is the last year but I always overhear him tell a little painter ‘we’ll see you next year.’”

The week of the big event the Volkmer’s transform their shed with low tables just right for kids to sit and paint for an hour or two.  The shed is all decked out in a Halloween theme with witches, ghosts and spiders to help inspire the painters to create all kinds of creatures on their pumpkins.
The Volkmers supply the paints, lots of decorations and a clear coat for the pumpkins for a minimal price.  Over 170 guests registered to paint this year, with many bringing their parents and other family members who didn't paint. The Saturday event had families coming and going all morning long.

Along with the Volkmers, there were lots of volunteers to help the painters.  Volunteers refilled the water bowls on the tables, helped dry the pumpkins and manned the hot glue decoration station.  They also served up bags of popcorn to the kids and parents while they waited for their pumpkins to dry after a clear coat.

Not only do the kids have fun painting they love the time while their pumpkins dry.  Even though the wind was a little brisk Saturday morning the kids enjoy playing outside and exploring all of the Volkmer’s decorations.

“We had lots of awesome surprises this year – NTV  was there doing a special episode of “One Tank Trips” and we had five special photographers here as well.  It was such a great day,” explained Terri, “Next year I want to have more activities for the kids to do while they wait for their pumpkins to dry.”  Yes, already planning for next year.