Friday, September 22, 2017

Exeter-Milligan shut out at home against Friend.

The first quarter the bulldogs led Trever Zelenka goes low to stop #8 Kolby Houlden.

Friend shut out Exeter-Milligan at home on Friday night in Milligan. Friend got on the board before two minutes had ticked off the first quarter and they didn't stop there racking up 24 points the first quarter.  They doubled that the second quarter marching down the field to put the score at 48-0 at the end of the first half.  The clock ran the second half, and although the Timberwolves gained a number of first downs, they just couldn't get close to the end zone.  Neither team scored the second half of the game with the Timberwolves struggling with just one substitute on the sidelines  The Timberwolves dropped to 0-5 on the season.  They travel to Weeping Water next week.
 Jackson Beethe hangs on to take Houlden down.
 Spencer Pribyl looks for an open receiver.
 Pribyl scrambles to avoid the tackle out of the pocket.
 Max Zeleny scrambles for some yards.
 Ryan Swanson sacks Friend's quarterback Kyle Dickinson.  Dickinson was called for intentional grounding as he tried to toss the ball.
 Beethe tries to get to Dickinson.
 Seth Maxson carries the ball for Exeter-Milligan.
 Spencer Pribyl and Johnny Babula take down Kyle Dickinson.
Seth Maxson takes down #7 Mason Kelley.

Football Game in Milligan Tonight Broadcast

The Exeter-Milligan vs. Friend game tonight will be broadcast live on KTMX 104.9 and 99.5.  There is a Purple Ribbon meat program tailgate in Milligan before the Exeter-Milligan vs. Friend football game tonight! Meal will start serving at 6pm!
Free will donation!!

Tonight get a bag of free popcorn at the concession stand courtesy of Farmers and Merchants Bank.

Get your tickets tonight!
The Purple Ribbon Meat Program is sponsoring
a Pigskin Raffle! Enter for a chance to win a 1/2 of
a hog at the start of each quarter of the Exeter-
Milligan vs Friend football game on Friday,
September 22. Proceeds will be used to help
defray the processing costs of the Meat program
for each school. Tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20.

Exeter-Milligan Kindergarten Starts the Year Off Right

 The Exeter-Milligan kindergarten class front row from the left:  Lillian Koehler, Lynn Jurgensen, Hadley Kahler, and Gracelyn Becker.  Back row from the left are Axel Erdkamp, Liam Capek, Crosby Oldehoeft and Archer Kanode.  Piper Grummons is not pictured.

The Exeter-Milligan kindergarten class is a busy place. They are just starting their educational career and have been learning to blend sounds in reading and along with that they are writing letters in their handwriting lessons.  

Moving on from writing letters, they recently authored a book, “What did the kindergarteners wear?”  They will each take home a copy of their book to share with their families.

Currently, Mrs. Melanie Papik is substituting for their regular teacher Mrs. Judy Kassik, who hopes to return next semester as she regains her strength from an illness.  

In Science, the students are learning about the parts of plants and what makes plants grow.  In Social Studies, the class is learning about social groups like families and homes along with learning how to be helpers and the school rules.

Math is a fun class as the students are just learning to count and write their numbers but are also using manipulatives like pattern blocks and teddy bears to enhance their education.

Each Exeter-Milligan kindergartener has an iPad to use in the classroom to learn about technology and practice other skills as well.


  The Exeter-Milligan kindergarten class made color name signs to decorate their classroom.
  Can’t remember what the weather was in Exeter last week?  Just call the Exeter-Milligan kindergarten class, they keep a record of the weather every day.

 The leader for the day, Axel Erdkamp, points out on the calendar the correct day, month and year for the rest of the class as part of their morning routine.
 Hadley Kahler is focused on her iPad during Core 5 time.
 When it was time for Core 5 everyone was excited.  They quickly got out their headphones and fired up their iPads for learning.
Archer Kanode focuses on his screen pondering his choices during Core 5.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Missing Something?

This garden tool was found at the tree dump near the grass pile.  Contact Ed Mark to claim it!

Softball live on the radio

If you can't make it to Friend to cheer on the Fillmore Centeral/Exeter-Milligan Softball team you can listen live at 6 p.m. on FM 103.5.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Exeter Village Board Passes Budget; Discusses Construction Projects

By Leesa K. Bartu

The Exeter Village board held a special meeting on Wednesday, September 13 with a dual purpose.  They opened with the advertised budget hearing and after waiting fifteen minutes for public comment, they closed the hearing. There were no comments from the audience.  

During the hearing the board reviewed the budget.  Chairman Alan Michl explained that although the budget contains some projects the board does not intend to start, “The reason it’s all in there is because it is budgeted.  We can spend it if we have to but we don’t have to.”

After the Board closed the budget hearing, they opened the special meeting.

To begin with the board passed Resolution 17-03 that adopts the 2017-2018 budget with the additional 1% as allowable by state statute.

Present for the meeting was JEO representative Nathan Boone. Michl noted that he had again visited with Ameritas representative Brad Slaughter about the financing options for the paving and downtown projects but Slaughter wasn’t able to be at the meeting.

The Board discussed taking the downtown project out of the equation which would be under the $2 million bond limit the board has taken into account that would be fiscally responsible.

Michl explained, “If we don’t do the downtown now we would probably have to wait about 10 years before they would loan us more funds to do the downtown.”

He went on to clarify that if they kept the downtown project in the mix and put off some of the street work, in four or five years the financing would be available for a few more streets because the pool bond and some street bonds would be paid down.

Before pitching his proposal for doing both the downtown and the majority of the streets Michl made the point that the village has “spent about $233,000 in engineering and geotech fees already” for the downtown and the street projects.

Michl proposed that the board bond the downtown project along with the streets except for Missouri, one scheduled block of Union and the new paving at Liberty and River.  According to Michl this would bring the total cost down to their goal of $2 million.

The Board discussed this proposal and several options, but the majority felt the downtown was a priority, “That was the first thing that was mentioned to me was how important the downtown project was,” noted board member Mitch Schlegelmilch.

The Board also discussed what this would do to property taxes.  Michl explained, “For every 500,000 bonded, it’s roughly $50 bucks per 100,000 of valuation.  At $2.1 million the new assessment would be 230.61 per 100,000.”

When Michl asked if everyone was in agreement on doing the downtown, Vice Chairman Tim Wilbeck hesitated.  He commented, “I hate to see the new cement (poured last fall) torn up in front of the Legion.”

After a lengthy discussion Wilbeck acquiesced, “I would like to be right at $2.0 million.”

Before the project could come to a vote the board held a lengthy discussion on the wording in the minutes of the August meeting.  Before voting the board needed clarification on how to proceed.  The board discussed having an additional special meeting so they could meet the October 2 deadline for signing the contracts.  

“We need to get some clarity on the contract status and talk to Werner and get a firm cost on what will happen (with removing some blocks),” Boone stated.

Before adjourning, Boone asked if there was any possibility that the street projects would be completely removed.  Schlegelmilch responded, “I hope not.  I hope we go with the plan we have here.”

The rest of the board indicated their agreement with Schlegelmilch about keeping the street projects.
The Board adjourned the meeting without setting an additional special meeting time.