Saturday, January 5, 2019

Exeter-Milligan Update: Science News

Science News at Exeter-Milligan
By Matt Nicholas, E-M Science Instructor

Recently in Physical Science, our student’s engineering skills were put to the test. During our study of projectile motion the students were challenged to create a catapult using plastic spoons, paper plates, tape, and a few other miscellaneous items. Their goal was to make a catapult that could accurately fire a cheese ball projectile to a given distance. The distance was unknown until the time of the challenge, so repeated testing was necessary to calibrate the catapult. All of the catapults functioned, but the design created by Wesley Ronne and Ben Bartu was able to hit its desired target. The students learned the value of testing designs before they are called into use. They also found that the speed and launch angle of the projectile are equally important for an accurate shot. Creativity and teamwork were very much on display with this energetic group, and I know that they will use those qualities well to represent our communities in the coming years!

Pictured are several examples of the catapults.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Exeter-Milligan Update: Industrial Arts

Students in Mr. Dean Filipi’s Industrial Arts classes at Exeter-Milligan have recently completed some of their 1st semester projects.  Blake Steuben “recycled” old diesel engine parts to make a lamp.  He also worked on his wood carving and burning to create some decorative coasters.

Above - Max Zeleny is pictured with his finished project.  

Monday, December 31, 2018

Exeter-Milligan Update: English and Journalism Students

 Journalism students had the opportunity to attend the fall Striv Conference held at Heartland Public Schools in October. Pictured are L-R: Macy Due, Theron Odvody, James Becker, Colton Bossaller, and Johnny Babula

A group of sophomore students read from their Frankenstein novels, while creating a timeline of events on their posterboard. Clockwise: Natalie Staskal, Jaiden Papik, Clint Oldehoeft, and Sean Gibson (back to camera)

English and Journalism Happenings at Exeter-Milligan Public Schools
By Ashley Stutzman, E-M Language Arts Instructor

It has been a busy semester in the English and Journalism classroom at Exeter-Milligan High School. Sophomores are currently reading the novel, Frankenstein. Juniors have been studying pieces of American literature. Most recently, the students participated in a group project, which required them to analyze a historical piece of literature and present it to their classmates. Finally, the seniors have just completed a study of Jack London and his novel, White Fang. Throughout the semester, students have been reading novel of their choice for an independent reading project. At the end of the semester, they will be presenting projects of their choice over the books that they read. I am excited to hear about so many books from the students!

Journalism class has also been busy this semester with a variety of projects. We have continued to publish our weekly newsletter, Howl of the Wolves. The newsletter features different content, including a faculty member of the week, student of the week, and jokes submitted by our elementary students. In addition to the newsletter, journalism students have also been busy designing posts for the school’s social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. A fun project that the students created this semester was a Thanksgiving video featuring many students and staff, and another video will be created for the upcoming holiday season.

Thanks for reading about our classroom, and happy holidays!