Friday, May 8, 2009

Exeter Senior Center hosts Senior to Senior Breakfast Friday morning

The 8th annual Senior to Senior Breakfast hosted by the Exeter Senior Center was held Friday, May 8th at the Exeter Senior Cener.

Most of the 18 seniors attended with many of their grandparents. They were served a nice breakfast with homemade cinnamon rolls, donuts, egg casserole, coffee and juice.

The Senior Class introduced their grandparents and honored guests. Many guests were local but others traveled from as far away as Maryland, Indiana and other states.

A male and female name were drawn for a Casey's gift card and the winners were Amber Filipi and Travis Oliva.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Exeter-Milligan Superintendent Signs Contract /Explains Stimulus Funds Purpose

After serving the Exeter-Milligan school district as interim Superintendent, Paul Sheffield has been offered a full two year contract by the school board and has accepted.
The new contract will go into effect on July 1, 2009 for the next two years. According to Sheffield, the interim contract "had no guarantee. It was a trial period for each of us."
The school district under Sheffield's guidance is currently projecting itself into the future. Two new programs the district will be implementing are designed to assist students with skills and technology.
The new federally mandated reading requirements require a RT1 model. The reading mastery program will be implemented this fall for K- 6. "It has interventions built in. It will have everybody on the same page," according to Sheffield.
The second up and coming new thing will be the one to one laptop initiative. The school will be leasing Apple laptops for seventh through 12th graders starting in the 2010-2011 school year. This fall the teachers will all get an Apple laptop and spend a year training and adapting their curriculum to the laptop.
"There is a cost but I've found some funding to cover them. Our costs will go up but the receipts will go up as well. The laptops will go a long way in preparing kids for skills for the 21st century and college or the workforce. We want to prepare them and get our kids ahead," explained Sheffield.
As far as stimulus funding, Sheffield announced that the school will get part of two different packages. One is funds marked for the Title I program and will be $20,000 over the next few years. Unfortunately that amount cannot be used to helped the current budget but must be spent above what is currently budgeted.
The second part of the package will be for IDEA. "This $62,000 will help pay for the laptop initiative and a reading coach to help with the transition into the reading mastery program," explained Sheffield.
Sheffield reflected on the past year, "This year went amazingly fast. I enjoyed it very much. It is still different for me with no principal duties."
The Sheffield family will be moving to Exeter this summer with daughter Haylee entering the fifth grade at Exeter-Milligan this fall and son Devin in eighth grade.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Exeter Village Marshal Requests Compliance on Parked Vehicles

Exeter Village Marshal

202 S. Exeter Ave.

Exeter, NE 68351

In light of some recent complaints, the Village of Exeter and the Exeter Village Marshal’s Office would like to remind the residents of Exeter of the laws involving parked vehicles. Here are a few:

  • Unregistered vehicles or vehicles with plates more than thirty days past expiration may not be parked on public streets. (State Statue 60-3,164)
  • Vehicles may be considered abandoned after 96 hours or less on public streets and 7 days on private property. (State Statute 60-1901)
  • No vehicle may be parked in one place for more than 48 hours on any public street within the Village of Exeter. (Village Ord. 5-509)
  • Non-Operating or wrecked vehicles may not be left sitting in the open for more than 30 days on any property within the Village of Exeter unless a hobbyist permit has been issued by the village. (Village Ord. 6-323)

The Exeter Village Marshal’s office would like to encourage the residents of Exeter to begin moving any vehicles that are inoperable into a garage, behind privacy fencing, or removing them altogether. The marshal’s office will be giving residents a reasonable amount of time for voluntary compliance before taking further enforcement actions. If such vehicles are not removed, violators will be notified and additional actions will be taken.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

H1 N1 What is it all about? Exeter Care Center DON Shares at Exeter Senior Center

The Exeter Care Center Director of Nursing, Laura Lea and Social Services Director Margaret Petro shared lots of information with the lunchgoers at the Exeter Senior Center on Tuesday.

The two passed out several informational packets on the H1N1, Swine Flu, that has spread throughout the United States.

Currently the World Health Organization has set the pandemic level at orange, level 5 which is one level just below massive pandemic.

Lea spoke to the group bout how this flu is "different from the seasonal flu. . .it has a different genetic make-up than the swine flu of many years ago."

She emphasized that it has really nothing to do with pigs or pork and they have found that it spreads rapidly from human to human.

Right now it seems that the cases are taking a turn toward slowing down but Lea warned that "this type will slow down and then turn up again. I encourage you if you are feeling achy, tired and have respiratory chest symptoms and a fever to call your doctor first before showing up at the office or emergency room to be tested."

There are two medications on the market right now that can help if you can take with in 2 - 3 days of feeling the symptoms. A warning to all that there are several reported scams online offering this medication.

Several cases have been confirmed in Nebraska but right now only one case actually originated in Nebraska. The Sarpy county female is not currently hospitalized.

Lea reported that the average age of those becoming sick is 17 with the majority 20 or younger.

As with all viruses Lea urged people to wash hands often as "flu viruses and other germs can live two hours or longer on hard environmental surfaces like tables, doorknobs, and desks."

The Care Center also provided bottles of hand sanitizer for those in attendance, encouraging them to wash and sanitize often. Lea encouraged those who felt sick to stay at home to avoid spreading the flu. If disinfectants are not available a solution of 1 tablespoon chlorine bleach to 1 quart of water to disinfect surfaces. Remember to wear gloves to protect your hands.

Currently no vaccine is ready for the H1N1 virus - it will likely take 4 - 6 months to develop, test and begin production.

Deck pouring continues around pool

Most of the area around the bathhouse is poured
Making sure the deck is smooth and level!!! What a difference that will be from the old pool.

Monday morning found another session of concrete pours as crews began to work their way around the pool, pouring the decking. The cement in the pool will have to cure for 30 days before it can be painted and used this year.

Co Op begins Grain Bin Construction

Equipment arrived this week as construction began on the new grain bin at the Farmer's Cooperative in Exeter. Last week electrical crews worked to move power poles and light poles to make access to the new scale easier.

The pilings are being drilled for the new storage bin.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Exeter-Milligan Students Honored in Academic All State List

The Lincoln Journal Star released it's Academic All-State students and the following Exeter-Milligan students were honored:

Ana Androyna, Junior - Girls Golf

Zane Ehnes, Senior - Track and Field

Madelyn Emshoff, Senior - Softball, Girls Basketball

Amber Filipi, Senior - Track and Field, Girls Basketball

Justina Kassik, Senior - Volleyball, Girls Basketball

Shane Manning, Junior - Football, Boys Basketball, Track and Field

Mackenzie Thomsen, Senior - Softball, Track and Field

Travis Yound, Junior - Football, Boys Basketball

Exeter Care Center Hosts Volunteer Tea

Exeter Care Center volunteers were treated to a musical performance by the contemporary gospel group the McClellan Sisters of Adams, Neb. The 45 minute show included numerous gospel and modern Christian numbers performed by the sisters who are between the ages of seven and 17.

More than thirty volunteers attended and their names were entered in a drawing for a cookbook. They were also honored with a beautiful tea of cheesecake and a variety of fresh fruit and cake.

The volunteers assist with church services, play cards and host bingo every week.

More pictures are available to view in the slideshow on the left sidebar.