Saturday, April 11, 2015

Exeter-Milligan Fifth Grade Classroom

The Exeter-Milligan Fifth Grade class performed a play about the Revolutionary War for their parents on Thursday, March 19th.  They are pictured with some of the props they made for the play.  At the boat Katelyn Babula and Madison Luzum, and middle row from the left are Christopher Kelch, Kole Svec, Wesley Ronne, Peyton Pribyl, Ben Bartu, Braden Capek, Alec Schlueter, Becca Krupicka, Cameran Jansky.  Back row from the left are Kiah Songster, Emma Olsen, Briana Capek and Casey Underwood.

Above– Katelyn Babula (far left) and Briana Capek (middle) talk about the boards they made about Mayan Indians with classmate Becca Krupicka.
Below– Katelyn Babula (top), Briana Capek (left) and Cameran Jansky (right) perform Yankee Doodle Dandy during their play on the American Revolution.

Above- Briana Capek holds the stars and stripes as she narrates their play as Betsy Ross.
Below – Peyton Pribyl (far left), Casey Underwood (middle) and Wesley Ronne (right) were General Washington’s men warming themselves in front of the fire.

Exeter-Milligan’s fifth grade class has been learning through action this year.  They recently finished one of their larger projects, a Revolutionary War play. 

The students did an excellent job on the project and first year teacher Miss Sara Lincoln was very pleased with the results, “I enjoy how hard this group works.  Anytime I ask for their best they go above and beyond.  I have come to know that when I ask them to do something, such as a project, they will exceed my expectations.  I also enjoy how happy each student is and how much they seem to enjoy school.  They are truly a great class!"
Each day Lincoln’s class starts about the same as the students add their points to an app called Class Dojo, call local senior citizens for the Tele-Care program and say the Pledge of Allegiance.

Their mornings are spent in read, spelling and math before they have a recess and then eat lunch.  In the afternoon the students have social studies, writing or science and their “specials” which include music, keyboarding, library and p.e.  They always end they day by talking about the things they need to remember for the next day at school.

Soon the class will be starting their science projects relating to energy.  Lincoln plans to guide the students in performing several simple experiments in their chapter on energy.

Lincoln has found this first year of teaching very rewarding, “ This group of students is unique because they find a friend in each person in their class. Each group project we have done, they act as if their group is their best friend.  Which for many of them is probably true.  They are such a likeable group of kids and always happy and ready to help.  This group is always ready to achieve their best and eager to do better the next time.  They have been an absolute joy to teach my first year.”

The fifth grade has more fun events to look forward to in the rest of the year including a field trip, some science projects and field day.

Friday, April 10, 2015

FCDC Director Attends SERN Meeting

Lentfer Attends SERN Meeting at SECC-Milford
Patt Lentfer, FCDC Director, attended the Southeast Resource Network (SERN) at the Milford campus of SE Community College on March 13th.  Over 50 service providers from the southeast region of Nebraska attended.  
Dr. Paul Illich talked about the strategic planning the college is doing and what is the best way to meet the needs of the business community and the students. Community spotlights included Jeff Baker who gave a Milford Community update, Stacie Turnbull explained the Ag Career Academy that has 20 students from several area high schools, and Advanced Association Management, a business owned and managed by Kathi Schildt.
After round-table discussions the group took a tour of the Electrical & Electromechanical Technology and Precision Machining & Automation Technology areas of the college.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Tri-County Job Fair


Steve Joel. Superintendent of Lincoln Public Schools, got the attention of 150 students from Fillmore, Seward, and York counties as he talked about his journey from New York City to Crete, NE and his change from "getting by" to "working hard" and reaching his goals." Joel was the keynote speaker for the 2nd annual Tri-County Job Fair & Career Day.
Students who participated in the 2nd annual Tri-County Job Fair/Career Day also had the opportunity to listen to panelists talk about their jobs and the opportunities in the area before they spent an hour at the job fair talking to businesses and for some applying for a summer job.
Over 55 businesses had booths set up at the Job Fair which opened officially at 2:30. There were a variety of jobs that businesses were offering.  Businesses participating from Fillmore County were Flint Hills Resources, Heritage Crossings, Horizontal Boring & Tunneling, Metal Tech Partners, YRTC, Plains Equipment, and Farmers Cooperative.
The Tri-County Job Fair/Career Day came about because as economic developers did business retention and expansion visits businesses were saying it was a challenge finding skilled workers.
Although traffic could have been more brisk there were some good contacts made between job seekers and businesses.