Saturday, July 15, 2023

Exeter Days Friday Activity Information


Other events:

Art Activity -7:30-8:30 at the Legion - come and go

Beer Mile 4 x 4 - 7 pm prizes for top 2 teams and best dressed/theme.  Start location: water tower, Contact Jalen Maxson (402)266-1494

Friday, July 14, 2023

Exeter Village Board Discusses Projects


The Exeter Village Board met on Thursday July 6 at 7 pm in the village office. After approving the minutes and invoices they invited Michael Schultes from JEO to discuss the wastewater reports and the water main repair project across Highway 6.

The board revisited the three options they have looked at it to treat the levels of ammonia in the wastewater.  They include building a wastewater treatment plant, building an additional larger lagoon or running the wastewater through a pivot over adjacent farm ground. 

The board asked several questions about the option to run a pivot on land adjacent to the current wastewater treatment plant.  The pivot would distribute the run off on the field. 

One concern was keeping the agreement with the landowner over a number of years especially if the landowner eventually dies and the land passes to their descendants.  “I’ve worked with some communities that eventually purchase the land so they have control of it. . . I definitely see that” explained Schultes.

Michl noted, “When the original lagoon was built we had 800 people and they were plenty big.  Now we have 500 people and they aren’t big enough.  How much lower is the government going to lower the limits (of ammonia)?”

The board held a discussion on talking to the landowners and how they would secure the land if the owners were willing to sell.

Schultes presented three funding options including private bond funding, state revolving funds and USDA funding.  The board didn’t express any preference instead noting that “until we get something locked down with landowners it’s a moot point,” said Michl.

The board moved to discuss the Highway 6 project water main.  The project includes a new six inch water main, new fire hydrant, and new service to Casey’s and two residences. The estimated cost is $125,000. Clerk Becky Erdkamp reminded the board that they have ARPA funding to use.  “If we use that funding we wouldn’t have to get a loan,” Michl confirmed.

The board approved a motion to get the permits and put out for bids on the water main project.

The board approved a land split that was approved by the zoning administration.

The board approved the engagement letter with the accountant firm for budget preparation. 

Marshal Tyler Salmon visited with the board about the upcoming Exeter Days.

Maintenance Supervisor John Mueller reported he is working on batting cages at the ball field and hopes to get the mulch down in August.  Clerk Erdkamp noted that the village received $8000 from the Exeter Area Community Foundation for the batting cages.

It was noted that the Village has invested around $23,000 in the ball field in the last year including upgrades to the batting cages, shed and concession area.

Mueller also reported that the well levels were getting low but the recent rain has brought the level back up.  He noted, “If it stays dry we might have to think of doing something.”

The Board discussed the possibility of restricting water use and Mueller noted that the board has never had to restrict water since the water meters were installed.

Clerk Erdkamp gave her report opening with two requests for repeat sponsorship. The board approved sponsoring the EMF Bobcat cross country color run and pool prizes for Exeter Days out of the Keno Betterment Funds. 

Erdkamp also reported that sales tax for April was $13,389.53 and keno for May was $111.36.  The board set the next meeting for August 8.

Thursday, July 13, 2023

Throwback Thursday 07/07/2013




Exeter’s John E’s Bar was reviewed in the Lincoln Ground Zero Magazine.


There was a preview of Exeter Fun Days which included karaoke, Junk in Your Trunk sale and softball tournament.


Monday, July 10, 2023

Exeter-Milligan National League Baseball Team


The Exeter-Milligan National Baseball team are, from left: (front row)Jonah Geiger, Carter Bourquin, Avery Nichols and Adrien Mueller; and (back row) Coach Allen Vavra, Truman Milton, Brett Kallhoff, Aidan Vavra, Cohen Harre and Coach T. J. Mueller.