Saturday, March 16, 2024

Exeter-Milligan Update: Kings and Queens


Amanda Pettygrove's kindergarten class at Exeter-Milligan has been learning about Kings and Queens. Students learn about the royal family and their duties. Along with facts about kings and queens, students enjoy listening to stories that include royalty. Pictured are Bentley Ring and Addyson Zoubek with their crowns. 

Thursday, March 14, 2024

Throwback Thursday 3/9/2014




It was an intense competition at the Cornhusker Council Prairie Winds District Pinewood Derby on Saturday, March 9th at the Seward High School Gym as just .40 of a second separated the car speeds from first place to sixteenth place.


Cub Scouts from the nine counties that make up the district gathered to see who took top honors in both speed and show.  In order to be eligible to attend the district event, scouts had to place in the top three in their pack pinewood derby for race or show.


For the show portion of the events scouts were interviewed individually on the techniques and tools they used to make their cars. 

Tyler Due, Pack 218 in Exeter, took the top honors in the wolf competition. For show Ben Bartu out of Pack 218 in Exeter was at the top of the Webelo category and Mikey Bartu was at the top of the Wolf category.


Exeter-Milligan Boys Basketball team head to the state Tournament.  The Timberwolves, ranked #5 (22-3) will face High Plains #4 (25-1) tonight at Lincoln East High School at 7 p.m.  The one loss of the High Plains came from Exeter-Milligan during CRC tournament.

Science Stuff by Matt Nicholas, E-M Science Instructor


This week in 8th grade Earth Science, we are studying the theory of plate tectonics. Plate Tectonics is a combination of the ideas of continental drift and seafloor spreading. Together these ideas help us understand the processes inside the earth that shape what we see on the map. We will be demonstrating how tectonic plates interact with each other by using graham crackers as crustal plates and frosting as magma. We will be investigating how mountains and volcanoes are formed as well as other geologic features.


Each of Mr. Brian Murphy's classes at Exeter-Milligan watches and discusses the news daily.  The eight grade American History class is learning about events leading up to the Civil War.  In high school American History class, we are finishing the unit covering World War II.  Currently, students in World Geography are learning about Central America.  In Post World War II History, students are learning about the 1980s and the fall of the Soviet Union.

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Exeter-Milligan and Friend School Boards hold joint meeting


Exeter-Milligan and Friend school board members joined together in the Exeter gym for the fourth in a series of joint public meetings presenting information on a possible consolidation of the two districts.

All the information presented during the meeting is available for public viewing on the websites for both districts.

After the meetings were officially opened by respective board presidents, EM Superintendent Paul Sheffield and FPS Superintendent Derek Anderson shared a power point presentation starting with the history of consolidation discussion and co-oping between the two districts.

They also presented the fact that both districts have seen a drastic decline in enrollment.  It was noted that in 2002-2003 EM had an enrollment of 321 and FPS was at 354.  Right now, the two districts together would be at 354.  “We have seen a steady decline; 58% for EM and 40% for Friend,” explained Sheffield.

Currently the proposal plans for the Kindergarten to fifth grade to be educated in the Exeter building and sixth through twelfth grades will be in Friend with the sixth through eighth grade using the Friend elementary area. There would be preschool in both locations.

There was no discussion of any additional construction to either site but Sheffield noted that it was his recommendation to the board that the Exeter high school building be torn down. “If we aren’t going to use the high school let’s tear it down.  Let’s don’t let it become a tag factory or nursing home.”

The EM district is also in the process of transferring ownership of the Milligan school to the village of Milligan.  Along with the building the district would transfer a finite amount of funds from the EM building fund to be used to maintain the building.

On the Friend side of things, Anderson talked about their indebtedness, “The constituents of Friend would continue to pay for that.  EM would not pay for that.  A new building fund will be created for the consolidated district.”

The property valuation for the new district would be at $1.2 billion dollars.

The proposal provides that the first school board in the new district would be made up of six members, three from the EM district and three from the Friend district. EM would have two elected with four year terms and one with a two year term while Friend would have two with two year terms and one with a four year term.

After that, there would be no requirement that board members are from a certain district.

As they presented the advantages for combining, Anderson talked of the collaboration of the teachers and the additional academic offers.

There are no plans to remove any teacher positions, only an administrative position, a superintendent would be cut. EM’s Sheffield has made it clear he plans to retire.

The only questions that were answered were those that had been submitted in advance. Notecards were provided to the public if patrons had additional questions to submit.

The meeting was opened for public comment and just three stepped up to the microphone. 

Allison Petersen who along with husband, Robbie, opted their kids into the district from Fillmore Central, expressed their support, “ (we) see a significant benefit for our students if we consolidate. I believe there will be a huge benefit and boost to the arts in our schools. I am also excited to see more classroom and teacher collaboration. Our own children are looking forward to joining with the Friend students in the classroom as they have enjoyed being teammates with them in the sports coop. To be perfectly honest, their biggest concern is school lunch.”

Taylor Kahlandt emphasized the advantages to having a separate middle school and seeing a boost for both academic and arts in the consolidation.  She thanked the board for being pro-active.

Kelly Rischling also thanked the board and addressed the concern of a parent about busing, as she has three children who often choose to ride the bus over riding with mom to Exeter from Milligan.
Both boards will meet for their regular monthly meeting on March 18 and then both will vote on consolidation in their April meeting.  They noted that public comment will be allowed at both meetings.

Sunday, March 10, 2024

Surprise Snowfall

A trace to less than one of snow was predicted for Friday morning (3/8/24) but Exeter residents were surprised to find close to six inches of snow had fallen when all was said and done.  The snow started overnight with freezing rain and then a heavy wet snow continued to fall until mid day.  Six to seven miles south of Exeter only saw a dusting, Fairmont reported four inches and there were other pockets of large snowfall.  Plymouth recorded 10" while Fairbury only received a dusting.  Out west there were reports of up to 19" of snow in places near North Platte.  While the streets had to be plowed and downtown sidewalks scooped, many residents had no need of shoveling as temperatures were predicted to be 70 degrees by Sunday.