Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pool Update June 11 2009

Yuck! But don't worry, according to Kevin Christiansen, the yucky looking water is just a result of adding chemicals to the water. The water in Exeter really isn't THIS bad. This picture was taken Tuesday afternoon and it is projected to be cleared up by Thursday.

Still doing a little dirt work on the outside of the pool area.

Freshly planted grass showing its stuff outside the pool area.

New Features Coming to the Village of Exeter Website

We are excited to announce some new features coming to the Exeter Website. Soon to appear in the sidebar to the left are the Pool Information box as well as a history section. We have received permission from the history committee to reprint some of the historical items from the Exeter history book on the website.

Finally, those of you who are subscribers to "The Friend Sentinel" may have been a fan of Leesa Bartu's column, "Notes from Exeter." The column will soon be appearing weekly as the "Life in Exeter" column also on the left side of the website.

If you have ideas for the website or pictures to be posted please feel free to email them to

Monday, June 8, 2009


Monday morning the pool began to fill with water. By afternoon it was still filling. According to Christiansen Construction the pump contractor will be in tomorrow to start the pump and start filtering the water. Plumbing and heating contractors, Kelch Plumbing and heating were on hand to check the systems. Opening date for the pool has tentatively been set for June 28th pending systems checks and inspections. See the New from the Village section for all of the opening details.

Have you found a dead bird in your yard?

This is the season when young birds leave the nest and without all the necessary skills to survive they often succumb to the wilds of nature. SO, what do you do when you find a dead bird in your yard?

Well, you can call 888-310-0565 to report a dead bird and see if it is suitable for testing.

Most of all we need to remember to avoid breeding mosquitoes on our property via standing water (toys, gutters, bird baths, stagnant ponds, weeds, tires), avoid lingering in buggy areas, cover up bare skin, use mosquito repellent responsibly.
For more information on west nile virus visit the public health solutions website by clicking on these underlined words

Exeter Cub Scouts Tour the Exeter Pool

Kevin Christiansen of Christiansen Construction shows the Exeter Pack 218 Cub Scouts blueprints for the new pool. Scouts from the left are Joey Bartu, Trystan Brandt, Eric Olsen and Peytan Brandt (Roger Brandt is behind).

The Exeter Cub Scout Pack 218 took a trip to look at the new Exeter pool. While they were there they looked at the blueprints of the pool with Kevin Christiansen of Christiansen Construction. The scouts looked at the completed bathrooms in the bathhouse and walked around the new pool.

After the tour of the pool, the scouts went and made Father's Day gifts, made catapults, learned about the metric system and measuring and played chess. During the afternoon the boys also had a snack.