Saturday, February 24, 2018

Exeter Village Board Hires Summer Help

by Leesa K. Bartu

Vice Chairman Tim Wilbeck led the Exeter Village board meeting Monday, February 5  in the absence of Chairman Alan Michl.  After approving minutes and bills, the board reviewed the one and six year road plan for the second reading.

Wilbeck quipped, “As Alan (Michl) would say, the six year plan is the wish list . . . and the one year is sometimes a wish list, too.”

Wilbeck asked Maintenance Supervisor John Mueller when he expected the construction projects to start in Exeter.  Mueller hoped they would start by the end of March.

The Board adopted resolution 18-01, the one and six year road plan.

Discussion on building height requirements in a residential area was the next agenda topic.  Before the board adopted the most recent set of zoning regulations (in 2013) the village allowed buildings as high as 35 feet tall.

The current regulation allows for accessory buildings of 12’ at half peak.  Clerk Becky Erdkamp explained that the zoning board had a lot of issues with villages not wanting steel buildings in residential areas.

The board reviewed the changes that Fairmont has made to their village zoning and tabled the discussion for the next meeting.

Next on the agenda was a discussion on the mini excavator the village has leased with Fairmont.  Village Maintenance supervisor John Mueller explained that Fairmont does not want to share the lease anymore and presented options for lease or purchase.

Mueller noted, “This year we didn’t put hardly any hours on it.”

Board member Kathy Erdkamp expressed her thoughts, “I think we are stretched to the max can we wait and lease it another year.”

“I agree with Kathy,” added board member Justin Harre, “I say we put it off for a year.” 

After the board had a brief discussion on the possibility of not leasing the mini excavator, Mueller defended the lack of use, “When you don’t have anything to work on a water line you can justify it pretty easy. “

Board member Mitch Schlegelmilch added, “I don’t want to be without it.”

The Board voted to lease the mini excavator for another year and review the options then.

The board approved the recent fire department appointments of Kenny Strate as fire chief, Hope Strate as rescue captain along assistant fire chiefs Alan Michl, Nate Kahler and Dylan Axline.

The board moved on to discuss the summer help applicants.  They recognized that Sara Lincoln will do the swimming lessons again with Bailey Steuben helping as needed.  The board voted to hire Ashley Benorden as pool manager, and ask lifeguards Tara Mueller and Katie Mounce to also get operator certificates so they can substitute as pool manager.

The board also hired lifeguards Hannah Beethe, Josie Kresak, Anna Sluka, Kayla Geiger, Ryan Sharp and Jaiden Papik.  Summer maintenance applicants Seth Maxson and Tara Mueller were also hired.

Clerk Erdkamp reported that sales tax for the month of November was $8608.17 and keno was $1129.25.  Erdkamp noted that the community betterment fund has reached over $60000.00 from keno receipts.  The board discussed several options for using those funds before holding a discussion on chronically delinquent water bills.

The next board meeting was set for Tuesday, March 6

E-M Girls Fall in District Final Still Earn Berth to State

 The Timberwolves played in the District D-2 Final on Friday night in Beatrice.  While they fought back hard in the fourth quarter they just fell a little bit short against Falls City Sacred Heart (39-45) .  However, the Timberwolves still earned a berth to State and will start their quest for a championship on Thursday, March 1 at 7 p.m. at Lincoln Southwest High School.

Exeter residents recognized as top young leaders in Fillmore County

Each year, Young Leaders of Fillmore County recognizes 4 individuals who live or work in Fillmore County under the age of 40 for their dedication to their community and career, as role models for our youth, and for their support the community and its organizations.  These individuals are involved in activities that promote and strengthen the county and are well rounded, personable individuals that represent Fillmore County well. 
This year we recognize and congratulate Megan Burda, Justin Harre, Kati Jones and Kory Kahlandt for this prestigious award.

Megan Burda
Megan Burda is from Beatrice, Nebraska and graduated in 2002 from Beatrice High School.  Megan attended the University of Nebraska Lincoln and received a BS in Apparel Design in 2006 and a MA in Apparel Design in 2011.  Megan has worked for Nebraska Extension as an Extension Educator - 4-H Youth Development for the past 8 years.

Megan is active in the Geneva United Methodist Church as a High School Youth Group leader and member of the Praise Band, as the co-creator of the Amazing Race - Geneva Edition, as the assistant coach for the Fillmore Central Speech Team, a member of the Young Leaders of Fillmore County executive team,  and past volunteer with the Fillmore Central One Act and Geneva China Luncheon.  Megan choose to make Fillmore County his home because there are wonderful opportunities to raise a family here with a smaller school district and it is easy to make deep connections with others in the community.  Megan and her husband didn’t know a thing about Fillmore County before moving here, yet they look forward to raising their growing family in Geneva and finding more opportunities to give back. 

Megan’s nominator says that “Megan is an outstanding person to have in our community.  She is passionate about serving the youth of our community and is always willing to become involved. She is a reliable person and you can always find her with a smile on her face when she is out in our community.”

Megan is married to Todd and they live in Geneva with their son, Beau (3).  Her hobby is to create - whether that includes sewing, designing, or decorating her house.

Justin Harre
Justin Harre grew up in Exeter,  Nebraska and graduated from Exeter Public School in 2000.  Justin attended Southeast Community College and has worked for Nebraska Public Power District for 10 years, currently serving as a Station Storekeeper. 

Justin is a member of the Exeter Village Board, Adjutant for the Sons of the American Legion Squad 218, and coach for the Exeter-Milligan-Friend Trapshooting Team. Justin enjoys living in a smaller community and thinks it is a great place to raise his family.

Justin’s nominator says that “Justin is an outstanding,  kind, family-oriented leader in the community.  He has served leadership positions with the Sons of the Legion and the Village of Exeter, as well as a long-time leader and volunteer of the Exeter Gun Club.  Justin is also a supporter of the Exeter-Area Community Foundation.  He is an insightful, intelligent and fair individual that has the forward-thinking mentality that will lead the future of Fillmore County.”    

Justin is married to Sharlene and they live in Exeter with their children: Cohen (8) and Braxton (5).  His hobbies include trapshooting and golf.

Kati Jones
Kati Jones grew up in Littleton, CO, and graduated from Dakota Ridge High School in 2003.  Kati attended the University of Northern Colorado and has been employed by Fillmore County Hospital for five years, currently serving as the Behavioral Health Support Team Lead & Compliance Officer.
Kati serves on the board of directors for the Geneva Chamber of Commerce and is the current Chamber president.  She is on the Executive Board for the Fillmore County Relay For Life and is active in Young Leaders of Fillmore County, Hidden Hills Women’s Golf League, currently serving as president, and the Altar Society.  She has been active with highway pick-up, local animal shelters and is a past member of the Geneva Volunteer Rescue Squad.  Kati says that living in a small town was a big change for her.  Because she grew up in a very large area, this was a huge transition, but she loves everything about it.  She loves how genuine the people are, how close they are, and the willingness to help each other out even when it is not asked of them.  She enjoys the community involvement for events and the support that is given.  Even with it being a small town and county, Kati is happy to call Geneva her home and believes Fillmore County has so much to offer both residents and visitors.  
Kati’s nominator says that “While Kati is not originally from Geneva, you would not know it.  Kati is excited about Geneva and all it has to offer.  Her passion for our community is infectious and she is a vibrant ambassador for our town and county.” 
Kati is married to Thomas Jones and they live in Geneva.  Her hobbies include golf, camping, fishing, snowboarding, volleyball, poker, football, and anything that is sports, outdoors and competitive.
Kory Kahlandt
Kory Kahlandt grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska, and graduated from Pius X High School in 2006.  He received he bachelors degree from Nebraska Wesleyan University and his master’s degree from Concordia University.  Kory has worked at Generations Bank in Exeter as a loan specialist and insurance agent for three years.    
Kory serves as the Treasurer of the Sons of the American Legion and as the Exeter-Milligan High School Football Assistant Coach and Strength Coach as well as on the Young Leaders of Fillmore County Executive Committee.  He is a member of the St. Stephens Catholic Church in Exeter.  He chose to make Fillmore County his home as his wife is from Exeter and while they were dating they came back to visit a lot.  He enjoyed all the community events they attended and everyone was so friendly.  He knew someday if the right opportunity arose that he would like to move back here to raise a family .
Kory’s nominator says that “Kory has taken on many roles at Generations Bank and is actively working with First National Insurance Agency in Exeter expand its insurance base.  Kory is a dedicated community leader and a role model for youth in the community.  Although he grew up in Lincoln he has taken a genuine interest in small town living.” 
Kory is married to Taylor and they live in Exeter with their two children: Kolsen (2) and Kolbie (3 months).  His hobbies include fishing, hunting, watching and playing sports as well as chasing his kids around.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Krejci's embrace an alternate method for treating cancer

After being diagnosed with cancer in November, Dixie Krejci and her husband Bill didn’t feel like their world had fallen apart. Yes, it was a shock, but the Krejci’s had done their research and they knew the direction that their treatment plan would follow.

Bill had worked with soil and essential nutrients and had seen the effects of chemicals on the soil and in turn the effect on food and plant fed animals. It’s all a circle and what we eat comes from the ground and keeps your body and immune system healthy.  “We have so much toxins in the world today it’s hard for any of us to stay healthy,” explained Dixie.

They decided to take an alternative approach to finding a cure for Dixie’s challenge.  “There are many other options out there besides chemo and radiation. We made this decision years ago that if either one of us were diagnosed, that those many years of research would help guide us through the choice of alternative treatments.”

From the November diagnosis Dixie began a treatment protocol she and Bill put together through their research and also through visits with many doctors in the Midwest.  To begin with, the choice was made to totally redesign her diet. Dixie also began taking large quantities of turmeric which fights inflammation in the body.  She has also been taking liquid Vitamin C as well as high amounts of a Vitamin D3/K2 product and has eliminated carbohydrates, red meat and sugar in her diet as much as possible.

She has focused on nutrition which helps slow down and stop any spreading of the disease and a detoxifying protocol to flush toxins out.  They have switched their diet to all organic foods. Dixie is also making sure that her bodies PH level is high because their research shows that cancer grows in high acidity and is fueled by sugar (carbohydrates) uptake.

So far, many blood tests (one of which is the Nagalase test that gives certain readings) have revealed that the challenge had decreased it’s activity. Her next blood work is scheduled for the end of this month.  She doesn’t have an estimate on how long this battle will continue with her body.

So far, the side effects haven’t been too difficult.  She has had some nausea from the Vitamin C and weakness from the different diet.  “It’s been hard not having the junk food and being home all of the time away from your normal life.”

There are several natural cancer treatment centers in the US but none are close enough for the Krejci’s to visit easily.  They did find a clinic in Wichita (Riordan Clinic) and have done some Vitamin C treatments there along with a very intense vitamin and mineral testing for the body. Dixie has taken advantage of the infrared sauna treatments available right in Exeter at Live Well Massage Therapy.
Dixie misses the constant interaction with students as she has worked as a para at Exeter-Milligan for the past 25 years and has been home since her diagnosis. She enjoys keeping up with all of the school activities on twitter.

The family really covets the prayers of the community at this time.  She has enjoyed a prayer shawl brought by local church members and uses it often. Faith is important to their family and especially important on this journey.

Through her journey Dixie has found her faith challenged but continually growing, “One of the most important protocols is you have got to be positive with this journey and it is vitally important keeping your mind set that this is the correct choice.  Having a personal relationship with the Lord has made this all possible.”.  

Dixie looks forward to returning to school and back in the classroom and on the playground with the kindergarten, first and second graders at Exeter-Milligan.

She asks for the communities support as she battles, “Prayers and supporting the pathway that we’ve chosen has been the staple that has led us through this journey we’ve been on.”   

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Exeter-Milligan Basketball Team Holds Fundraiser

Seniors on the Exeter-Milligan basketball team, Tara Mueller (l) and Hannah Beethe, guarded the drink table at the fundraiser.

Sometimes being a team is more than just performing on a court or a field, it means that you work to the good of all of your members.  The Exeter-Milligan girls basketball team embodied that idea this year as they initiated a fundraiser on the part of their coach, Jackson Krejci’s, mom, Dixie Krejci who has cervical cancer.

The girls, asked their assistant coach, Sara Lincoln, what they could do to help.  As they brainstormed, they knew they could do a soup supper, what they didn’t know is how big the event would become.

Lincoln explained, “It was the girls’ idea so they were thrilled when I started telling them how big it was getting and how many people donated things. The girls were a huge help and did such a great job. Not only are they a great group of girls to coach but they also show their compassion and thoughtfulness outside of basketball.”

Friday, February 16 only had a boys varsity game scheduled so the event was planned for that night.  A silent auction was added and began to grow beyond Lincoln’s expectations, “I was blown away by how many donations we received not only for the auction and also for the soup supper.”

Exeter alum and former basketball player JJ Becker offered to help with the silent auction which ended up having close to 100 items to auction.  She offered to accept the donations the evening before and help get it set up at the Legion the night before while the girls were winning their sub-district game. 

Even with donations of extra food and homemade desserts, the turnout was so amazing that the group ran out of food.  The silent auction ended at 6:15 and each item brought well over its value.

Bill and Dixie Krejci learned about the soup and sandwich fundraiser the girls’ basketball team planned and they were very touched, “It was very nice of the girls.  I am so very appreciative of it.”

Coach Krecji was very touched at the fundraiser, “I’m overwhelmed by the support from the Exeter and Milligan communities.”

The Krejci’s appreciate the funds and contributions and will use them moving forward as their insurance does not cover any alternative treatments. 

So many helped to make the fundraiser happen along with the girls and their parents.  So many items were donated including drinks, paper goods, auction bidding cards and condiments.  The list of those who donated was lengthy.

This very special group of girls, have had this on their hearts the whole basketball season. They’ve carried it with them the whole season as they each wear a teal ribbon on their court shoes in honor of Dixie’s fight.  

Kayla and Alexis load up the dessert table, again.
Jaiden clears away trash
The Legion was full for the fundraiser.
Along with the soup supper, the team held a silent auction and announced just after 6:30 the winners of the nearly 100 auction items.  Pictured from the left are Kayla Geiger, Tara Mueller, Jaiden Papik, Linda Underwood and Karla Sheffield.