Saturday, February 27, 2010

Exeter-Milligan School Updates

The Exeter-Milligan 5th grade poses above while jamming on
their air guitars. The K-6 classes have had a great time jamming to
the song "From the Inside Out." Pictured above are row 1: Joan
Strate, Haylee Sheffield, Ashley Benorden, Kaityln Clift; Row 2:
Lucy Murphy, Bailey Steuben, Samantha Horne, Hailey Luzum; Row 3: Trevor
Luzum, Trystan Brandt; Row 4: Kyle Jindra, Evan Harre, and Cameron White.

The Exeter-Milligan 3rd grade class is practicing "Whacky
Chopstix" for the upcoming concert on March 9. They will be playing
the song on the boomwhackers. Pictured above are Theron Odvody, Colton
Bossaller, Kate Jansky, Peytan Brandt, and Katherine White.

"From the Inside Out"

The Exeter-Milligan K-6 program will be held at the Milligan
gymnasium at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 9. The students will be
performing a character-based program called "From the Inside Out."
Classes will be singing several up-beat songs based on the six pillars of
Character Counts. These pillars are respect, responsibility, trustworthiness,
caring, fairness, and citizenship.

The concert will also feature the students who participated in Sing
Around Nebraska, the 3rd graders playing boomwhackers, the 4th
graders playing recorders, and the 5-6 grade band. Several piano
solos will be played prior to the concert. The piano solos will begin
at around 6:35 p.m.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Exeter-Milligan School Update

Eight Exeter-Milligan students participated in the Sing
Around Nebraska festival in Beatrice on Saturday, February
20. The students worked hard to learn their music before
attending and then rehearsed with Dr. Therees Hibbard,
from UNL during the festival. They presented a 4:00 p.m.
concert. Those attending were: Row 1 - Lucy Murphy, Joan
Strate, Patrick Murphy; Row 2 - Katie Skinner, Bailey
Steuben, Janey Due; and Row 3 - Kaitlyn Clift and Ashley

G.F.W.C. Woman's Club Art Show at Exeter Public Library

The Exeter G.F.W.C. Women's Club held their Annual Fine Arts show this last week and the ribboned entries are currently on display at the Exeter Public Library. The Exeter G.F.W.C. first place entries will now be taken to the District IV competition in March in Seward.

There were a total 87 art entries from the Exeter-Milligan Public Schools and the Holy Famikly Academy. Willing blue ribbons in grades K-* were 2nd grade Fuastina Ruhl, HFA, 3rd grade Spencer Pribyl, E/M, 4th grade Janey Erdkamp E/M, 5th grade Stephen Ruhl, HFA,6th grade Elliot Erdkamp, 7th grade Jordyn Brandt. Best of Show K-4 Spencer Pribyl, 5-6 Elliot Erdkamp and 7-8 Jordyn Brandt. Red ribbon awards went to 2nd grade Caitlyn Murphy, 3rd grade Johnny Babula, 4th grade Katrina Mounce and Tara Mueller, 5th grade Trystan Brandt, 7th grade Lucy Ruhl, HFA. Receiving white ribbons were 2nd grade Caityln Murphy, 3rd grade Kate Jansky, Katherine White, Johnny Babula and Joel Klemm, 4th grade Hannah Beethe and Alexis Uldrich, and 5th grade Stephen Ruhl HFA.

Receiving blue ribbons from the high school division were Jerry Kelch, mixed media, Cassie Ruhl, HFA, colored pencil, Mariah Ruhl, pencil, Chloe Brietback, print making, and Trevvor Olsen tempra. Trevvor Olson also received the best of show in the high school division. REceiving red ribbons were Spencer Bures, Mariah Ruhl, Jake Wilkins, Cassie Ruhl HFA, John Ruhl HFA, Jake Kroll and Coleen Colson. White ribbons went to Joseph Ruhl, HFA, Colleen Colson, Chloe Brietback,MiKayla Ruhl, Spencer Bures and James Strate.

In the clubWoman photography division there were four entries. Winning blue ribbons were Bonnie Cudaback, and Judy Dinneen. Judy Dinneen also had a red ribbon. Best of show went to Bonnie Cudaback. The three blue ribbons will be judged at District Fine Arts Day. In the crafts division Wilma Murphy had 5 blue ribbons for her afghan, knitted slippers, baby afghan, embroidered tea towel and knit wash cloth. Best of show was the lovely blue afghan. Wilma Cox had a nice display representing the Exeter Care Center.

Exeter-Milligan School Update

Senior High Quiz Bowl: the 2010 CRC Quiz Bowl meet was
February 17, 2010 in Shickley. There were twelve teams in this year's
competition. Exeter-Milligan started in round 2 against Dorchester
with a win (55-30), followed by round 4 against Shickley and
a loss (30-45). This was a double elimination tournament, and in
round 5 E - M had a win against Osceola (35-25), round 6 a
win against Giltner (35-30) and, round 7 a win against Shelby (55-35). We were
finally playing for first or second place. Then in round 8 there was
a rematch against Shickley and a win (65-5). Then with one loss each
there was another rematch, and our second loss to Shickley (30-40).
The day brought some very good competition this year.
Shickley was first, Exeter-Milligan brought home second place honors, and
Shelby was third.

Pictured is the The Exeter-Milligan team: Back row L to R:
Jameson Trauger,Blake Papik, Brady Bristol Quinten Loontjer and Mrs. Votipka
Front row L to R: Mariah Bigelow, Taylor Erdkamp, Kelsey Moore, Becca Vossler, and Amanda Dinneen.

The remaining meets are:
Mudecas Quiz Bowl @ SCC Beatrice on March 25th, ESU 6
Academic Quiz Bowl@ Seward on April 7th (this is the district meet - hopefully qualify for state
again this year)
ESU State Quiz Bowl @ Holdrege on April 28th

Team members are: Taylor Erdkamp, Mariah Bigelow, Amanda Dinneen, Alicia Bigelow, Shauna Meyer, Becca Vossler, Quinten Loontjer, Nate Bigelow, Blake Papik, Brady Bristol, Nolan Beatham, Jameson Trauger, Mrs. J. Votipka, Kelsey Moore, and Ms. D. Fette, (and not
pictured Claire White)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Exeter-Milligan School Update

Mrs. Myers' reading group is proud to announce their
graduation from Signatures 1. They started their journey
long ago in August and worked hard to get this far. They
toiled day after day learning new words and reading 185
words per minute in less than 2 minutes! It has been a long
road, but they have enjoyed every minute of it. They have
now started the next series, Signatures 2. They are very
excited and are becoming more independent. They each have
their own textbooks (complete with questions), workbooks,
and notebooks. Each day they work hard to complete one
lesson in 90 minutes, which is usually pretty easy for this
crew. They have also learned how to be the "teacher"
and check their own papers. Each day is packed full of
learning new words and reading longer stories that are
filled with information including such subjects as Math,
Science, and Social Studies.