Saturday, January 3, 2015

Fillmore County Odego Class Update

2014-2015 Odegeo...Leadership for Fillmore County Class & Leadership committee members, Bryce Kassik and Tiya Johnson.


FILLMORE COUNTY - The Odegeo…Leadership for Fillmore County class attended an “ABC’s of Education” session December 16, 2014.
The day began with the members meeting at the Fillmore Central High School.
Mark Norvell, Superintendent at the Fillmore Central Schools, gave the class on overview of the Fillmore Central School Systems. Jim Rose, Fillmore Central Principal, then took the class on a tour of the High School.
The class enjoyed a morning break compliments of the Fillmore Central Schools.
Next the class traveled to the Fillmore Central Elementary School where Aaron Veleba, Principal of the Elementary School, took the class on a tour of the Elementary School and ESU6 Success rooms. Following the tour and discussions, the class traveled to Fairmont where the class toured and heard about the 5th-8th grade Fillmore Central Middle School from Principal Steve Adkisson.
After traveling to Exeter the class ate lunch compliments of the Exeter-Milligan Public Schools. Paul Sheffield, Superintendent, talked about the TYKE program that is now in the Exeter site and the technology that is available for the students. After a tour and overview of the Exeter-Milligan school, the class traveled to Milligan where Para Beth Vavra gave the class a tour of the school.
The last stop of the day was the Shickley Public School where Superintendent Bryce Jorgenson talked about the curriculum, programs, facility and the class toured their Children’s Learning Center.  The class enjoyed cookies and drinks compliments of the Shickley Public School.
The January session of the Odegeo class will focus on Health and Human Services.
Person interested in learning more about Odegeo…leadership for Fillmore County may contact the Development Corporation at 759-4910,  email or go to

Friday, January 2, 2015

Exeter-Milligan Update: Mrs. Mueller's Reading Group

Mrs. Anita Mueller’s Language group at Exeter-Milligan recently read the story Bragging Rats.  After listening to the story and retelling it orally, we act it out to get it firm in their minds.  Videos were also made and sent to the parents as YouTube videos. 

In the picture above are Tucker Svec (middle) as the Wise Old Rat, Alexis Saatmann (left) and Selah Petersen, (right) as the bragging rats acting out the language story of the Bragging Rats.

In the picture below are Kaydence Haase acting the part of the little black rat, Brett Kallhoff and Selah Petersen (back to picture)acting the parts of the bragging rats and Kiley Oldehoeft (middle facing) acting the part of the wise old rat.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Exeter-Milligan Second Grade Classroom Featured

Exeter-Milligan second graders (L-R) Liberty Johnson, Carter Milton and Jayden Capek fire up their ipads for a quick game of Kahoot.

The Exeter-Milligan second grade class working clockwise from the top left boy: Mikey Bartu, Aidan Vavra, Carter Milton, Jayden Capek, Ayla Kahler, Kierra Papik, Jolene Vossler, Liberty Johnson, Emma Meyer.

– The second graders with some special artwork.  Back row from the left are:  Emma Meyer, Kierra Papik, Jolene Vossler, Liberty Johnson and Ayla Kayler.  Front row from the left are: Jayden Capek, Carter Milton, Aidan Vavra and Mikey Bartu.

The second grade class poses with “Elfie” the mischievous elf who has visited their classroom this month.  Clockwise from the bottom left: Liberty Johnson, Emma Meyer, Carter Milton, Jayden Capek, Mikey Bartu, Ayla Kahler, Aiden Vavra, Jolene Vossler, Kierra Papik.

The Exeter-Milligan second grade class has been very busy learning this year with teacher Mrs. Marla Weber.  One of the exciting new concepts they are trying is called “Genius Hour” based on the book “Drive” by David Pink.  Based on a business model that shows that employees are more effective if they work 80% of the day on their work and 20% of the day on something they are interested in they will be better at working that 80%.  “We are working on this and the first time the students do research it will be guided.  They are researching countries and how they celebrate Christmas.  The next time we do this the students will be given more freedom on what they do with their 20%,” explained Weber.

This year “Elfie” has come to visit the second graders in December.  So far she has put mustaches on Mrs. Weber’s family picture and the students discovered her still holding the marker.  Recently she left her Christmas list which was filled with her requests for candy and syrup.  The students have been learning how to take pictures with their ipads and email the pictures.

Book clubs have been very popular with the second graders.  They meet at least once a month and invite their parents and other adults to come and eat lunch with them in the classroom and discuss the book in smaller groups.  The students have taken turns leading these discussions.

In social studies the class has been learning about different ways to use money.  They have learned about checking accounts, credit cards and how goods are purchased around the world.  They have learned about bartering along with different methods of transportation.

The students have embraced technology and use multiple apps on their ipads – they can take quizzes on their social studies, review spelling and language words and test their math skills.  For some of these apps they can earn fake money to exchange for an ever changing array of prizes including lunch with Mr. Sheffield or Mrs. Kroll in the classroom, snacks, a manicure, seating in the teachers chair, yoga, boot camp, ballet, or kick boxing sessions with Mrs. Weber or Mrs. White.

In science the students are learning about the earth, the core, mantle, land forms and bodies of water and in math they have finished reviewing the addition facts (including adding three or more numbers in a column) and are moving on to subtraction facts.

Weber is enjoying this school year noting,"This group of students loves learning and each new challenge. They support and encourage each other. What a great group!"

Weber is enjoying this school year noting,"This group of students loves learning and each new challenge. They support and encourage each other. What a great group!"