Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Program

The Exeter American Legion Post 218 presented their annual Memorial Day program on Monday at 10:00 a.m.

After the presentation of the flags by the Legion members assisted by Army National Guard Members Jason and Lacey Hood (granddaughter and her husband of Terry and Elaine Salyer of Exeter) Bob Dumpert, master of ceremonies presided.

The Exeter-Milligan Band played the Star Spangled Banner as all stood and then the invocation was given by Rev. Tim Adams. Adams prayed that our leaders would have both "sound judgement and right motives. . .bring peace so that we may no longer add names to this memorial list."

Exeter-Milligan senior class President Charlotte Andreasen read the Gettysburg Address followed by Travis Yound reading In Flanders Field.

The band played the Salute to America's Finest before Tim Wilbeck gave his address. Wilbeck told stories of heroes from several different wars. He spoke of the nearly one million who have died in war since 1775 "they cannot be replaced. When asked how a nation left in their debt should remember them? They would answer, take care of my family."

Wilbeck reminded the crowd of Dr. Martin Luther King's words while imprisoned, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

In closing, Wilbeck encouraged the crowd ,"Let us always remember."

After the salute to the dead, Blake Papik played taps and there was also a taps echo played. Later in the morning the National Guard was scheduled to flyover the cemetary.

The American Legion Auxiliary welcomed the large crowd to the Legion home for rolls and coffee.

Alumni Banquet Well Attended

The Exeter Class of 2000 greets alumni as the come to the banquet.

The Exeter Alumni Banquet hosted by the class of 2000 was well attended Saturday evening. The Class of 2000 President Mitchell Schlegelmilch welcomed the group and then invited classmate Monika Ekeler to give a blessing for the meal. Buffet supper was Roast Beef, Chicken Marsala with baked potato, vegetables, salad and roll.

The class of 2010 was well-represented and introduced by class president Charlotte Andreasen. Each honor class was invited to introduce their classmates present. During the evening, Exeter-Milligan counselor Tim Wilbeck reminisced of times at Exeter High.

Justin Harre gave out the golf tournament awards. This year 25 teams of 2 participated in the Alumni Golf Tournament.

Alan Songster presented some information on the Exeter-Milligan School Foundation and Jen Murphy gave the crowd some great information about the recently formed Exeter Area Community Foundation. She spoke of the recent challenge grant given by Dick and Louisa Manning and also an additional $20,000 just given to help meet this challenge.

The annual business meeting was held and the meeting and banquet was closed.

Alumni Classes

The Exeter Class of 1940 are pictured from the left Boyd Bivens, LaRayne (Steyer) Wahlstrom, Gladys (Ferguson) Hopken, Evelyn (Harre) Coffey and Reta (Harre) Coffey. While many of the members of their class are deceased, there was a special bouquet of flowers on their table in memory of Tom Votipka who died recently.

The Exeter class of 1955 celebrating their 55th class
reunion at the American Legion before the Alumni Banquet. The 1955
Crown Victoria car belongs to class member Mary Pribyl and her husband Roger
Pribyl. From the left class members are: Wayne Olsen, Doris (Harre) Nicholas, Donna (Petersen) Jasinski, Ray Franzen, Jane (Miller)Thomsen, Richad Michl, Wilma (Erdkamp) Sporel, Jack Noragon, Charlotte (Rouch)Hayek, Mary (Becker) Pribyl, J.J. Dinneen, and Galen

The Exeter Class of 1965 are pictured from the left, back row, Barb (Ethington) Jansen, Leon Harre, Jane (McCabe) Drake, Sylvia (Coffey) Christensen, Sharon (Hall) Hassler, Alan Songster, Roland Jensen. Front row from the left Tim Murphy, Linda (Becker) Wilhelm, Sharon (McLeese) Dyer, and Carolyn (Papik) Geiger.

The Exeter Class of 1970 are pictured from the left, back row, Jim Votipka, Dick Erdkamp, Ken Rouch, Kathy Rouch, Larry Hunt and David Krupicka. Front row from the left are Marcia (Krasser) Erdkamp, Merry Beth Adamson-Strauss, Sherrill (Papik) Murphy and John Tauriella.

The Exeter Class of 1980 back row from the left Wade Harre, Mark Due, Dean Bartu, Rusty Ruhl, Darren Eberspacher, Kenny Harre, Tom Bell, Roger Johnson, Jr. Front row from the left Kay (Ruhl) Due, Sylvia (Ekeler) Ruhl and Lisa (Dinneen) Rhodes.

The Exeter Class of 1990 are pictured in the back row from the left , Amy (Heller) Kissinger, Aarik Jensen, Joanna (Geiger) Webster, Ben Salyer, Mike Zeleny, Hope (Nicholas) Androyna. Front row from the left are Delayne Eberspacher, Sara (Krejci) Ochsner, Jackie (Ring) Miller, Stacey (Erdkamp) Toms and Barb (Bristol) Koca.

The Exeter Class of 2000 back row from the left Mitchell Schlegelmilch, Justin Harre, Mary Ekeler, Jim Mueller, Chad Oldehoeft, Jason Krupicka, Monika Ekeler. Front row from the left Rebecca (Votipka) Streff, Amanda (Parker) Johnson, Amber (Rassette) Simmons, Brett Carrigan and Christina (Callahan) Wetton.