Friday, October 2, 2020

Exeter-Milligan Update: FCS and FCCLA News


FCS and FCCLA News-

By Mary Lou Vossler, Exeter-Milligan FCS Instructor and FCCLA Sponsor


EM FCS Dept. has settled into the new "normal".  The Foods & Nutrition classes have covered sanitation, food storage and food borne illnesses, we are now moving into food preparation techniques.  This unit will consist of measuring ingredients, cutting foods, mixing ingredients, and coating techniques. Individual labs will be conducted during this unit of study.  

Interpersonal Relationships have studied "Who am I", written a letter to themselves to receive in the future, practiced the 6 decision making steps, identified their personal values, and are now learning about SMART goals. (specifice, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely). 

FCS 7 students have cut out their masks and aprons.  They are learning to use sewing tools and will begin practicing their sewing skills using paper designs and then get to sewing on their projects. 

Child Development has been learning about the responsibilities of being a parent, children's rights, the individual life cycle, heredity vs. environment and the complex organ of the brain. Introduction to child theorists will be studied to understand their contribution to child development.  



Officers for the 2020-2021 year are:  District #4 President- Jaiden Papik, President- Daisy Kanode, Vice-President- Emma Olsen, Treasurer- Georgia Meyer, PR/Social Media- Cammie Harrison.  


EM FCCLA sponsored a "5th Quarter" activity following the EM vs. Tri-County football game.  All 7-12 graders were invited to view a movie outdoors and enjoy some light snacks for FREE.  32 students attended the event and enjoyed the movie - Napoleon Dynamite.  It was a nice evening to enjoy an outdoor movie.  


EM FCCLA members had the opportunity to attend the Virtual Fall Leadership Workshop on Monday, Sept. 21st.  Over 1,000 FCCLA members and advisers from across Nebraska attended.  This workshop was attended by all District #4 FCCLA Chapters in lieu of the District Leadership Conference.  EM FCCLA chose to participate as a group for the breakout sessions and to hold their monthly meeting and complete a chapter service project.  Sessions included:  Opening and Closing ceremony by the FCCLA State Officers, view the keynote presentations of the District #4 Chapters and District #4 Officer Introductions.  Members were able to understand the History of FCCLA through the 75th anniversary presentation.  We took time out to do team building activities and take in sessions by MADD, Yoga, AmeriCorps, and community service projects. In our chapter meeting we discussed PTC bake sale, roadside cleanup and Trick or Treat so Others May Eat- food drive.  We were able to complete our "Notes for the Nursing Home".  Members wrote notes to residents of Tabitha-Crete to introduce themselves and share a little bit themselves as related to the writing prompts provided.   EM FCCLA Chapter also completed a school project of providing totes with personal hygiene items for the girl's restrooms.  These items will be refilled and tended to by the EM Officers.  


E-M FCCLA group picture:

Front L-R: Selah Petersen, Kierra Papik, Daisy Kanode, Jaiden Papik, Emma Meyer

2nd Row: Kiley Oldehoeft, Briana Capek, Maddie Luzum, Mallorie Staskal, Jolleen Vossler

3rd Row: Cammie Harrison, Natalie Staskal, Cameran Jansky, Savana Krupicka, Emma Olsen, Taylor Pribyl

Top Row: Kiah Songster, Lily Jeffries, Kaydence Haase, Alivia Luzum

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Throwback Thursday


The Exeter-Milligan 4th Graders hosted a celebration honoring their Grandparents on Thursday, September 16.
Students presented their guests with Wordle art and proclaimed what their grandparents do best. Classroom tours and Smartboard demonstrations were another highlight of the

Friday was the perfect day for Exeter-Milligan students to learn all about the outdoors while outdoors. Together, second graders and high school students eager to experience the outdoors together had their school day at Exeter's Gilbert Park.

During the annual event, which lasted most of the school day, the students experienced nature as bugs and birds do, learned about the weather, learned about plants and animals, played games and made crafts to help remember their day.

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Exeter-Milligan Update: Social Studies


Social Studies Update 

by Brian Murphy, Exeter-Milligan Social Studies Instructor


There have been many changes this year in Mr. Murphy's classroom. First of all, it is a different room. Second, Noah Temme will be student teaching social science courses this semester with Mr. Marr and Mr. Murphy. Third, freshmen will be taking a semester course of Social Science Literature. The books include different multicultural topics, written from various perspectives. Moreover, students are learning to communicate effectively and appropriately with others in both oral and written discussion in the class. 



Noah Temme teaching eighth grade American History.

Freshmen Geography class planning trips across Nebraska and learning how to read a map. 

Josh Meyer, Trenton Vossler (partially hidden, Troy Kallhoff, Draven Payne and Dravin Birkes

Monday, September 28, 2020

EMF takes a hit in Hebron

The Exeter-Milligan Friend Bobcats fell to 3-2 on the season with a loss in Hebron on Friday night.  The Thayer Central Titans had size and numbers on their side.

The first series Christian Weber intercepted a pass on the 3 yard line and the Bobcats took over but unfortunately didn't get too far downfield.  Jackson Beethe hit a great punt to put Thayer Central in their own territory.

Unfortunately that didn't stop they as their first play in the set of downs was a pass caught in the end zone making it 0-8 with 8:56 left in the quarter.

EMF fought back and Weber's pass to Breckan Schluter in the end zone was good for six.  Weber tacked on two more to make it 8-8 with 7:11 in the first quarter.

Thayer Central quickly got back on the board making it 8-14 before adding another quick eight with 2:17 left in the quarter. 8-22

The Titans didn't let up with their passing game tacking on another six just seconds into the second quarter 8-28

Keegan Newsome skirts the defense and down the sideline for six points.  Two point attempt was denied 14-29 10:20 in second quarter.

Thayer Central returned a punt for six and tacked on two 14-36 10:05 in second quarter,

The Titans ran for eight more with 9:03 left in the quarter 14-44

The Bobcats weren't giving up or giving in and with 7:48 in the quarter Chase Svehla caught a Weber pass to make it 20-44.

Thayer Central kept scoring making it 20-52 but EMF hung in there with Weber finding Schluter in the end zone for six 26-52.

With 36 seconds left the titans jump right back in and score a touch down and the conversion 36-60 

In the third quarter the Bobcats were on the board first with a Weber pass to Schluter for six with 8:57 left making it 32 to 60
Schluter intercepted the Titans pass but the Bobcats were not able to convert the error into points.  Thayer Central was back at it making it 32-66. Thayer central added another touchdownb in the fourth quarter 32-74
The Bobcats added one more score for good measure.  Jessie Duba took in for six points making the final 38-74.