Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Exeter-Milligan Update: Reading Group

Katherine Smith’s reading group at Exeter-Milligan recently went on a word hunt, searching for and recording words that use the word pattern they are currently learning.  Pictured are Scout Grummons, Madison Oliva (back to camera) and Kalvin Lock during their search.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Exeter-Milligan Fifth Grade Classroom

Jonah Geiger checks with Alexis Saatmann on their trait survey.

Exeter-Milligan fifth grade is a fun and unique place to be.  Their teacher, Brooke Soukup, notes that “all of them are very creative.” 
Their class is focusing on Core 5 this year.  Soukup explained, “Core 5 is an app that allows students to work at their own pace and at their specific skill level to develop critical reading and language skills.  Our goal as a class is to have every person complete the program by the end of the year.” 
In reading, the class just finished The Prince and the Pauper  and is starting The Odyssey.
In science, they have been learning about genetics and family traits.  The photos here are of the students surveying the different traits they might have including curly hair, attached earlobes, freckles, dimples and hairlines.  They also brought photos of their parents to see if they share physical traits with them.
Technology is used every day in the fifth grade classroom.  “It is used for little things, like displaying their morning routine every morning and our teacher student games throughout the day.  It is also used during lessons, independent work time, and for science and social studies tests.”
Each week the students take turns calling special seniors in their communities to check in on them.  These Telecare phone calls are one of the highlights of the students’ week.  They recently had a special breakfast with the seniors they call each week.

Above -Jase Luzum and Selah Petersen find some special traits to mark down on their survey.
Below- Trevin Ronne (left) and Carver Kanode find one of their traits a little funny,

Above -Trevin Ronne (left) checks to see if Tucker Svec has a widow’s peak.
Below – The fifth grade classroom at Exeter-Milligan is busy making sure they check with each classmate to survey their traits.

 This week’s Teacher’s Assistant is Alivia Luzum.  Students in the fifth grade can earn “funds” for their “bank.”  One of the special privileges they can purchase is time as the very popular Teacher’s Assistant.

Above -Selah Petersen (left) and Brett Kallhoff work through their worksheet quickly.
Below – Jonah Geiger interviews Ronald Babula (middle) and Tucker Svec (right) at the same time.

Above -Trevin Ronne and Kiley Oldehoeft compare their traits.
Below – The fifth grade class with their Teacher Mrs. Brook Soukup.  Front row left to right:  Trevin Ronne, Jonah Geiger, Brett Kallhoff, Kaydence Haase, Kiley Oldehoeft, Ronald Babula (behind) and Jase Luzum.  Back row from the left: Carver Kanode, Tucker Svec, Logan Krupicka, Avery Nichols,  Mrs. Soukup, Alivia Luzum, Alexis Saatmann, and Selah Petersen.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Exeter-Milligan Update: Espanola

Brock Steuben and Casey Jindra

Española at Exeter-Milligan
By Lisa Ricenbaw, E-M Spanish Instructor

Exeter-Milligan Spanish 3 student Alexis Turrubiates learned about the significance of mask making in the Hispanic culture. Masks were used in rituals and religious ceremonies. They were also used as a way to mock their Spanish oppressors during festivals. They are often made of wood, clay or metal and adorned with jewels and feathers. Alexis made her beautiful mask with paint, feathers and sequins.
(picture is alexis-mask)

Exeter-Milligan Spanish 1 students learned about the Huichol tribe in Mexico and the unique art they create using yarn, beads and wax. They created their own masks using yarn and glue.


Daisy Kanode, Georgia Meyer and Jaiden Papik