Friday, April 7, 2023

Exeter-Milligan Track at Meridian Invite


Pole Vault - Selah Petersen - 5th place

4x100:  Selah Petersen, Jozie Kanode, Alivia Luzum, Kmila Benitez - 4th place

100M Hurdles - Jozie Kanode - 3rd place

400 M - Selah Petersen - 3rd place


Shot Put - Marcus Krupicka - 4th place

Pole Vault - Tyler Due - 1st place, Carver Kanode - 4th place

4x400:  Daysan Staskal, Avery Nichols, Cade Kresak, Jase Luzum - 5th place

110M Hurdles - Tyler Due - 5th place


Thursday, April 6, 2023

Throwback Thursday 3/31/2013



The York News Times recently recognized several Exeter-Milligan students on their All-Area Basketball Teams:

Nolan White
Logan Zeleny
Megan Zwickl
Jennifer Pribyl

Honorable Mention:
Taylor Erdkamp
Jackie Luzum
Kyle Jensen
Derek Luzum

Congratulations on this post season honor!

Exeter Public Library was defeated last week as was Gilbert's Public Library in Friend. 

Exeter Cub Scouts who participated in the Prairie Winds District Pinewood Derby were Mikey Bartu, Tyler Due, Ben Bartu and Clint Oldehoeft.  Ben won Best of show in the realistic division for the second year in a row.

In Spanish II, the class participated in decorating eggs as it is done in Mexico. In Mexico, the eggs are also dyed, but then a small hole is cut into the egg and it is then filled with confetti. This all started from the origin of the confetti egg. It is believed that Marco Polo brought back egg shells filled with perfumed powder from China. A new fashion of giving them as gifts grew in his native Italy. It spread to Spain as part of religious celebrations before the Lenten holidays and then in the nineteenth century Carlotta, wife of emperor Maximilian, brought them to Mexico. In Mexico, confetti replaced the perfumed powder.   The eggs are made and broken up for fun any time of the year. In the United States, the eggs are boiled and are then put into a dye. Easter egg hunts are held for children in the weeks before Easter. When Easter Sunday arrives the Easter Bunny comes and hides the eggs for the children to find.

Mike Bristol, a member of the Exeter class of 1984 and a Cordova Native , started drawing as a child, and unlike many children, his parents didn’t discourage his artwork, “My parents saved a lot of things that I did, they definitely encouraged my art.  I would not have been able to build my shop or start if they had not supported my efforts.”

Bristol’s work has also been featured in the Midwest edition of the “New York Times,” on the cover of the magazine “Victorian Homes,” and in “Home” magazine where he was featured in the “art to watch for” section.


You can find over 1200 paintings done by Bristol all across the nation but viewing locations in Nebraska include several Nebraska County Courthouse paintings on display at the Hruska Law Center in Lincoln, the York Hospital, the Minden Exchange Bank and at Cornerstone Bank, as well.


Some of the students in Mr. Bob Mahoney's PE classes at Exeter-Milligan took part in the Hoops For Heart Fundraiser. As a group they raised over $1,200 for the Nebraska Heart Association.  Partipants included Trever Zelenka, Blake Steuben, Johnny Babula, Josie Kresak, Kate Jansky, Chris Kelch, Brock Steuben, Peyton Pribyl, Nick Hayek, Emma Olsen, Georgia Meyer,Katelyn Babula, Braden Capek, Briana Capek, Cameran Jansky, Rebecca Krupicka.




Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Exeter-Milligan Update: Spanish Update


Spanish Update

By Lisa Ricenbaw, Exeter-Milligan Spanish Instructor


Spanish 1 students at Exeter Milligan have been studying vocabulary for weather, seasons, clothing, colors, likes and dislikes, adjective and noun agreement and direct object pronouns.  What better way to practice all they worked so hard to learn than having a fashion show and writing season "poetry"?


Andrew Vavra is pictured describing the clothing worn by Tyler Due and Gabe Jindra.  He also included information using the other vocabulary presented as well.  


Devin Harrison is pictured showing his poem describing why fall is his favorite season


Monday, April 3, 2023

Turkey Creek Relays - EM Track

Turkey Creek Relays in Friend are a little different.  The score from two teammates are added together to determine placement.


3200 (4x800) Relay  

3rd - Kaydence Haase, Selah Petersen, Jozie Kanode, Savana Krupicka


800 (4x200) Relay 

4th - Selah Petersen, Kiley Oldehoeft, Kmila Benitez, Kaydence Haase


400 (4x100) Relay

3rd - Lily Jeffries, Kaydence Haase, Jozie Kanode, Savana Krupicka

1600 (4x400) Relay

4th - Selah Petersen, Kaydence Haase, Kiley Oldehoeft, Savana Krupicka


Pole Vault - Jozie Kanode and Selah Petersen - 1st place

Triple Jump - Savana Krupicka and Jozie Kanode - 2nd place

Discus - Olivea Swanson and Kiley Oldehoeft -5th place


800 (4x200) Relay

1st - Tyler Due, Daysan Staskal, Avery Nichols, Carver Kanode

 400 (4x100) Relay

4th - Tyler Due, Carver Kanode, Daysan Staskal, Marcus Krupicka

 1600 (4x400) Relay

 5th - Avery Nichols, Cade Kresak, Jase Luzum, Troy Kallhoff

Pole Vault - Carver Kanode and Tyler Due - 1st place

Long Jump - Carver Kanode and Daysan Staskal - 5th place

Shotput - Marcus Krupicka and Logan Krupikca - 1st place

Discus -Marcus Krupicka and Logan Krupicka - 5th place