Saturday, May 30, 2020

Exeter American Legion Hosts Abbreviated Memorial Day Program

A cloudy misty morning mimicked the somber attitude at the Memorial Day program at the Exeter Cemetery.

The program was abbreviated due to the COVID-19 virus.  Most of the attendees listened from their vehicles.
Butch Jansen opened the program, led the group in prayer and led the pledge.

Exeter-Milligan senior Cailtin Murphy read The Gettysburg Address.

Jansen read the names of those from the Exeter area who lost their lives in service before Kayla Geiger read “In Flanders Fields.”

Tim Wilbeck gave a brief address noting how the Corona virus has “reminded everyone how fragile life can be.”

He drew similarities between the unforeseen dangers of the current state of the world with those the military faces every day.

Wilbeck encouraged the community to honor those who died in service or brought home an “invisible wound of war.”

He noted that the healthcare workers are todays heroes and have “much in common with our military heroes.  They are elite and ordinary.  Elite in their sense of character and ordinary in that they represent the diverse fabric of our country.”

The healthcare heroes, along with our fallen warries have “given their lives to protect our way of life.”

The program closed with Murphy playing “Taps” and Jaiden Papik playing “Taps Echo.” 

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Throwback Thursday Week of May 25, 2010

May 25, 2010

Exeter-Milligan students at the Exeter site with perfect attendance for the 2009-2010 school year: Jaiden Papik (1stGrade) and Caitlin Murphy (2nd Grade).
Exeter-Milligan students at the Milligan site with perfect attendance for the 2009-2010 school year: Patrick Murphy (5th Grade) and Mitchell Manning (4th Grade).

Exeter-Milligan Track students found some success in Omaha over the weekend at the State Track meet. They medaled in seven categories with the boys taking individual event medals, and the girls picking up several medals in the relays and an individual medal.

Congratulations to Shane Manning who took the gold medal in Class D State Pole Vault with a 13'2" vault.

Ryan Harre took home a pair of bronze medals in the 100 Meter at 11.253 and the 200 Meter at 23.311 .

The 1600 Meter relay team of Taylor Erdkamp, Mariah Bigelow, Heather Pribyl and Jennifer Pribyl took 7th place with a time of 4:21.148

The 3200 Meter Relay team of Heather Pribyl, Taylor Erdkamp, Alicia Bigelow and Jennifer Pribyl took 4th with a time of 10:15.804 .

Jennifer Pribyl also picked up 5th place in the 800 Meter run with a time of 2:27.244.

The Exeter Village Board in conjunction with the Exeter Chamber of Commerce held a drawing you to win the opportunity to slide down the new slide FIRST!!! Vicki Androyna won the drawing.

The Exeter Alumni Banquet hosted by the class of 2000 was well attended Saturday evening. The Class of 2000 President Mitchell Schlegelmilch welcomed the group. The class of 2010 was well-represented and introduced by class president Charlotte Andreasen.

The Exeter American Legion Post 218 presented their annual Memorial Day program on Monday at 10:00 a.m.  After the presentation of the flags by the Legion members assisted by Army National Guard Members Jason and Lacey Hood (granddaughter and her husband of Terry and Elaine Salyer of Exeter) Bob Dumpert, master of ceremonies presided. Exeter-Milligan senior class President Charlotte Andreasen read the Gettysburg Address followed by Travis Yound reading In Flanders Field. Tim Wilbeck spoke.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Relay for Life on June 19th

Pandemic:  a disease prevalent over a whole country or the world.  Relay:  a group of people engaged in a task or activity for a period of time.  How are these two words related?  Though we are currently facing a new pandemic, there is still the continuing pandemic known as cancer.  To fight this pandemic the committee of the Fillmore County Relay For Life has been working to plan the 2020 event.

Since the way RFL has always been done will not work this year, the committee has come up with an alternative plan.  On June 19th we will be Cruising Against Cancer in 2020.  The details of the event are still being worked out, but we can guarantee food and fun.  Cruises have become the thing to do during this time so we are hoping to continue the excitement by having a large turnout that night.  Please stay tuned for more details to follow!!

We will still be selling luminaries for the event.  You can order them online or contact Laura Weaver (Weaver Repair), Pat Mau (Heartland Bank), Jackie Swartzendruber, Kati Jones, Kaela Lockhart, or Denice Kovanda.  We can either deliver them to you to make yourself or you can ask us to make them.  Because we are having our event over a month early we will need them to be purchased by June 15.

Corona may make us plan differently, but it cannot stop us from honoring our survivors and doing what we can to fight cancer.  Please plan to join us on June 19th.  If we can answer any questions, please let us know.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Exeter-Milligan School Board meets

The Exeter-Milligan School board met via zoom on Wednesday, May 13.

The two main topics of conversation were the wrap of the school year and what the future holds for Exeter-Milligan.

Sheffield addressed the board explaining the paperwork that will have to be completed due to the COVID-19 closing of school.  “We have to file an affidavit with the state even though the state forced the close.  It states that the district didn’t meet rule 10 for the required hours so we have to ask for special permission for an exception.”

Board member Kendra Oldehoeft asked about the possibility of continuing e-learning in the fall.
Sheffield responded, “Everything we are hearing says that we are going to open up. . . a lot of things can change but we are banking on it.”

The second priority for the board during the meeting was a continued discussion on the possibility of consolidation with another district.

All of the board members were emailed a pro and con list on consolidation that was compiled by the administrators and board members.  Board president Adam Erdkamp noted, “This list is not exhaustive, it’s just a starting point. Eventually it would be nice for the community to look at it if they have questions or comments.”

Erdkamp read through all of the pros and cons and asked the other board members for comments.
Board member Tim Pribyl spoke up first, “I think it (consolidation) would be a terrible decision.  What happens in 20 years if we get too small and have to go to FC then.  Most of the goals can be achieved with an unification instead of a consolidation.”

Erdkamp asked Sheffield how many total employees the district has and commented, “I’m not interested in doing anything that would cost any of those people their job,”

The discussion around unification versus consolidation continued with Erdkamp sharing his research.
He explained that there are 244 school districts in Nebraska, 77 are consolidated and three are unified but one district that is unified is consolidating as of June 5.
His point in sharing this research, “If unification was a good option I would think there would be more taking advantage of it.  That’s a red flag if it’s such a good thing vs consolidation.”

Erdkamp spoke with the superintendent of the district that is moving from a unification to a consolidation.  “He has been there 21 years.  He though there were pros and cons with consolidation. He would not suggest a unification, it’s a better fit for short term issue.”  

Pribyl argued that unification ia a great way to start towards a consolidation.  He expressed concern over maintaining a balance of representation of all the communities on a consolidated school board.
Erdkamp responded that the Exeter-Milligan board has maintained a balance without establishing precincts, “If it was good enough 20 years ago why isn’t it good enough now?”

Board member Eric Milton  added, “Two communities get hurt if you vote to dissolve this district.”
Erdkamp noted that in their committee discussion with the Friend committee Friend indicated they were not interested in unification.  Erdkamp talked to the Friend board president and he confirmed that Friend is not interested in unification.

Pribyl responded, :”It seems like this is getting pushed on us really fast.  . .I think it needs to slow down if anything we need to coop sports for a little while.”

Erdkamp and several other board members agreed that there would be multiple public meetings before they would take any kind of vote.  

 “I agree 100% we are supposed to represent the patrons so we want to hear what they have to say,” added Pribyl.

There was a brief discussion on cooping addition activities with Friend next year.  The board discussed the possibility of cooping golf and track.  Exeter-Milligan just had one female golfer and the possibility of one male golfer.  Friend girls golf with the boys golf team.

Sheffield was fairly confident that because of some changes in the Crossroads Conference they would be more open to accepting a cooping EMF into the conference.

The board moved on to accept the contract of new first grade teacher Haley Johnson.  They also approved a three percent raise for all non-certified contracts. 

Erdkamp brought the board’s attention to an alternate calendar that was prepared by Sheffield.
Sheffield noted it was “just to be prepared if we are required to start after Labor day.”

Board member Kendra Jansky added, “Starting after labor day is better than starting at home.”

Sheffield informed the board that E-learning does not count toward the required school hours.  He is going to work with Senator Brandt to introduce a bill in the legislature that would allow up to five snow days as E-learning days. 

Erdkamp brought the meeting to a close praising the administrations graduation ceremony, “I am glad they were able to have a ceremony together because that was what they wanted. I did not attend but I could see that it meant a lot to the kids.”

The board set the next meeting for June 10 in Milligan at 8 p.m.  The noted that they would meet in the gym to be able to social distance.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Throwback Thursday Week of May 18

Week of May 18

Barbara J. Becker, Age 67, of Exeter, Nebraska died Saturday May 15, 2010 in Exeter.

Exeter-Milligan graduation was held with 19 graduates.

Field Day was held for grades K-6 in Exeter.

Exeter American Legion Auxiliary Post 218 presented two packed ditty bags to their Girls State representatives Amanda Dinneenand Kelsey Moore. Presenting the bags was Auxiliary member Pat Rocole. Pat made the beautiful bags for the girls and the Auxiliary members packed them with snacks and toiletries to make the trip more fun for the representatives.

The Exeter Area Community Foundation of Exeter Nebraska was offered a $50,000 challenge grant by Richard and Louisa Manning of Geneva, Nebraska. Manning’s who are both graduates of Exeter High School issued the challenge grant for the purpose of building an unrestricted endowment for the Exeter Area Community Foundation Fund, an affiliated fund of the Nebraska Community Foundation. In order for the full grant to be received, the Exeter Area Foundation had to raise $100,000 of additional funds over a three-year time frame.

Exeter-Milligan Kindergarten graduation was held.  They are currently 10th graders at Exeter-Milligan. 

The new Exeter Aquatic Center slide was assembled. Two groups of volunteers spent many hours assembling the new slide and it's many pieces. Heavy equipment was also donated by local business Horizontal Boring and Tunneling to help move the very heavy ladder pieces over the pool fence. Their crane truck, and operator Paul Erdkamp helped hold the pieces in place as they were assembled. Nearly all of the Exeter Village Board members were on hand to help with assembly of the stair parts.
Another crew gathered to assemble the flume. John Mueller, Village Maintenance Supervisor, along with Bob Mueller, Jim Mueller, Brian Petro, Keith Mathieson and Alan Michl spent the evening on the project.
The slide was paid for with funds from the additional sales tax that was passed two years ago to pay for the bond for the pool. The monthly amount that the village has collected has greatly surpassed the projected income. Unfortunately, the bond will not allow funds to be paid in advance so the Village Board opted to purchase the slide with these extra funds. Future bond payments will be higher but the current income from the city sales tax will cover most of that cost.

Exeter-Milligan Track students headed to Omaha on Thursday afternoon to compete in the State Track meet. More than half of the Class D qualifiers from the area are from Exeter-Milligan. Students qualifying are:

Junior Cassie Harre - 100 Meter Dash and 200 Meter Dash
Freshman Jen Pribyl - 400 Meter Dash, 800 Meter Run, 1600 Meter Relay, 3200 Meter Relay
Junior Heather Pribyl - 800 Meter Run, 1600 Meter Relay, 3200 Meter Relay
Freshman Alicia Bigelow - 3200 Meter Relay
Freshman Taylor Erdkamp - 1600 Meter Relay, 3200 meter Relay
Sophomore Mariah Bigelow - 1600 Meter Relay
Senior Shane Manning - Pole Vault, 400 Meter Relay, 1600 Meter Relay
Senior Ryan Harre - 100 Meter Dash, 200 Meter Dash, 400 Meter Run, 1600 Meter Relay
Junior Austin Stride - 400 Meter Dash, 400 Meter Relay, 1600 Meter Relay, 3200 Meter Relay
Junior Cody Soukup - 3200 Meter Relay
Senior Dillan White - 1600 Meter Relay
Junior Zach Jensen - 3200 Meter Relay
Sophomore Quinten Loontjer - 400 Meter Relay
Junior Tyler Manning - 1600 Meter Run, 3200 Meter Relay