Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Exeter-Milligan first grade learns about Thanksgiving

The Exeter-Milligan classroom was all aflutter getting ready for Turkey day.  They spent an afternoon learning that it wasn’t all about just eating turkey and stuffing.  The students learned about the first Thanksgiving and did an interactive quiz on the iPads after they read a book about Thanksgiving.  They also played a game to reinforce the learning about the pilgrims and filled out a worksheet with significant Thanksgiving vocabulary. 

Pictured above are front row from the left are:  Hannah Petersen, Chezney Kanode, Kate Pribyl, Brynnlye Johnson, Mackenzie Jaeger and Abby Burke. Back row from the left are Boden Graham, Riley Reynolds, Beau Becker, Joel Vossler, Maddux Milton, Aiden Nichols, Micah Korf, Gavin Mueller, and Sara Lincoln.

Gavin Mueller lays on the pages of his Thanksgiving book as the first graders at Exeter-Milligan get ready to learn about the upcoming holiday.
Exeter-Milligan first grader Hannah Petersen gets her iPad all ready to play a learning game about Thanksgiving.
Brynnlye Johnson follows along in her Thanksgiving book as her teacher, Miss Sara Lincoln, reads.
The first graders do their first quiz on Kahoot!
The Exeter-Milligan first graders are learning about the world we live in.
above and below: The fun of learning starts at the door into the first grade classroom.

The inside of the door in the first grade classroom reminds the first graders they are superhero’s!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Exeter-Milligan Update: Concordia Musical Arts Day Honor Band

Exeter Milligan students, Peytan Brandt and Hannah Horne, recently participated in the Concordia Musical Arts Day Honor Band at Concordia University on Friday, October 27.  They rehearsed all day and presented a 6:30 pm concert under the direction of Professor Andrew Schultz. Peytan is a junior percussionist and Hannah is a senior baritone saxophone player.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Exeter-Milligan Holds Veteran's Day Program

– Local veterans enjoy a breakfast sponsored by the National Honor Society.  Clockwise from the left are Bob Dumpert, Larry Cudaback, Alan Songster and Jack Underwood.

Senior Patrick Murphy welcomed the audience at the Exeter-Milligan Veteran’s Day Program on Monday in Exeter.

Above - Boy Scout Joey Bartu led the flag ceremony with the Cub Scouts during Monday’s Veteran’s Day Program in Exeter.
Below – Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts led the flag ceremony during Monday’s Veteran’s Day Program at Exeter-Milligan.  From the left are Richard Hickman, Joey Bartu, Deacon Erdkamp, Levi Jurgensen, Kalvin Lock, Axel Erdkamp and Crosby Oldehoeft.

Exeter-Milligan held their Veteran’s day program on Monday, November 13 due to their participation in the volleyball state finals.

The program was opened by a welcome from Patrick Murphy before Boy Scout Joey Bartu led the flag ceremony.  Members of Cub Scout Pack 218 were the flag bearers and color guard.

The Exeter-Milligan band played “The Star Spangled Banner” and the Senior High choir and the Friends of Vocal sang “God Bless America.”

Superintendent Paul Sheffield, who currently has both of his sons serving in the military, gave the address.

Sheffield recalled the history of Veteran’s day before explaining that his goal was to “talk about four veterans who have influenced my life.”

He shared stories of the service of both his father and his father-in-law.  He said his father “ran our house like a ship.  It was tight and we learned discipline.”

Of his father-in-law he spoke of his example of duty, honor and patriotism.  “That example that he set was for our kids.  That helped them learn discipline, honor and patriotism.”

Devin Sheffield, the younger son of the Sheffield’s, is currently in the Army and is stationed at Fort Campbell after being deployed overseas twice.  Older son Brett Sheffield, is in Navy school to be an Aviation Rescue Swimmer and started his training at Norfolk, Virginia on Monday.

Sheffield reminded the crowd that because of those who have served and are serving, “you can go home today and enjoy food on your table, we can gather here today.  We live in the greatest country in the world.”

He closed by thanking the veterans in the crowd for their “service, sacrifice, duty and honor and saying yes to Uncle Sam.”

The junior high choir sang “America, Of Thee I Sing!” and joined the senior high choir for “Inscription of Hope” before the band played “Sweet Land of Liberty” and “America’s Finest” asking the veterans in the audience to stand when they heard the anthem of the branch they served.

Hannah Horne closed the program, thanking the veterans and wishing all safe travels.

Above - On their trumpets are Exeter-Milligan band members (from the left) Trever Zelenka, Jaiden Papik, Mitchell Manning, Cameran Jansky and Daisy Kanode.
Below – Superintendent Paul Sheffield spoke at the Exeter-Milligan Veteran’s Day Program on Monday in Exeter.

Clarinets played by Exeter-Milligan band members (from the left) Kaitlyn Vavra, Kole Svec and Janey Erdkamp.

Three Army veterans stand when their song is played at the Exeter-Milligan Veteran’s Day Program on Monday in Exeter.  From the left are Larry Cudaback, Jack Underwood  and Alan Songster.

Senior Hannah Horne gives the closing at the Exeter-Milligan Veteran’s Day Program on Monday in Exeter.