Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Exeter-Milligan Update: Fourth Grade

4th Grade News
by Shelli Mueller, Exeter-Milligan 4th Grade Instructor

We have been learning about plants and their parts. We also planted some to watch them grow. Cohen's was the first to pop out of the ground. We also took celery and put it in colored water to watch it go up the stem the leaves. Last week, we looked at the flower part lily to see its parts. The plants they planted will go home after the test. 

Pictured is Cohen Harre proudly displaying his plant.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Exeter Cub Scout Pack holds Pinewood Derby

Above - Exeter Cub Scout Pack 218 held their pinewood derby on Sunday, April 7 at the Exeter Legion Home.   The scouts were excited to see who won at the end of the race track.  Pictured from the left are Deacon Erdkamp, Levi Jurgensen and Axel Erdkamp.

Below -  The four scouts invited their families and shared supper with them before the race.  Running the race and judging the cars were members of Boy Scout Troop 218.  Pictured with their cars are Levi Jurgensen, Richard Hickman, Deacon Erdkamp and Axel Erdkamp.  Winning first place in the race was Deacon Erdkamp with Levi Jurgensen in second, Axel Erdkamp in third and Richard Hickman in fourth.  For show Richard Hickman won first in modified show, and Levi Jurgensen was second.  In stock show Axel Erdkamp was first and Deacon Erdkamp was second.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Exeter Village Board Set Assessments

Chairman Alan Michl opened the Special Assessment hearing for street improvement projects on Thursday, April 11, 2019.  He explained the purpose of the hearing was to “go through how everything works, how the payments on assessments will work, interest rates and the terms.”

Michl turned the meeting over to JEO Engineer Steve Parr who explained the assessment process.  He noted that the running foot cost that would be assessed to property owners on the recently paved Union, Burlington and North River streets was $114.71 per running foot.

Parr explained that the first payment on the assessment will be due to the village in 50 days from the meeting.  After the first year the county will send a yearly bill and property owners will remit those funds to the county.

The board approved Resolution 2019-05 which established assessment for the recently paved streets with a delinquent date of June 3, 2019 and an interest rate of 4.5.

The board closed the hearing and opened their regular meeting at 7:22 p.m.

JEO Engineer Andrew Wilshusen gave a report on the concrete crushing.  “The crew has had breakdowns.  So far they have crushed 2300 tons crushed and I estimate it will be 3500 tons when done.” 

Wilshusen also broached the subject of the defective flag holders on the new light poles. 
Parr reviewed a few of the issues they have found with the recent street problem and explained their planned fix at no cost to the village. “The key thing is that we are going to take care of it.  Don’t make the final payment on the downtown area until we get the flag issue taken care of.”

Clerk Becky Erdkamp asked if the mesh that the grass seed was laid with can be pulled out now. The engineers noted that it would decompose in one year but is fine to pull it up now.  Parr added, “If they would just let it alone in about 3 months when the grass is grown they won’t even know it is there.”

The board set summer salaries for the pool manager, lifeguards and summer maintenance employees.
Kathy Erdkamp noted that she and Clerk Erdkamp plan to “have a mandatory meeting with all of them to make clear what is going to be happening.”

The board discussed the possibility of a new Library/City Office Building through a Civic and Community Center Financing Fund (CCCFF) planning grant. The three options included a stick frame built new building, an engineered  metal building and the third option would be remodeling and adding on to the current building which would include updated the current facilities to code.
The board needed to choose the options to focus on for the grant since they have already invested in the engineering costs.  They decided to focus on the first two options.

Maintenance Supervisor John Mueller reported that the pool will be painted soon.  Also he has dumped gravel on all the gravel roads in town and installed new locks on the well doors that were purchased through a grant option.

Mueller is also working on an energy grant which would provide energy efficient light bulbs for the shop, library and office.  He had the fire hall sign looked at and the electrician determined that the ballast was bad.  They will switch it to a led light.

The board approved Mueller purchasing a new transit for some upcoming culvert work.  It doesn’t require two people to operate.

Clerk Becky Erdkamp reported that the village received a safety dividend from EMC Insurance for $8356.81.  Also the January sales tax was $19,929.63 and February Keno was $475.41.  She noted that the sales tax increase was due to online sales tax collection.

Clerk Erdkamp showed the board several options for the new banners which will go on the new light poles on main street.  Two styles were chosen, one with a holiday theme and one for the rest of the year.

The board set the next meeting for May 8th at 7 p.m.


Saturday, April 20, 2019

Kresak signs at Iowa Western

Josie Kresak signs to play softball at Iowa Western Community College while seated at the table with Fillmore Central/Exeter-Milligan Head Softball Coach Aaron Lauby.  Behind are Kresak’s parents Brad and Tracy Kresak and on the right behind is assistant FC/E-M softball coach Lorie Sliefert.

Exeter-Milligan Senior Josie Kresak is will be heading to Iowa in the fall to attend Iowa Western Community College and play softball under Coach Ben Greer.

The Fillmore Central Exeter-Milligan standout plans to pursue a degree in Biology “with the intention of eventually going into marine biology.”
She added that she really likes the campus, “It's really nice and everything is easy to get to. Coach Greer was very welcoming and straight forward about what the Reiver softball program is all about.”

She has had a stellar career with the FC/E-M team.  This year Kresak was recognized as a first team All-Conference member, a second team Class C All-State selection and an All-Area York News Times co-captain with a .462 batting average her senior season. This year Kresak scored 42 runs, 11 doubles, five triples and seven home runs.

FC/E-M Coach Aaron Lauby has high aspirations for her future, “I think Josie is a darn good ball player.  She is dependable, has great instincts, a solid work ethic and every year since she was a Freshman she just kept improving in all aspects of her game.  I also think the more a coach gets to see her play on a daily basis, they will appreciate her ball skills on defense, base running and her offensive versatility.”
Reiver Coach Greer is looking forward to Kresak’s future as well, “Josie had an excellent high school career and plays a position we were hoping to add some depth in.  Being left handed is an added bonus and we’re excited about the upside she has as she’ll continue to develop at Iowa Western.”

Kresak played centerfield on varsity all four years and that experience, “helped me step up quicker and become a better leader throughout all four years. My teammates also always pushed me to improve my skills. The coaching I received helped me become a smarter and better player. I will use the skills that I have gained in high school and apply them during my college career. I think my biggest challenge will be adjusting to a more challenging environment.”

Greer noted that, “It’s not easy to be a Reiver with the high expectations we have year in and year out.  So when we break down what we’re all about as a program during the recruiting process, it is either something the kids will really enjoy, or it’s a place they definitely do not want to be.  Knowing that, Josie has signed up for being held accountable and working hard every day in the classroom and on the field.  We’re thrilled that she’s the type of person who wants those things in her college softball career. “

Lauby notes that Kresak’s even temperament will serve her as she moves on to play college ball, “I love Josie's attitude.  She doesn't allow herself to get too high or too low, she stays emotionally consistent and I love competitors like that.  Softball can be an emotional game and we have to always be in control of those emotions or they can get the better of us.  Those that are good at controlling that which is under their control and not let the things that are out of their control fuel their emotions tend to maintain a consistent level of success on and off the field.  Josie has that.”

Greer recognized the quality player and person he will be coaching in Kresak, “We’re far more interested in our players becoming successful people than just being all about softball and I believe Josie is a perfect example of that.”