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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Exeter Care Center to close

Residents and staff were not too surprised when Deseret Health Care, the owners of Exeter Care Center announced that the facility would be closing March 24th.

Deseret corporate officials were on hand Wednesday, Feb 25 but declined to comment on the situation and promised a press release that would be issued.  As of press time, no release was offered.  Officials noted that the declining population and location attributed to the closing of the facility, but residents were keen to cite other issues.

Residents noticed that repairs were not made, especially after the June 3 hail storm in Exeter which destroyed the air conditioning unit, broke windows and damaged the roof.  Water problems have been continuous throughout the center with one spell were residents were left without hot water for an extended number of days.

Activities and Social Director Lori Bossaller was told about the closing Feb 19 and it was announced to the rest of the staff on Monday, Feb 23.  “I suspected a few months ago that this would be happening.  We have been working hard to relocate our residents locally and have found places for everyone.  Employees have been given the option of new jobs in the Deseret facilities in Edgar or Ainsworth.  If the families do not have a preference as to where the residents go they will be relocated to Edgar.”

Reta Mae Coffey who has lived at the home for 10 years was disappointed, “I was in hopes that the Lord would take me before I had to move.  I’m disappointed in the company.  All the promises they made went down the drain.  Don’t know what they did with all the insurance money from the storm this summer.”

Her daughter Jeanette Franzen who recently retired from working at the care center was very upset, “This was the right place for her.  My mom’s life was set here, now she has to move.  My Grandma was one of the first to live here when it was built.  I worked here; all three of my girls have worked here.  There were so many false promises given, new windows . . . this summer instead of fixing the air conditioning after the storm they put in window units.”

“This company has been all about taking, not giving.  I didn’t have a raise in the four years I worked here or any other incentives.  They don’t know how many people they are hurting and they don’t care. I requested a meeting with corporate representatives several times but was always told to talk to the administrator.”

The facility has a capacity of 48 residents with the possibility of employing at least 50.  Exeter resident Evelyn Michl recalled her days at the care center in the early 1990’s, “It was all hometown employees.  Everybody who worked there was from Exeter.”

With the declining numbers of residents, employees’ hours have been cut drastically.  One nurse, who declined to be identified, noted that once hours were cut, employees had to leave to find full time positions to support their families.  She also noted that in many cases, hours were cut, but the duties of employees were not altered making their workload impossible to complete in the hours assigned.

Erma Adamson who has volunteered and worked at the center for 25 years noted, “It is heartbreaking.  I feel very sad because it is such an excellent facility.”

According to the Exeter history book, “This is Exeter,” the center, initially named Memory Manor, (owned and built by Bethesda) opened in 1965 primarily because the Exeter community donated a large portion of the funds to start the project.  The facility has had several owners throughout the years including Community Care Center of America who purchased it in 1994 and sold it to Integrated Health Service in Sept  1997 before 5 Star Quality Care bought the home in July 2005.

Also housed in the Exeter Care Center building was the Exeter Medical Clinic which was a branch office of the York Medical clinic which opened in 1992 but closed last fall amid rumors that another local facility would be opening a clinic in the space.  The clinic has not reopened and plans have not been announced for the office reopening.

Until last week the Fillmore County property tax website showed that the 2013 property tax had not been paid.  The Fillmore County Treasurer’s office confirmed that it was just recently paid. The site values the facility at $696,795.

Deseret Corporate employees made it clear that the facility has been for sale for two months.  Online it is listed for sale at a price of $1,223,951 along with their Ainsworth facility.

Exeter Chairman of the Village Board Alan Michl shared his feelings on the closing, “I’m hoping that someone will come forward to purchase the facility.  It’s been a long standing part of our community.  The economic impact will be hard to tell right now.” 
As of press date only 10 residents remain in the home and those plan to relocate soon.

Exeter-Milligan Student signs with Doane College

Exeter-Milligan’s Dusty Axline signed with Doane College and will compete on their football team and pole vault with the track team.  He is seated with his parents Tim Axline and Sandy Girmus.  Behind him left to right are Exeter-Milligan Track Coach Brian Murphy, Doane Football Coach Matt Franzen, Doane Track Coach Ed Fye and Exeter-Milligan Head Football Coach Dean Filipi.

Exeter-Milligan’s Dusty Axline signed with Doane on Wednesday, Feb 25.  Dusty began primarily interested in track but decided to participate in their football program as well.
“I felt like a small school fit best for me.  I am a fan of Doane and the school’s coaches,” explained Axline. “I’ve always loved track and love to pole vault.  The football coach got a hold of me and I figured I would do both.  I have had really good coaches at Exeter-Milligan.  I have been able to start when I was young, especially in track in junior high and in high school on the football field I have had a lot of playing time which really helped in building the team.  Coach Filipi taught me a lot about discipline and how to keep my head in the game despite what is happening.  Coach Murphy has helped me a lot with finding the right pole for vaulting and just getting things done.”
Doane’s football coach Matt Franzen was happy to get a double package,  “It’s going to be a good deal for us getting both Dusty and Kyle Jensen.  As far as athleticism he has had a lot of success.  I see the successes carrying over to give our freshman class a  good start.  I was really really impressed watching him play this year.  He has a lot of athletic ability and we have also been impressed with his confidence.   He is a quality young man that we are excited to have in our program.”
“We plan to use him on defense as a linebacker either inside or outside.  We will figure out pretty quickly which one he is suited for.”

Doane track coach Ed Fye sees the potential in small school athletes like Axline, “He is just athletic.  At smaller schools we see kids who do three sports and maintain that athleticism.  He is a great leader and comes from a winning program.  We hope to see him carry that over.  We plan to have him concentrate on pole vault but later he may do multiple events if we can use him in other ways.”

Exeter-Milligan track coach Brian Murphy expects a lot of success for Axline at Doane, “I think he will do a great job, he is a great athlete.  He’s been dedicated, training before school and he has spent the time at pole vaulting and he has the desire to succeed.”

Exeter-Milligan head football coach Dean Filipi sees Axline fitting in well with the Doane program, “He will give so much with his work ethic.  The team person he is will help the rest of the team out.  He works hard and is a real student of the game.”

Axline plans to major in computer science.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Exeter-Milligan Update: PE Update

PE Update by Darcy White, Exeter-Milligan PE Instructor

Students in Mrs.Darcy White's are classes taking advantage of their new PE equipment - playing "Bowlers Rollers".  Students on the outside of the volleyball court try to knock down the pins inside the court.  The students inside the court try to "guard" the pins.  

Pictured are the 1st and 2nd grades and the organized chaos of the “Bowlers Rollers” game.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Exeter-Milligan Update: Math Musings

Math Musings, by Mary Kay Pribyl, Exeter-Milligan Math Instructor

The Advanced Math students have been working with and verifying many trigonometric identities.  The students have made several posters with the identities to hang in our classroom.  We will continue to work with these identities as we move on to solving trigonometric equations.  Pictured are Janey Due, Kyle Jensen, and Samuele Colombo with two of their posters.

Math Day
Twenty-nine students from Exeter-Milligan attended the UNL Math Day in November. Exeter-Milligan received a certificate for being the best-represented school in class IV with 45% of our student body attending.  

The school score is the average of the top three scores on the written exam.  The top three scores from Exeter-Milligan were Ashley Benorden, Kyle Jensen, and Madison Horne. Their score placed Exeter-Milligan team 2nd in class VI.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Kindergarten Registration March 4th

Kindergarten Registration at Exeter-Milligan
If you plan to enroll your child in Kindergarten in the fall of 2015, please plan to attend our Kindergarten registration on Wednesday, March 4th at 4:00pm at the Exeter Site cafeteria. During this time Mrs. Kroll will answer any questions you may have about enrolling your child and will also discuss with you the logistics that go along with having a child in school at Exeter-Milligan. Mr. Sheffield, Superintendent, and Mrs. Judy Kassik, Kindergarten Teacher, will also be available to field questions you may have for them. Marilyn Pribyl, the school nurse, also gives a short presentation. New this year, we will be having a “move-up day” in May that will include kindergarten round-up. Information about this day will be sent out in the near future. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Kroll.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Exeter-Milligan Fourth Grade Classroom

Chase Vnoucek spends some time on his ipad doing Core 5 work.

Gabe Jindra picks which app he wants to use for some Core 5 time.
Above- The girls in the fourth grade (l-r) Sophia Gillam, Jozie Kanode and Olivea Swanson stick together with their ipads.
Below: The fourth grade class with their teacher Mrs. Shelli Mueller.  Back row from the left Mrs. Shelli Mueller, Jozie Kanode, Gabe Jindra and Cade Kresak.  Front row from the left Olivea Swanson, Sophia Gillam, Marcus Krupicka and Chase Vnoucek.
Above: Cade Kresak (left), Olivea Swanson and Marcus Krupicka (right) are excited to dig into the manipulatives to make tessellations (which is tiling of a plane using one or more geometric shapes, called tiles, with no overlaps and no gaps).

 Above: The fourth grade class all works on their tessellations.
Below: Olivea Swanson makes a pretty pattern.

Above: Gabe Jindra makes some adjustments to his tiles to make a repeating pattern.
Below: Artwork the fourth grade class did using repeating patterns.

The fourth grade class together from the left Gabe Jindra, Chase Vnoucek, Marcus Krupicka, Cade Kresak, Olivea Swanson, Jozie Kanode and Sophia Gillam.

The Exeter-Milligan fourth grade class made be small with just seven class members but after gaining two girls this year they are definitely growing.

Their teacher, Mrs. Shelli Mueller has enjoyed the smaller class, “It is unique to have this size of class. They all get a lot of one on one attention during the day. With that being said, there are many personalities that I have come to enjoy and look forward to inspiring each day.”

Their typical day starts with reading, spelling and math.  This year, one change at the Milligan campus, is that the students have recess first and then have lunch.  After lunch they have language and then on Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s the students rotate between music, art and library. They end the day with science or Nebraska studies and writing. On Tuesday’s and Thursday’s the fourth graders have P.E.  

One of the concepts the fourth graders are currently learning about is the process by which a rock forms, also known as the rock cycle.  Mueller described some of the tools they use to learn, “Using their Ipads, the student's took picture of the cycle I created on my computer, then they had to label the missing pieces using an app called Skitch. After the students have finished labeling their picture, they email me their assignment.”
Ipads are integral part of the learning experience in their classroom.  Each student has their own Ipad to use during the school day.

Fourth grade curriculum includes the study of Nebraska and this spring the third and fourth grade class will visit the State Capitol in Lincoln.  They will also tour Memorial Stadium and Morril Hall.  “This ties in perfectly as we finish the year and get the third graders ready for next year,” explained Mueller.