Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Exeter Girl Scouts Celebrate Earth Day

 Above  – Joyce Votipka reads the Exeter girl scout troop a story about the three r’s of recycling.  The girls from the left are Kaylie Schlueter, Scout Grummons, Sydney Engert and Brooklyn Oldehoeft.

Exeter Girl Scouts celebrated earth day on Tuesday, April 20th by picking up trash on their walk from school to the recycling trailer.

At the recycling trailer the troop had a presentation from Joyce Votipka who was instrumental in writing the grant for the village to receive the trailer.

Votipka taught the girls how to find the recycling symbol on plastics and along with explaining which items are accepted at the trailer.

Not only did Votipka encourage the girls to recycle, she explained the concept of reusing and reducing and read them a book to emphasize the theory.  To follow that concept the girls made bird feeders using recycled plastic bottles to take home.

Votipka also gave each girl a daylily to plant at home.

When the ground dries out the girls will be planting flowers in the park downtown.

Below – The girl scouts show the bird feeders they made with recycled plastic bottles.  They are pictured from the left Kaylie Schlueter, Scout Grummons, Sydney Engert and Brooklyn Oldehoeft.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Exeter-Milligan Jr Sr High Pre-Contest Concert

Above – The Exeter-Milligan Junior High Choir performed at the Monday evening concert.
Below – The Exeter-Milligan brass quintet comprised of ninth graders included (from the left) Trever Zelenka, Josie Kresak, Joel Klemm, Spencer Pribyl and Mitchell Manning.

Above – The trombone choir performed “The Longhorns.”  Left to right are Clint Oldehoeft, Katie Skinner, Joey Bartu, Nick Hayek and Eli Johnson.
Below – The Exeter-Milligan  7 – 12 Women’s Chorus performing “Can’t Help Falling in Love.”

Above – Trystan Brandt (left) and Trever Zelenka play “Hey Jude” during the Exeter-Milligan Junior-Senior High Pre-Contest Concert.

Exeter-Milligan Junior and Senior High Choir and Band treated their audience to a pre-contest concert on Monday, April 18th.

The students were well prepared for their District music contest on Thursday and it was evident during their evening performance.

The Junior High Choir opened the concert with “Cantar,!”  “A Distant Shore,” and the eighties hit “Don’t Stop Believin.’”

After the choir performed the audience was enjoyed “March Minature,” by the clarinet choir, “Fair and Warmer,” by the saxophone ensemble and “Canon” by the brass quintet.

The small group performances finished with “The Longhorns,” performed by the trombone choir.
A vocal treat was in store for the audience with the double duet of Ashley Benorden, Alexis Uldrich, Katie Skinner and Haylee Sheffield  singing “The Clouds.”

The quartet was joined by the seventh through twelfth grade chorus to sing “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” and “Festival Sanctus.”  Nancy Jo Galusha accompanied the group for “Festival Sanctus.”
The percussion ensemble did a fantastic recital of “Blue Samba.”

Before performing the contest pieces, the junior/senior high band played “Hey Jude,” which featured Janey Due on piano.  The two contest numbers the band performed were “Children of the Shrine,” and “Nathan Hale Trilogy.”

The District music contest was held Thursday, April 21st in Henderson.

Before the concert the band and choir students enjoyed a pizza party hosted by the Exeter-Milligan Booster Club.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Fillmore County Coalition Brings Applied Performance Science to Exeter-Milligan

Above – Exeter-Milligan students listen to former Navy SEAL Jason talk about leadership and teamwork during the Applied Performance Science presentation.
Below– Exeter-Milligan students during the training portion of the Applied Performance Science presentation.

Above – Exeter-Milligan Seventh grader Clint Oldehoeft watches for his teammates to return from running a relay during the Applied Performance Science presentation.
Below – Exeter-Milligan students take off running during the training portion of the Applied Performance Science presentation.

Above – Exeter-Milligan students wait in push-up formation as their teammates take turns running during the training portion of the Applied Performance Science presentation.
Below – Jason, right, and Anthony, left, speak to the group of Exeter-Milligan and Fillmore County Coalition students at the end of the training portion of the Applied Performance Science project.

Human performance, learning to tune our bodies to perform at their peak level, was the core lesson that Exeter-Milligan students were taught during the Friday, April 15th program from Applied Performance Science.

Two former Navy SEALs, Anthony and Jason, presented the Applied Performance Science philosophy first to the high school parents in a Thursday evening session in the Exeter site gym.
They emphasized the concepts of leadership and teamwork, “Team dynamics to make them better individuals and to be a positive influence on our society.  The backbone of the program is getting kids to make the right choices.”

Most of the information for the parents focused on the physical side of high school students needs for growth including sleep, side effects of alcohol and drugs and the stress.

The program, which according to Anthony is “not a DARE program. . . We give them other reasons to not engage in these activities.”

The students spent Friday morning hearing a presentation on the background of the SEALs, discipline, commitment and personal responsibility.  All of these concepts were tied together came out on the field where the students were led in team activities. 

These were challenging activities and the students were given the option to drop out if they felt unable to physically complete the tasks.  

The program was tough but beneficial, explained ninth grader Spencer Pribyl, “It was a hard workout but the team part of it was good.”

In the afternoon the students learned about the physiological effects of sleep, drugs, alcohol, stress and nutrition.  They were able to see real brain scans with positive and negative effects of each factor.
This resonated with the students as well.  Trever Zelenka, a ninth grader, reflected that he “learned a lot about performance and sleep.  I maybe will change some of my eating habits.”

Eight grader Max Zeleny felt positive about the day’s events, “It was good exercise.  I learned to always bring your “A” game in everything.  If you lose, come back even better.”

Another eighth grader, Ryan Sharp, expressed that, “it was a good learning experience for everyone.  It taught us teamwork because we had to work together.  I thought it was pretty cool that Mrs. White stuck it out with us (in the physical training).”

Jolene Frook, the coordinator of Fillmore County Coalition who were instrumental in bringing the program to the county, felt that the Applied Performance program embodied the coalitions core vision, “Strong youth, strong community, strong life.”

In order to establish this vision, Frook, has been encouraging a group of youth who have committed to stay drug, alcohol and tobacco free. “We want to provide education to assist in the achievement of personal life promote healthy living choices including the prevention of drug alcohol tobacco abuse in Fillmore County.”

Frook explained that the day Anthony and John spent educating the Exeter-Miligan students (along with a few students from Fillmore Central and Shickley who are coalition members) was just the tip of the iceberg.  “This is a five year commitment.  We just got a taste and short overview of the program.  All of the information goes much more in depth.  We aren’t sure if we will have them back.  There is a two day training program in Hastings this summer that I hope some can attend.”

Funds from a Federal block grant along with a grant from the Mary Tous Foundation, the Exeter-Milligan School Foundation and the Fillmore County Foundation helped make the event possible.  The program has been presented to professional sports teams, college teams, and Olympic teams worldwide.

Paul Sheffield, Exeter-Milligan Superintendent saw the value in the program for the district, “We want to create and maintain a culture of championships and also provide the information students need to make smart choices.  Having expectations, holding ourselves accountable and holding our teammates (peers, coworkers, whatever it may be) accountable is life long.”

Tenth grader Tara Mueller echoed the emphasis on teamwork, ”I learned that you should always put others above yourself because you are part of a team.  There was so much that I can apply to my everyday life.”

Frook  hopes that the message will stay with the students, “I would hope that kids would see two things – one the whole team piece where what you chose to do with yourself whether it’s on the weekend or staying up late does impact the greater team not just yourself.  What I would hope is that teams would be more cohesive that kids start communicating with their peers.  Overall I hope that substance abuse would reduce due to the scientific backing.  John Underwood (the creator of the program) emphasizes that this is a leadership program.  He says ‘I don’t want your best athletes I want your leaders.’

Sheffield concurred, “We chose to have this program at Exeter-Milligan because we want to do anything we can do to help students make these smart lifestyle choices.”

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Senator Deb Fischer to Host Community Coffee in Geneva

Fischer to Host Community Coffees Across Nebraska

WASHINGTONU.S. Senator Deb Fischer (R-Neb.) announced today she will hold several community coffees across Nebraska on Tuesday, May 3 and Wednesday, May 4, 2016. 

These community coffees serve as convenient opportunities for local Nebraskans to hear updates on Senator Fischer’s work and speak with her in a more informal setting. Members of the media are welcome to attend.

Fischer’s May community coffees will take place in the following areas: North Platte, Kearney, Hastings, Geneva, and Crete.

Geneva Community Coffee - Wednesday, May 4th
VFW Post 7102
1018 G Street
Geneva, NE 68361
12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. CST

Friday, April 29, 2016

Exeter-Milligan Update: Junior High School Math

Pictured are Mr. Jackson Krejci's Junior High Math students working on review questions, which emphasizes adding, subtracting, dividing, and multiplying fractions.  The students have also used their writing skills to explain how fractions can be used in school and how their parents would use them at their daily job.

From left to right: Clint Oldehoeft, Blake Meyer, Cammie Harrison, and Jackson Beethe.