Saturday, March 4, 2023

Exeter-Milligan Update: Fifth Grade News


5th Grade News

By Madalyn Fousek, Exeter-Milligan 5th Grade Instructor


In Science the past couple of weeks, the 5th graders have been learning about different ecosystems and biomes, and how the organisms within each ecosystem operate with one another. Each student chose a specific ecosystem to present and do a report on. They were to choose one animal and plant from their biome and research different facts and find out why they are able to live in their biome. They then made their very own biomes out of shoeboxes and mixed materials. Their hard work and effort were definitely showcased through their project! 



L-R: Archer Kanode, Liam Capek. Axel Erdkamp, Gracelyn Becker, Crosby Oldehoeft, and Lynn Jurgensen (front)



Friday, March 3, 2023

Area Students Compete in Knights of Columbs Free Throw Contest


Exeter-Milligan and Friend students participated in a Knights of Columbus free throw contest in Exeter and won the opportunity to participate in the District Knights of Columbus Free Throw Contest Saturday, February 18 in York. Those participating in York are pictured from left to right: Kora Havel, Brock Bruntz, Grady Arp, Cohen Harre, Braxton Harre and Brooklyn Oldehoeft.  Cohen Harre, Brooklyn Oldehoeft and Kora Havel all got first place and will move on to a regional contest in Grand Island on March 5th.

Thursday, March 2, 2023

Throwback Thursday 02/24/2013




Twenty-six Exeter-Milligan students' participated in the 14th/64th Annual American Mathematics Competitions (AMC 10/12). This is a national test, and Exeter-Milligan has participated for many years. The top three students scores are used for the school team score. In the AMC 12 division the top three finishers were Jennifer Pribyl, Blake Papik, and Kylie Briske. This is Jennifer's fourth year in a row that she has a first place finish. In the AMC 10 division the top three finishers were Janey Due, Madison Horne, and Amber Pribyl. I would like to thank all of the students who took this test.

Exeter Cub Scouts held their Pinewood Derby and Blue and Gold Banquet.

Earning their Bobcat badge and Tiger Cub badge were Troy Kallhoff, Tyler Due, Devin Harrison, Josh Meyer and Mikey Bartu.  Earning the Bear rank were Braden Capek and Ben Bartu and earning the Webelos rank were Jackson Beethe, Blake Meyer and Clint Oldehoeft.


Running the Pinewood Derby for the pack this year as he has done for over 35 years was Stanley Rhodes of rural Cordova.  He along with Lance Larsen and Robert Rhodes set up the track, judged the show portion of the derby, helped the scouts run the races and tallied the wins to announce the race standings.


This year the stock race winners were Tyler Due, first place, Jackson Beethe, second place, and Clint Oldehoeft in third. In the Modified race division Ben Bartu came in first, with Josh Meyer in second and Blake Meyer in third.  As far as the show competition in the stock show Mikey Bartu took first, Troy Kallhoff was second and Tyler Due was third.  In the Modified show Ben Bartu was first, with Blake Meyer in second and Josh Meyer in third.  Cubmaster’s choice awards went to Devin Harrison, first, and Braden Capek, second.


Exeter-Milligan Alum Jessica Ruhl (2009) played the part of Natalie, the daughter, in the musical “Next to Normal,” the Annual Spring Play at Doane College in Crete.


Judy Kassik's Exeter-Milligan Kindergarten students made their goal of each student counting to 100.

After each student has counted to 100, their name was put on a scoop of ice cream and

placed upon a cone. This past week the students finished counting to 100. Now that all

the scoops are on the wall, they get to celebrate their goal with an ice cream party.

Class members are Jayden Capek, Mikey Bartu, Aidan Vavra and Carter Milton,  Emma Rose, Kierra Papik, Ayla Kahler, Liberty Johnson, Joleen Vossler, Emma Meyer and Madison Rankin.

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Exeter-Milligan Update: Geometry Class


Geometry Class update

By Phyllis Severson, Exeter-Milligan Math Instructor


The Exeter-Milligan geometry students used mirrors and indirect measurement to measure the height of the trophies on top of the library bookcases.


Pictured are Kiley Oldehoeft, Selah Petersen, and Kaydence Haase (head down)

Pictured are Lily Jeffries and Kierra Papik

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

EMF FFA Celebrates FFA Week

The Exeter-Milligan/Friend FFA held a pep rally Wednesday morning in the Exeter gym.  Since it was held in the Exeter gym this year all of the Exeter-Milligan sixth through twelfth graders were able to attend and get a glimpse of the FFA program.

It was FFA week February 20-24 and according to EMF FFA President Shelby Lawver it is one of the highlights of the year, “Our FFA members work hard year-round competing in all different types of competitions. FFA week is a week where we plan fun activities and dress-up days for the members to enjoy. From our past experiences as FFA members and elementary students, it really isn't FFA week without a pep rally.”


The pep rally opened with a welcome from  Lawver who announced the first competition, a pie eating contest.  Officers had pulled names out of the hat for each one of the competitions.

After donning plastic bags the contestants had to eat through a whipped cream pie and find six gummy fish.  In the junior high division Avery Tuttle skunked her competitors while Jayden Capek was the high school winner.

In between games, gift card drawings were held and the winners received $10 gift cards to local businesses.

The next competition was a traditional bob for apples contest.  Four students attempted to find four apples in their buckets.  After testing different methods, Mikey Bartu won the contest with his head dunking approach.

Trying to stay clean for a while, the next game involved holding two water jugs straight out.  Marcus Krupicka won the high school division and Jaxson Brandt won the junior high division.

Carter Milton was given the task of helping Bob Milton get his FFA dress outfit on while blindfolded while racing against the team of Abbi Milton and Gracie Vynhalek. Carter and Gracie were allowed to give verbal instructions but couldn’t physically help them put the clothing items that were spread across the gym on their bodies.  It was a close race but Bob and Carter were declared the winners.

Lots of participants were tagged for the game of musical chairs.  This game is always a crowd favorite, but some of the boys treated the game more like capture the chair and both participants got the boot. Malorie Lawver was the winner

Four teams of students, which included two junior high and two high school teams, faced the challenge of getting a frozen FFA t-shirt open enough for one of the teammates to put it on.  The students tried throwing them on the floor, pulling them apart, throwing them against the wall, dunking them in buckets of water and blowing on them.  Finally the junior high team of Alexis Paulsen, Ty Svehla and Sydney Engert quietly and patiently worked on their shirt and Alexis was able to don the shirt.

The grand finale of the event was watching the chosen teacher/administrator kiss an adorable baby goat brought in by Jordon Lawver.  Laura Kroll, Exeter-Milligan Principal, Exeter-Milligan history teacher Jordan Marr, Exeter-Milligan Ag and welding teacher Miranda Hornung were the three nominees to kiss the goat. The audience choice was Marr with an overwhelming majority (which did not disappoint Kroll or Hornung).

Marr took a few moments to get to know the goat before planting a kiss on her (actually twice, to make sure the photo was just right).

The event truly reflected the purpose which, according to Lawver, “is to take time during FFA week to do fun activities with our members that are related to FFA in some way. It's something everyone looks forward to during FFA week!”

The EMF FFA members will travel to Utica next Tuesday to compete in their Career and Leadership Events (CDE).  Here they will compete as a team in a variety of ag related activities like agriculture sales, floriculture, public speaking and mechanical and technical skills.  The focus, according to Lawver, is teamwork, “Our biggest challenge in CDEs is getting everyone on the same page. Since CDEs are a team activity, you have to qualify for state as a team. The hardest part can be getting all four of the team members to study and do their job. If you have one person slacking, it brings the entire team down.”

Teams that qualify will have the opportunity to travel to Lincoln for the state competition at the end of March.  The seniors who have earned their state degrees will receive them in a ceremony at Pinnacle Bank Arena during the convention. They will wrap up the year with the FFA Banquet in April.  “I personally enjoy banquet because it's a time for us officers to recognize members for all their hard work throughout the year,” explained Lawver.