Saturday, March 14, 2020

Exeter-Milligan Update: Math News

Math News
By Mary Kay Pribyl, Exeter-Milligan Math Instructor

The algebra class has just begun their unit on polynomials and are working with rules for exponents when multiplying and dividing.  Pictured below is Olivea Swanson practicing at the board.
The algebra 2 class is studying the graphs and end behavior of polynomial functions. Top picture is Clint Oldehoeft and Jackson Beethe showing the end behavior of an odd degree function.


Thursday, March 12, 2020

Greg's Market Purchased by Exeter Investors Corporation

In early December the Exeter community was rocked with the news they learned on facebook, Greg’s Market planned to close their doors by the end of February.
Their online statement included an explanation for their closing after 20 years of service to the community, “The current climate of small business, e-commerce, super-fast shipping, etc. have made it very difficult to compete on price and selection in the grocery category. . .profit margins continue to be thinned by the constant battle for the ‘best’ price and rapidly increasing credit card processing fees.”

It didn’t take long for the community to respond.  Just before the end of the year a group of concerned citizens held an evening discussion and out of that was born the plan for community members to pool their resources and purchase the store from the Greg and Jackie Yound.

The group, calling themselves the Exeter Investors Corporation met in mid-February to purchase shares (minimum was $1000) and elect a board of directors.  Approximately 50 investors purchased 200 shares of stock in the corporation.

The meeting also informed shareholders how the corporation would work and detailed legal paperwork was passed out and signed.  The purchase agreement with the Yound’s and the Exeter Investors Corporation was signed on Monday, March 1. Greg’s Market will officially close on March 30th  and the store will be closed on March 31st for inventory.

The investors plan to tackle a few minor repairs on the fire marshal’s recommendation list on March 31st with the rest completed within 90 days of the store reopening. The store will reopen under the new ownership on April 1st.

Greg will be available to the board in an advisory capacity for the time being, but current employee Becky Bigelow will be the store manager with local resident Mitch Schlegelmilch serving as the president of the board of directors. Also elected to serve on the board by the shareholders are Justin Harre who will serve as vice president of the board of directors with Amy Emshoff as treasurer and Sharon Dyer as secretary. Kenny Harre will also elected to the board of directors.

The other employees were all given the option to keep their jobs and Schlegelmilch added, “we really hope they stay.” 

Under Schlegelmilch’s leadership the board hopes to keep things about the same.  Right now, the only schedule change will be closing at 6 p.m. instead of 7 p.m. on Wednesday nights.  “Otherwise, we are going to try to keep it business as usual,” according to Schlegelmilch.

The store has been the only grocery store in Exeter since the storm in July of 1993 that took out Heffelfinger’s grocery store.   Norm and Carol Yound first purchased the grocery store in Exeter in 1970 and opened their bakery in 1982.

The store began as Norm’s IGA and then changed to Norm’s Shur Save before their son, Greg, and his wife Jackie, purchased the store from them in April of 1999.  Greg’s Affiliated foods has continued with groceries, meat department, deli, catering, baked goods and over the years have added a liquor department along with serving noon meals.  It became Greg’s Market several years ago.

Watching the communities around Exeter lose their grocery stores motivated residents to take action before they lost their store. Schegelmilch commented, “Once again the Exeter community has stepped up and has made this community one of the greatest ones to live in.”

Schlegelmilch sees a lot of potential in the store and asks “that you give us a chance.  Take advantage of the customer service, the one on one personable experience at Greg’s.”

“We are looking for opportunities to improve our business function, our service, our operation.  Personally and speaking for the board we want to figure out ways to keep what we have going but at the same time look for opportunities to improve the business.”

Greg added, "Jackie and I would like to thank the many customers that supported us and my parents over the last 50 years.  Many generations of local families were and are a huge part of our successes.  We ask that everyone support all our home town businesses and make Exeter a place that people want to shop, work, and live.  Thanks again and we'll see you around." 

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Exeter-Milligan Update: Makerspace

MakerSpace at Exeter-Milligan
By Marla Weber, 2nd Grade Instructor and MakerSpace co-sponsor

At Exeter-Milligan K-6 students have an opportunity to participate in a monthly after-school program called MakerSpace. This 90-minute program has been designed to provide hands-on ways to encourage students to design, experiment, build, and problem-solve. Students generally choose from three to four suggested activities for that session. They may join efforts with a partner or work independently. Teachers act as facilitators, rather than share demonstrations or give instructions. Some projects include STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) activities, building with wood, doing beadwork or sewing. A popular activity includes the deconstruction station where outdated electronics may be taken apart and incorporated into a new project. Many of the items used in the MakerSpace program have been received from generous donors from our district. 

While at MakerSpace, students engage in critical thinking, creative thinking, and collaborate with peers. They learn the importance of revising a project and persevering when a task becomes difficult. At MakerSpace students have the opportunity to explore their own interests, learn to use a variety of tools and materials, and develop innovative projects. Each month students are provided new opportunities to attempt and learn that failure is an important part of learning. The goal at MakerSpace is for students to work together to learn, collaborate and share. 

Monday, March 9, 2020

Exeter-Milligan Update: First Grade News

Saydee Kassik and Brooklyn Lawson

First Grade News at Exeter-Milligan Public Schools
By Sara Pella, E-M First Grade Instructor

The First Graders have been hard at work this semester, from learning about the states of matter, solutions and mixtures to researching a President in honor of President's Day.  The first graders were able to learn about the three states of matter: solid, liquid, and gas.  They spent several days finding each state of matter around the classroom and school, along with separating them through an interactive game on the smartboard.  To celebrate the end of the states of matter chapter along with the 100th day of school, the students were able to create a science experiment using snow.  Each of the students built a snowman.  They placed it in a container and watched as their snowman went through all of the states of matter.  They created a book about it, using pictures they took of their snowman.  Then they wrote about what happened during each phase.  They really enjoyed bringing their snowmen into the classroom and watching it go through each phase.  The First Graders are currently learning about solutions and mixtures and will be creating an experiment next week.

Kaidence Kohler, Dahlia Zeher-Lewis, Kyson Holtzen-Mitchell and Archer Engert