Friday, February 27, 2009

Bathhouse Construction Progress

On Thursday afternoon, Roth and Troyer Construction arrived with several truckloads of forms and workers.

They began the process of building the rebar mesh that will be inside the walls when they pour them early next week. The upright rebar had been in place since the footings were poured and now they are adding the horizontal rebar and wire tying it all together.

The pool sump area is now enclosed with a metal rail.

Roth and Troyer have one wall done with the horizontal rebar in this photo and continue work on the east side

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Zero Entry Area will be close to Parking

In a web post of February 5th it stated that "If you drive by or look at the picture you can see that this area is very close to the existing sidewalk. The sidewalk and parking in this area will have to be removed." This is incorrect! The zero entry area will have a four foot deck which is essentially where the sidewalk is now, a fence and the parking area will stay the same.

Pool Floor nearly completed

As you can see from this picture, much of the pool floor is poured. The section on the left side of the picture will be poured Thursday and then it will be time for the stainless steel gutter to be put on around the pool. This is a custom job that will take at least a week. According to Christiansen Construction, after this the last section of the pool floor at the zero entry will be poured. Quite a bit of sand is packed around the outside walls of the pool and more dumptrucks full of dirt have been hauled off again this week. No progress on the bathhouse yet as they are waiting until the dirt is packed around the pool and the ground is stable.