Friday, December 4, 2009

Exeter-Milligan School Update-Language Classes

E-M Happenings by Audrey Betka-Mager

With Christmas rapidly approaching, 1st Semester is almost
over. Students have been working hard and learning a lot
with our new reading program--Reading Mastery. This year,
in addition to my duties as the Elementary Resource Teacher
at Exeter-Milligan Public Schools, I have been teaching
various reading classes and a Language class. The Language
class (pictured) is currently learning about verb tenses,
classification, the calendar, and listening to directions
and following them.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Exeter-Milligan School Update - High School Art

E-M Art Happenings by Jill Shipley

One of the Exeter-Milligan Art I classes is starting to
work with clay this week. They have gone over the art terms
that have to do with pottery and are now putting those into

The first pot they make is called a coil pot. They
construct the pot out of clay coils and blend one side.
When they are done we will let them dry and then fire them
in the new kiln, provided by the Exeter-Milligan Boosters
this summer.

The students will then get to glaze them with different
colors to give them a colorful glass coating. We will have
to fire them again in the kiln and they should look great.

Exeter-Milligan School Update - P.E.

News from Mrs. White's PE classes:

Kindergarten -2nd Grade: The elementary classes have been
busy this semester working on basic locomotor skills,
throwing and catching, eye-hand coordination, and large
muscle group activities. This past week the students played
a number of different scooter games, with their favorite
being "Sharks and Minnows" (played to the theme from

High School PE: Students have been involved in many
different "lifetime sports" including; tennis,
racquetball, bowling, basketball, volleyball, weightlifting,
dodge ball, football, softball, etc.

Junior High PE: The Junior High Girls 'A' Volleyball
Team finished their season with a record of 10-2. Members
of the team included: Kylie Briske, Meredith Emshoff,
Madison Horne, Brooke Manning, Elizabeth Murphy, Deidre
Stevens, Erica Yound, and Logan Zeleny. The 'B' Team
had a record of 4-3. Members were: Brittany Beatham,
Shelby Bell, Toni Bossaller, Jordyn Brandt, Brittany Colson,
Athena Laisy, Sierra Martin, Amber Pribyl, Kimberlin Ruhl,
Sierra Santos, Hunter Stride, Maitlyn Thomsen, and Billie

Exeter-Milligan School News - Speech Pathology

Kara Myers here, the local Speech Pathologist for
Exeter-Milligan schools. Here to explain a little about
what I do and why I do it. My job is wonderful. Not only
do I get to work with some students on a one-on-one basis, I
also get to work with preschool students all the way up to
seniors in high school!

My days are always different and
packed full of helping students with each of their
individual needs. In a typical day I may see a group of
elementary/preschool students and work on the /r/, /k/, or
/l/ sound. Then I may see a group of junior or high school
students. I assist them in understanding what they have
learned in class or helping them with such things as
organizing their thoughts for oral book reports and speeches
or utilizing webs and outlines for written activities. It
is always rewarding helping students find the best way that
they learn and teaching them strategies to help during their
school years.

This year I also was given the opportunity to participate in
the new reading program. I teach a reading group consisting
of six students during one of the reading times. The
students I see are 1st and 2nd graders that do not have any
speech and language difficulties. It has been fun watching
these kids grow and learn how to read more fluently while
also comprehending what they have read!