Saturday, February 15, 2014

Exeter-Milligan Update: First Grade Readers

First Grade Mystery Reader by Sharon Lott, E-M First grade Instructor

First Grade has a Mystery Reader every 
 +Thursday. Parents, grandparents, teachers are asked if they wish to participate at the beginning of the year. They are assigned a week to come. They send clues for the class. The teacher gives the clues during the day and the students try to guess who is coming. At the assigned time, the mystery reader comes in to read to the students. The students enjoy hearing a variety of people read to them during the year. Pictured is Mrs. Kara Myers reading to the First Grade.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Exeter-Milligan Junior High Basketball Tournament

Above:  Exeter-Milligan’s Hannah Horne tries to get in the way of Friend’s Raeleigh Menke.

In the Exeter-Milligan Junior High Basketball tournament held in Exeter on Saturday, Feb. 8 the Friend boys and girls both brought home the first place trophies. In the championship game the Friend boys beat the Central City boys and the Friend girls beat the Bruning-Davenport-Shickley girls.  Exeter-Milligan girls took fourth losing to Meridian and the Exeter-Milligan boys beat Meridian taking third place.

The Exeter-Milligan girls met the Friend girls at the Exeter-Milligan Junior High Tournament on Saturday, Feb 8.  Exeter-Milligan’s Hannah Horne tries to get in the way of Friend’s Raeleigh Menke.


Exeter-Milligan’s Eric Olsen tries to get a pass in between Friend’s #4 Kyle Dickinson and #14 Kolby Houlden.

Below: Exeter-Milligan’s Eric Olsen decides not to let Friends #10 Logan Pfeiffer get in the way when he heads toward the basket.  Near the hoop are Friends #52 Ray Sharkey and #34 Darren Segner.  Exeter-Milligan’s #23 Derek Axline is also in the photo.

Exeter-Milligan’s Hannah Beethe and Meridian’s Hailey Schafer scramble for the ball.