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Throwback Thursday, June 29, 2011




The Exeter Public Library recently purchased a new desktop computer for the use of it's patrons. 

The Library Board had been researching a new computer system for patron use and when the old one stopped working they sped up the process for purchasing a new internet computer.

The new computer will be purchased with memorial funds that were given to the library without designations


Trystan Brandt, son of Roger and Dianne Brandt of Exeter, received second place in the 200m dash and third place in the 100 m dash for the 11-12 year old division at the Hershey Track and Field State Finals held at Grand Island on June 11.  He qualified to attend the meet after receiving first place in the 100m dash and second place in the 200m dash at the District meet held at York in May. Trystan will be a seventh grader at Exeter-Milligan in the fall.


Exeter Cub Scouts have filled their empty summer days with lots of fun activities and service projects the last few weeks.

Several of the scouts volunteered for Bingo at the Exeter Care Center and also helped lead a Flag Day program at the Care Center.  They put flags up in downtown Exeter for Flag Day as well.

During the week the scouts met for an afternoon session at the library and learned from Assistant Librarian Jessica Votipka how the library is organized.  They explored the library's computer check out system and also looked up a book using the Dewey Decimal System. 

While they were at the library they helped with a recycling project and did a little clean up at Storybook Park.

The weekend found the pack headed for a campout at Lone Star NRD facility.  The scouts played flag football, made father's day gifts and pool noodle swords before they cooked hot dogs for supper.

Cub Scouts from Friend and Exeter enjoyed a day living like Tom Sawyer at the Crete Youth Cabin near Crete.

The boys got to hike along the Blue River, make rafts like Tom Sawyer used and race them, and make their own jump rope.

Richard Brunkow, of Milligan, brought his rope making equipment and each of the boys got to make a 12 foot piece of rope.  The boys enjoyed lassoing tree branches and other objects throughout the camp.

The scouts started their Leave No Trace badge and practiced picking up the trash and sticks in the camp before leaving.

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Exeter-Milligan Update: Transition Plans


A group of students and parents tour one of the job sites at SCC in Milford with the CRAVE teacher, Michalla Schartz.  Here the students learn to read an event map to set up the room in the manner that was requested as well as welcome those coming to the event for the day.


A student using Zoom on the computer visits with Marsha Silvey, Vocational Rehabilitation counselor, who is assigned to serve the Exeter-Milligan school district.  They are talking about self-advocacy while at college since it is up to him to let teachers know that he has a disability and accommodations that help him learn.





Transition Plans

By Anita Mueller, Exeter-Milligan Special Education Instructor


On or before a student identified with a disability turns sixteen, they are required to have a transition plan included in their Individual Education Plan. This includes a post-secondary goal for education/training, employment, and if necessary, independent living skills.  As part of their transition plan, the special education student can meet with a Vocational Rehabilitation counselor from the Nebraska Department of Education about once a month to talk about what they want to do after high school. Since COVID, the counselor has had to meet with students through Zoom rather than coming to the school making it more difficult to really get to know the students. Depending on students' interests in the Transition to Work Inventory, the counselor shares internet sites to view different jobs within the career cluster that ranked the highest or talks about different colleges or workers unions offering training needed to do that specific job.

Students with disabilities can be served by the school until they turn twenty-one. There are a couple of programs in our area that help provide the life skills/job skills to ensure that these students truly learn the skills that they need to become successful employable adults.  The first program is CRAVE (Career Readiness and Vocational Education) at SCC in Milford and coming soon to Seward. Students can attend this program from 1 to 3 years to learn pre-vocational skills to successfully secure and maintain employment.  Students can learn custodial work, kitchen work, dining services, Residential Hall services, Office Assistance-filing, simple data entry, shredding, answering phones, escorting guests, and Landscaping/grounds work.  Students at CRAVE also have the opportunity to take classes while at SCC if the student/family wants to pay for them. The second program available is Project SEARCH and their curriculum includes the following areas: Career Exploration, Money Management, Goal Setting, Job Seeking Skills, Employability Skills, Healthy Life Choices, Communication, Social Skills, and Job Specific Skills.  These both provide non-paid job experiences and classroom time to work on skills to get and keep a job, including writing resumes, cover letters, interviewing, self-advocacy, and problem-solving skills at work.