Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sign Up for Swimming Lessons

The Exeter Aquatic Center will be offering swimming lessons, Monday – Friday, July 12-23rd from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. The cost is $20.00 per person. Water Babies will be on Monday & Wednesday of the 2 weeks at 5:45 pm. Cost is $20.00. They will also be offering a Guard Start session this year July 26th – 30th from 11:00am-1:00 pm. Cost is $20.00. We need a minimum of 5 to have it. Sign up at the pool or contact Shelli at 366-0063 for more information.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

FLUSHING AWAY CANCER - One Toilet at a Time

Kendra Oldehoeft, hopes for the element of surprise as she places the Hope toilet in the yard of Exeter Village Board Member Mitchell Schlegelmilch and his wife Mary.

Fillmore County beware! There is a purple toilet on the loose and it could end up in your yard next.

The purple toilet was an idea from the Fillmore County Relay for Life group to help raise awareness and funds for the cause to cure cancer. The toilet can be removed from your yard for a donation of $15, but for just $25 you can have the toilet removed from your lawn and pick someone else's lawn to place it in. To keep the toilet out of your yard you can donate $25 for "toilet insurance."

This year the Fillmore County Relay for Life event has an executive committee working out the details and raising funds. Members of the committee are Denise Kovanda, Clayton Kovanda, Jackie Swartzendruber, Jen Busse, Val Poppert, Kim Gewecke and Kendra Oldehoeft.

Oldehoeft, an Exeter resident, thought that the home of Exeter Village Board Member Mitchell Schelgelmilch and his wife Mary would be a good spot to start the toilet. Oldehoeft has strong ties to the Relay for Life program. "I got involved with Relay for Life when I was a student at Doane. They have a strong program there. It's personal for me as my mom has battled cancer twice and I lost my brother to cancer at the age of 20."

She is looking forward to the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life at Fillmore Central High School on July 31st.

If you don't end up with the toilet in your yard and you still want to help flush cancer you can donate online at Fillmore County Relay for Life or contact one of the Executive Committee members.

Exeter GFWC Members attend National Convention

GFWC/ NFWC Exeter Club members Bonnie Cudaback, Elaine Oldehoft and
Judy Dinneen attended the International Convention on June 11th and
12th and acted as hostesses at the State Night Banquet.

The 119th GWFC Annual International Convention was held in Omaha at
the Quest Center June 11th through June 22, 2010. Nebraska Federated
Women’s Club hosted the Nebraska State Night banquet “Nebraska The
Good Life” on Friday evening June 11. Welcome was given by Janice
Predoehl, GFWC Nebraska State President. Jan Jones, GFWC Nebraska
Treasurer said Grace. Following dinner, Pat Gage GFWC Nebraska 1st
Vice-President and a member of NFWC District IV spoke on “Nebraska
What Makes Us Special” and Rose Ditto, GFWC International President
from Wamego, KS addressed the convention. Entertainment was provided
by Heidi Joy a professional vocalist originally from Omaha now
residing in Palm Coast, FL.

Saturday, June 12th, Procession of State flags and State Presidents
was followed by call to order by Rose Ditto, International President
and presentation of colors by the Offutt Air Force Base Honor Guard.
The National Anthem was sung by the Wamego Dutch Mill Sweet Adeline
Chorus and the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was recited by the
convention attendees. First Lady of Nebraska, Sally Ganem, and Steve
Oltmans, Chief of Staff of Mayor Suttle, City of Omaha gave the
official welcome. Janice Predoehl, GFWC Nebraska State President
again welcomed the convention to Nebraska with a response given by
Marianne Potter, GFWC Wisconsin State President and hosts to the 2011
International Convention. The preliminary credential report showed
553 GFWC members in attendance with 24 attending from Nebraska. The
International GFWC slate of officers for 2010- 2012 was presented with
election of officers by the convention delegates to take place on June
14th. The Keynote Speaker for the morning session was Deborah
Rodriquez, author of the national best-selling memoir, “Kabul Beauty
School: An American Woman Goes Behind the Veil. The GFWC Program
Partners Luncheon was held at noon. Afternoon workshops were held in
the Qwest Center meeting rooms. GFWC Exeter members attended “Creating Healthy Relationships: Learn to Love Yourself" and Programs A
to Z.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Exeter Legion Avenue of Flags

Avenue of Flags at the Exeter Cemetery

Flags on the cemetery road put up by Dennis and Doreen Johnson.

Exeter Pack 218 Cub Scouts Joey Bartu and Ben Bartu put the flags up on main street in downtown Exeter.

It was about honor, respect, gratitude and of course, the symbolism of the flag. The site of those two proud rows of flags flying on a sunny morning will bring any patriotic American to tears when they understand the meaning of the flags.

The Exeter Avenue of Flags started in the 1980’s with twelve flags, flag poles and spots to hold them and has grown to 100 plus flags flying at the Exeter Cemetery every Memorial Day.

The Exeter American Legion Auxiliary members saw the idea in the early 1980’s in a Legion newspaper, recalls Erma Adamson. Adamson, Tess Moor and Margaret Moravec were the members of a committee formed to pursue bringing the idea to Exeter.

The Auxiliary members dove into the project, purchasing 12 flags and flag poles. They enlisted the assistance of the Legion to provide the manpower to dig the holes and help with the flag pole assembly. The flags were placed near the war memorial at the Exeter Cemetery.

The 12 flags represented the 12 Exeter Legion members who had lost their lives in service to their country, the gold star boys. From there it grew and continues to grow. Individuals with ties to Exeter donate a flag and purchase a flag pole to be added to the avenue in memory of their loved one, according to Adamson. The names of the veteran are written on the flag in an appropriate spot.

Often after the Memorial Day services at the cemetery family members will wander up and down the Avenue of Flags searching for their veteran’s flag and taking a moment to remember him and his service.

Currently over 100 flags fly in the Avenue of Flags at the Exeter Cemetery. Members of the Legion, Auxiliary and community volunteers put the flags up every Memorial Day and the twelve original flags are also placed in the avenue for funeral services of Exeter Legion members, weather permitting.

The flags used to be placed at the cemetery every patriotic holiday but now with so many flags to be placed they are only all placed on Memorial Day. Flag Day, Fourth of July, Memorial Day and Veterans Day bring flags to the downtown area sponsored by the Legion and put up by a variety of volunteers, including Legion members and Cub Scouts.

In the last eight years Exeter residents Dennis and Doreen Johnson have decorated the trees on their property that sits on the road to the Exeter Cemetery. On Memorial Day the Johnson’s post 13 flags on the trees that guide visitors to the Exeter Cemetery, making it a beautiful patriotic welcome.

The United States flag was adopted by the Second Continental Congress on June 14, 1777 and in 1916 President Woodrow Wilson established June 14th as Flag Day by an official proclamation. Flag Day was nationally recognized in August 1949 by an Act of Congress.