Thursday, February 22, 2024

Throwback Thursday 02/16/2014




Let the Games Begin… Second graders at Exeter-Milligan Public Schools prepared for the Winter Olympics by creating a Mini-Math Olympics. A torch relay delivered notes about this event, inviting all kindergarten, first and second graders to participate for team U.S.A. On February 6, students paraded around the gym wearing patriotic colors and carrying U.S. flags. They watched as the final torch runner made a lap in the gym and ignited the Olympic torch. The Olympic oath and Olympic creed were read. Opening ceremonies also included watching a youtube video about the Olympics. These athletes participated in six events: cotton ball shot put, paper straw javelin throw, paper plate discus throw, marble grab, sponge squeeze and big foot. At each of these centers, students practiced estimating and measuring skills with metric units. High school students were available to assist the elementary students as they measured and recorded their results. Students learned facts about ancient and modern day Olympics, too. Patrons of the district were able to follow events via Twitter, #emwolves. A medal ceremony concluded the EM Mini- Math Winter Olympics.


The Exeter-Milligan junior high boys basketball team finished the 2013-14 season with a 6-4 record.  In December, E-M had a 3-2 record, finishing second at the Dorchester tournament the opening weekend of the season.  In January, the young Timberwolves went 2-1.  At the Exeter-Milligan tournament this past weekend, the boys finished in third place. 


Leading the scoring for E-M this season was Patrick Murphy, with 74 points.  Colton Bossaller scored 54 points.  Eric Olsen, Derek Axline, and Seth Maxson added 35, 33, and 32 points respectively.  Spencer Pribyl put in 25 points on the season.  Joey Bartu added 6 points and Wyatt Foutch scored 4 points.


The JH girls basketball A team finished the season with an 8-6 record. The B team finished with an 2-1 record. The A team won the Dorchester tournament and also placed 3rd in the Giltner Slamfest.  


Top 5 scorers on the year:

Tara Mueller - 149 points

Kelsey Bigelow - 87 points

Hannah Beethe - 74 points

Hannah Horne - 50 points

Kathrine White - 47 points.


Three members of the Exeter-Milligan Speech team competed at the Meridian Mustang Speech invite. From the left, Taylor May competed in Entertainment speaking, Meredith Emshoff received 3rd place in Entertainment speaking, and Amber Pribyl placed 5th in Humorous Prose. 


Exeter-Milligan Football standout Taylor May signed to play football at Midland Lutheran in Fremont on Thursday, February 13th.  May was welcomed into the Midland fold by Assistant Football Coach Brad Vonnahme.


Mrs. Marla Weber’s second graders at the Exeter-Milligan Public School have been writing pen pals letters to students in Grade 2 at the Friend Public School this year. To add a little twist to this exchange of letters, the EM second grade requested their pen pals participate in another activity. Students at each site drew pictures of monsters. Each student then used descriptive words to explain what his or her monster looked like. The descriptions were delivered to their pen pals. Based only on the details shared with them, students tried to recreate their pen pals’ monsters. This activity was not only fun, but allowed students practice descriptive writing. The two classes plan to compare the drawings via Skype.

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Exeter-Milligan Update: Stress and the Body


Stress and the Body

By Lorie Sliefert, Exeter-Milligan Science Instructor


Biology II students use technology to study their bodies.   In our recent chapter about the respiratory system, they were able to use a spirometer to determine their lung capacity.  When we studied the cardiovascular system we were able to measure their blood pressure and heart rate and see how they responded to times of stress. 


Pictured is Malorie Staskal using the spirometer.


Monday, February 19, 2024

Exeter-Milligan Update: Second Grade Science


Second Grade Science

By Kelsey Horne, Exeter-Milligan 2nd Grade Teacher


In second grade science, students have been working on defining a problem and developing solutions. For this lesson, students identified the properties of given materials and had to identify which would be best for a pillow. Students worked together to test out different materials and ended by writing a claim stating which material was best. Most of the class agreed that soft cotton was the best material while a few preferred firmer foam. 


 Grayson Arbuck testing her pillow



Jade Slezak testing her pillow