Friday, January 23, 2009

Cement Cement Cement!

There were three rounds of cement trucks see coming and going at the pool construction site on Thursday. The floor of the pool was poured along with the footings for the outside walls for the bathhouse. The Odell pumper truck spent the day directing the cement where it should go. If you have kids you don't want to let them watch a pumper truck work. First of all it is a fascinating piece of machinery and second of all the guy who runs the truck and the whole pump system controls everything with a joystick remote control that hangs around his neck. It is a prime excuse for kids to use - "playing video games is on the job training, Mom and Dad"

According to the website survey the majority of you, 67% are positive about the pool being ready sometime this summer. We will check on the construction schedule if there is such a thing and let you know where the progress stands so far.

Exeter-Milligan Girls Basketball Post another Win

The Exeter-Milligan Girls played Meridian on Tuesday, January
20. The Timberwolves came out on top by winning 61-49.
Heather Pribyl led the T-Wolves with 22 points and 13
Other scoring included:
Tina Kassik 14 points
Amber Filipi 12 points
Maddy Emshoff 5 points
Kelsey Moore 4 points.

Exeter-Milligan Junior High Girls Basketball

The Exeter-Milligan Junior High girls won the CRC
Championship Tuesday January 22. The girls beat the Giltner
Hornets by a score of 41-21. Scoring for the Junior High T-wolves
Jennifer Pribyl 2 points
Taylor Erdkamp 6 points
Megan Zwickl 6 points
Elly Korbelik 5 points
Megan Waldron 8 points
Logan Zeleny 10 points
Jackie Luzum 4 points

The girls' last games will be in the Exeter-Milligan
tournemant which is February 7th.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Footings Poured for Bathhouse

At 12:15 on Wednesday Roth and Troyer were busy digging out the final footings for the interior walls of the bathhouse and by 2:30 the pumper truck was in place and 24 yards of cement were in the process of being pumped in to complete the footings for the interior walls of the bathhouse. Meanwhile the pool area is a mesh of rebar and crushed rock. Today the excavator came up out of the hole and all of the fabric is in place on the bottom of the pool along with the crushed rock and rebar. They plan to pour the bottom of the pool on Wednesday just after 10 a.m. with the exterior wall footings of the bathhouse being poured in the afternoon. The weather has been beautiful for the construction so far, but the predicted cooler temperatures may stall things for a few days. When the village board was questioned late last year on building a pool during the winter months the board responded that pool construction companies prefer to work in the winter because the concrete is easier to work with (it has a longer hardening time) and it cures slower and thus stronger.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The American Legion Auxiliary of William Sullivan Unit 218 of Exeter Presents New Flags

The American Legion Auxiliary of William Sullivan Unit 218 of Exeter presented new flags to the Exeter Care Center and the Exeter Volunteer Fire Department. Pictured are from the left John Mueller, Fire Chief, receiving a flag for the Fire Department, Sharon Dyer, Auxiliary representative and Melanie Ruhl, Director of Exeter Care Center.

Monday morning update on the Pool Progress

This morning at the pool Village Maintenance Supervisor John Mueller was checking on the progress of the pool. The bathhouse area is covered in the special fabric to keep it soft and they are awaiting the arrival of cement contractors Roth and Troyer. Rebar grids were being constructed and filter fabric to go under the rock under the pool was being opened. The size of some of the rebar that will be placed inside of the cement is huge - looks like 1 1/2 inch.

A few pool pictures

There is always a lot of activity down at the pool site but not a lot of easy to see progress. More cement was poured on Friday but not a lot yet. Still excavating as the pictures show!