Saturday, March 20, 2021

Exeter-Milligan Boys Finish Fourth at Doane Invitational


Casey Jindra - 2nd 60 Meter (by .01second)

Jackson Beethe- 4th 400 Meter

5th - 4 x 400 Relay - Daysan Staskal, Jackson Beethe, Draven Payne, Casey Jindra

5th - 4 x 800 Relay -Troy Kallhoff, Clint Oldehoeft, Cade Kresak, Ben Bartu

Jackson Beethe - 3rd  High Jump

Tyler Due - 4th Pole Vault

Devin Harrison - 5th Pole Vault

Casey Jindra - 3rd Long Jump

Draven Payne - 4th Long Jump

Exeter-Milligan Girls Place Third at Doane Invitational

Cameran Jansky - 2nd 800Meter

Savana Krupicka - 4th 800 Meter

Jaiden Papik - 3rd 1600 Meter

Cammie Harrison - 4th 1600 Meter

Girls 4 x 800 2nd -Jaiden Papik, Cammie Harrison, Jasmine Turrubiates, Cameran Jansky

Cammie Harrison - 1st High Jump

Malorie Staskal - 5th High Jump

Jozie Kanode - 1st Pole Vault

Savana Krupicka - 2nd Pole Vault

Maddie Luzum - 3rd Pole Vault

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Throwback Thursday March 18, 2011


"Get Goin' Green" will be presented by the Exeter-Milligan elementary students on Tuesday, March 22 at 7:00 p.m. in the Milligan Gymnasium.  The K-6 students will sing many eco-friendly songs.  The 5th and 6th grade bands will each perform.  The 4th grade class will play the recorders and the 3rd grade class will play the boomwhackers.  Please join us for an evening of upbeat, exciting music that encourages you to take care of our planet!


Exeter Girl Scout Troop 390 decided to bake up a storm on Thursday afternoon to help complete a badge that started with the power of one and helped them grow to learn about the power of a community.


The girls, fourth and fifth graders at Exeter-Milligan gathered on Thursday afternoon to make meals for families in town who have recently been affected by cancer.

Five Exeter Cub scouts chose to go to the Prairie Winds District Pinewood Derby event.  Clint Oldehoeft entered the stock race, Braden Capek showed his car in the modified show, Peytan Brandt entered the modified race, Ben Bartu showed in the modified show and Joey Bartu showed in the stock show.  Joey brought home a trophy for best in stock show for the second year in a row.


Two Exeter-Milligan seniors from the Girls Basketball team Heather Pribyl and Kelsey Moore were chosen to the First Team of the CRC All Conference Team. Exeter-Milligan Freshman Nolan White was the only member of the Boys Basketball Team to be recognized on the First Team.  Exeter-Milligan Senior Zach Jensen received an honorable mention.


On March 2nd, several FCCLA members sported t-shirts to support the "Spread the Word, to End the Word.  The purpose of this day was to raise an awareness for the useless use of the word "retarded" and the negative connotation associate with this word.  Many members previously attended the National Special Olympics and gained an understanding that mentally and physically challenged individuals do not like that label when talking about their ability.  Meredith Emshoff's FCCLA STAR project was the emphasis for this activity, as she brought an awareness for autistic individuals and the increased use of the word, retarded when identifying people with disabilities.  Through her project, the student body was made aware of the characteristics of someone with autism and that society is so fast to label people, even if it is with the incorrect word. 



Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Exeter-Milligan School Board Votes to Close Milligan Campus


Approximately 45 community members attended the Exeter-Milligan School board in the Exeter Gym on Wednesday evening.

Chairman Adam Erdkamp welcomed the crowd and opened the meeting.  The Board passed the consensus agenda before reviewing several policies.

Erdkamp briefly reviewed a recent committee meeting with several Friend board members.  “Most of the conversation was over the ag program.  We will keep everything as it is this year for next school year.”

The board opened up the floor for public comment and several spoke about moving the third through sixth grade to Exeter, essentially closing the Milligan school.

Mary Lou Vossler, Family and Consumer Science teacher urged the board to move all of the students to Exeter, “It’s time. Economically it’s one of the better decisions. Is this just a temporary fix? Back when we consolidated with Exeter people thought the same thing.  Here it is 20 plus years later and we are still benefitting from it.”

Lisa Soukup, the Media Specialist at Exeter-Milligan, travels to Milligan four days a week for Library and computer science classes.  She recalled her families ties to Milligan and to the school building, but encouraged the board to take the next step, “I don’t take this lightly.  It will make us stronger as a staff and a school and community  It will make such an impact on the elementary.

Community member Rebecca Svec commented, “I know there are a lot of factors.. .remember even if there is one site we still have two towns.   The school is a little bit of your lifeblood and it doesn’t come back. I hope you continue to make decisions to benefit both towns, not just you as board members but administrators and teachers, too. 

After thanking the commenters Erdkamp presented the principal contract which the board approved and then opened the agenda item to move all the grades to Exeter.

“I do think everyone is taking it very serious.  It’s tough.  We do have two communities and I don’t think anyone wants to have to make these tough decisions.  We don’t want the site in Milligan to not be used and we will financially support it. We don’t want the community in Milligan to be hurt.  We have talked with staff and administrators and they feel it is time.  I think it is something we should do,” Erdkamp said

Board member Alan Vavra added, “I graduated from Milligan. No one likes to lose a school. Being on the board and hearing the faculty and the benefits of it, I think it’s time to make that decision.”

When the schools consolidated years ago one of the stipulations of the agreement was that it would require a super majority to close either of the campuses.  This measure passed unanimously.

The next agenda item was the feasibility study with Fillmore Central.  Erdkamp noted that the study is on the school website, “We would like as many patrons to read through the study as possible.”

The board will schedule a meeting with the Fillmore Central board in the near future.

Under new business the board approved Bette Ann Miles as a substitute and received teacher resignations from music teacher Angie Murphy and sixth grade teacher Treven Cerveny.  While the board will advertise the music teacher position, according to Sheffield, they will not search for a new sixth grade teacher “The sixth grade will move up to the high school, it will be like a middle school situation,” he explained.

The board briefly discussed current bills prioritized in the legislature and an upcoming conference where Sheffield and Friend Superintendent Dave Krauss will be presenting on the purple ribbon meat program.

The next meeting is scheduled for April 14 at 8 p.m. in Milligan.