Saturday, April 8, 2017

Exeter-Milligan First Grade Classroom Learns about Butterflies

Butterflies galore in the first grade classroom! The Exeter-Milligan first graders are learning about the life cycle of a butterfly and spent their science unit doing a worksheet on butterflies, doing several different games on the smart board and learning new vocabulary words on their ipads.

Above – Exeter-Milligan first grade teacher Miss Sara Lincoln introduces the science unit to her classroom.

  Scout Grummons (left), Richard Hickman (middle) and Brogan Staskal are hard at work on their butterfly worksheet.

Above – Clayton Pribyl is hard at work on his butterfly worksheet.

Above– Miss Lincoln helps Braxton Saatmann with his butterfly worksheet.
Below – Braxton Saatmann (left) and Clayton Pribyl work on the smart board butterfly life cycle game.

Above– Miss Lincoln helps Addison Foutch on her ipad.
Below  - Ensley Stahl draws the life cycle of a butterfly.

Above – The lifecycle of a butterfly in pictures
Below – The class will be getting live caterpillars to care for later in the year.  They will get to watch them turn into butterflies and then release them before the school year is over.

Above – Miss Lincoln helps Levi Jurgensen with his butterfly life cycle worksheet.
Below – Aaliyah Million reads about the butterfly life cycle on her ipad.

Above – Miss Lincoln helps Titus Petersen on his ipad.

Below – Exeter-Milligan first grade class front row from the left: Aaliyah Million, Brogran Staskal, Richard Hickman, Clayton Pribyl, Wilfrid Kallhoff, Ensley Stahl, Natalie Meyer, Levi Jurgensen and Scout Grummons.  Standing behind from the left are Ava Million, Braxton Saatmann, Titus Petersen, Kalvin Lock, Deacon Erdkamp, Kayden Hale and Addison Foutch.


Above - Exeter-Milligan first grade class front row from the left: Aaliyah Million, Brogran Staskal, Richard Hickman, Clayton Pribyl, Wilfrid Kallhoff, Ensley Stahl, Natalie Meyer, Levi Jurgensen and Scout Grummons.  Standing behind from the left are Ava Million, Braxton Saatmann, Titus Petersen, Kalvin Lock, Deacon Erdkamp, Kayden Hale, Miss Lincoln and Addison Foutch.

Below – Levi, Scout and Titus show a picture of the small caterpillar.

Above – Ava, Aaliyah and Brogran show the butterfly chrysalis.

 Above – Braxton, Ensley and Natalie show the chrysalis forming around the caterpillar.

Above – Kalvin, Addison and Kayden show the butterfly egg.
Below – Deacon and Miss Lincoln show the butterfly.

Below – Wilfrid, Clayton and Richard show the large caterpillar.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Exeter Village Clerk Honored

Exeter Village Clerk Becky Erdkamp (middle) with Exeter Chair of the Village Board Alan Michl and Village Board Member Kathy Erdkamp at the Nebraska Municipal Clerks annual meeting.

Exeter Village Clerk Becky Erdkamp was honored as the Outstanding Village Clerk of the year on Friday March 24 at the Nebraska Municipal Clerks’ Association Institute banquet.
Exeter Chairman of the Village Board Alan Michl nominated Erdkamp for the award and was present to see her receive the plaque.

Erdkamp knew she had been nominated as she “had to fill out a questionnaire regarding village projects, educations sessions/conferences attended, and community/religious/civic activities that I am involved in.”

There were 24 other nominees and the nominating committee reviews all the applications and chooses the clerk at each population size to receive the awards.

Erdkamp was “truly honored that I was selected.  I do take my job seriously and try to protect the interests of the village.”

Michl felt Erdkamp was very deserving of the award, ”The board and the community are very proud of what she has accomplished. Especially for her to be recognized by her peers, that was quite an accomplishment. I feel she does a good job not only on the paperwork in the office but also dealing with the public and the problems that come along.  She has done a commendable job at that."

Erdkamp, an Exeter High graduate, celebrated her tenth anniversary as Village Clerk in February.  She is a member of St. Stephen's Catholic Church, St. Stephen's Altar Society, is a presenter for ODEGO, serves on the Boy Scout Troop 218 Committee, the Exeter-Milligan School Foundation and in the past has been a Girl Scout leader.

Each year the Nebraska Clerks have an annual institute and academy that is facilitated by UNO. The Association works to support and educate the clerks and Erdkamp has enjoyed spending time at each of the conferences she has been too.  “It’s always educational.  This year the class I attended on setting sewer and water rates was very informative as the village is currently working through this process.”

Erdkamp specifically enjoyed the information shared by one of the speakers, the Pilger Village Clerk, who spoke to the group about dealing with a tornado and its’ after effects.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Exeter-Milligan Sends 23 to Class D All State Band

Exeter-Milligan had 23 students selected for Class D All State Band which was held in Kearney this year.

There were Timberwolves participating in each of the three band performances which included a Jazz band, Symphonic band and a Wind ensemble.

The students spent all day Saturday learning the music and practicing with their groups.  Saturday evening was a performance at UNK that was open to the public.  Shickley Public School teacher Mr. Joshua Harris was the master of ceremony for the evening.  He noted the importance of the All State Band experience for the students, “This creates an opportunity we cannot create at home.  You will see as the night goes on, the band gets bigger.  Bigger than the schools most of the students attend.”

The Jazz band led the group with Exeter-Milligan junior, Hannah Horne on the baritone saxophone.  They performed five numbers and Horne was presented a medal.

The Symphonic band was the largest and they were the second group to perform.  Included in this group were Macy Due on bass clarinet, Kayla Geiger and Anna Sluka on alto sax, Mitchell Manning and Theron Odvody on trumpet, Josie Kresak on French horn, Katie Skinner, Joey Bartu, Eli Johnson and Spencer Pribyl on trombone, Joel Klemm on tuba and Peytan Brandt on percussion.

The band performed along a water theme including a moving rendition of “On a Hymnsong of Philip Bliss” which included the hymn “It is well.”

The final group of the evening was the Wind Ensemble.  They performed a lively group of songs leading off with “Normandy Beach” along with several movements of “Simple Gifts.”

Chosen for the wind ensemble from Exeter-Milligan were Ella Wilkins on flute, Ashley Benorden on clarinet, Jacy Schlueter on bass clarinet,  Trystan Brandt and Trever Zelenka on trumpet, Caitlin Murphy, Haylee Sheffield, and Samantha Horne on French horn, Nick Hayek and Patrick Murphy on trombone.  Benorden had a clarinet solo during the performance and many of the students received medals.

 All the Exeter-Milligan students who were chosen for All-State Band.
 Exeter-Milligan students who participated in Symphonic Band with the director.
 Hannah Horne receiving her medal from director Mr. Mark Irvin during Class D All State Band.
 Katie Skinner (on trombone) and Peytan Brandt playing in the Symphonic Band at Class D All State Band.
Ashley Benorden is recognized for her solo during the wind ensemble’s performance at Class D All State Band.