Saturday, November 14, 2015

Exeter-Milligan Takes State Championship!!!!

 Marissa sends it back over in fine form.
 Another set from Sidney.
 Ready to receive a serve.
 Hailey serves the ball.
 The celebration!  Final scores set 1: 25-17; set 2: 22 -25  set 3:  18-25  set 4: 25-23 and set 5: 15-9
The hardware.

Exeter-Milligan Update:Doane College Fall Festival of Winds

Five Exeter-Milligan students participated in the Doane College Fall Festival of Winds on November 7.  Hannah Horne and Trystan Brandt were selected for the Honor Band, directed by Dr. Jay Gilbert.  Samantha Horne and Haylee Sheffield were selected for the Tiger Band, directed by Dr. Danni Gilbert.  Kaitlyn Vavra was selected for the Merrill Band, directed by Dr. Larry Blocher.  The students rehearsed all day and presented a late afternoon concert.  The Doane College Symphonic Wind Ensemble also performed in the concert. (L-R) Haylee Sheffield, Kaitlyn Vavra, Hannah Horne, Samantha Horne and Trystan Brandt

Friday, November 13, 2015

Lady Timberwolves Headed to State Finals

The Exeter-Milligan Volleyball team swept unbeaten Sandhills/Thedford this morning in three straight sets.  The Timberwolves will head to the state championship game Saturday morning at 9 a.m. at Devaney.  Go Timberwolves!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Exeter-Milligan Posts Three Set Victory Against Humphrey St Francis

The Timberwolves took down Humphrey St. Francis in three straight sets (25-21, 25-22, 25-17) at Lincoln East early this evening.  The Exeter-Milligan team will travel to Lincoln to play the winner of the Potter-Dix and Sandhills/Thedford match-up (which will happen at 7:30 tonight).  The match will be played at Pinnacle Bank Arena at 11 a.m.
Pictures from the Pep Rally today:

 The freshmen were decorated as Christmas trees.  Katherine, above and Kate, below.

 Pep band above and below, Marissa Howard, the lone senior, speaks.

 The teachers sang a Christmas carol to inspire the team and below the team loads the bus.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

State Volleyball Tournament

The Exeter-Milligan (24-4) Volleyball team seeded #2 will meet #7 Humphrey St. Francis (19-12) on Thursday at 5:30 p.m. at Lincoln East High School.  The game will be broadcast on 1370 am KAWL.  Good Luck Lady Timberwolves!

Veteran's Day Program

The Veteran's Day Program will be held on Wednesday, November 11 at 10:00 a.m. in the Exeter-Milligan gym.  Veteran's are invited for coffee and rolls at 9:30 in the cafeteria in Exeter.  The Exeter-Milligan Band will perform along with the choir.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Timberwolves Fall to Wynot in Football Quarterfinals

 The Exeter-Milligan Timberwolves lost to the Wynot Blue Devils in the NSAA State D-2 quarterfinals in Milligan Tuesday afternoon.  The Blue Devils put 8 points up just 15 seconds into the first quarter but the Timberwolves bounced back with possession o f the ball for four minutes scoring 8 on a Sam Zeleny pass to Jack Dinneen with 7:48 on the clock in the first quarter.  The Timberwolves got on the board next with Zeleny carrying the ball in and Maxson carrying the ball for the extra points making the score 16-8.  The Blue Devils returned the kick off for a 59 yard touchdown but were not able to convert the extra points.  The score moved to 16-14 with the Timberwolves ahead for the first quarter.  The first play out of the second quarter the Blue Devils found the end zone and packing on the extra two points putting them in the lead 16-22. The teams traded off making points before the half ended  32-42.  After the half the Timberwolves continued to press on but just couldn't convert on some key third downs.  Wynot takes the win 62-32 and will meet Humphrey St. Francis on Monday. 

Above - Senior Sean Maxson carries the ball.  Below - Senior Spencer Papik blocks for Senior Quarterback Sam Zeleny.

 Papik above and Zeleny below in the quarterfinals.
 Zeleny above and Zeleny and Maxson below.

 Above Zeleny makes it into the end zone and below Senior Kirby Soukup blocks on the line.

 Soukup above and Maxson below.

 Zeleny above and Senior Jack Dinneen below carry the ball.

 Senior Jonathan Mounce takes down another Blue Devil.
Dinneen catches the pass and he's in the end zone for the T-wolves. Below another Blue Devil gets "Mounced"

Electronics Collection and Recycling Event

Fillmore County along with Trailblazer RC& D, Little Blue NRD, and the DEQ sponsored an Electronics Collection and Recycling event on October 14th.  All kinds of electronics were accepted such as cable/wires, cameras, cell phones, circuit boards, computers, gaming systems printers etc. 
Larry Cerny, Fillmore County Supervisor, Mary Johnson, FCDC Administrative Assistant, and County employees helped with the event.  Fifty-nine individuals and businesses brought electronics to be recycled
E-stroyed, Technology Waste Solutions from Grand Island was the hauler.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Exeter-Milligan Students attend Musical Arts Day

Two students from Exeter-Milligan High School attended Musical Arts Day at Concordia University, in Seward, on October 30.  Trystan Brandt performed trumpet and Samantha Horne   performed French Horn in the Honor Band.  Students attended from across the country and were selected by recorded audition.  The Honor Band was directed by Andrew Schultz, professor of music at Concordia University.  The concert also featured performances by the Honor Choir and by the University Band and Choir. 

Exeter-Milligan Update: Science News

Science News by Matt Nicholas, Exeter-Milligan Science Instructor

What's new in the science classroom? Earth science has been progressing through the rock cycle with stops at Sedimentary, Igneous, and Metamorphic. We have be learning characteristics and classifications of the many rocks that make up our "3rd Rock from the Sun." Recently in class, the students were tasked with writing a story. The assignment was to write in first person the story of a mineral fragment as it travels through the rock cycle. I am pleased to say that our eighth graders were up to the task. They proved to be very creative, while also, demonstrating a knowledge of the subject. I wish that I could include all of the stories that we shared as a class, but this news letter would have to be a lot longer. I have, however, received permission from one student to use his work. 

The class was required to read their stories in front of the class, and I feel like this story may not be done justice in print. The performance that was given had me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen next. After the story was finished, the author received much applause, complete with requests of encore. He obliged and read the story to the class again. So just as a set up for the following story, I want you to picture a dark stage with one young man sitting on a stool. As you read, I want you to read as though the speaker is talking to someone, but you're not quite sure if he is talking to you. Be sure to take your time, read every word, and take the appropriate punctuational pauses. 

The Rock Cycle

By Nick Hayek

Hello, good to see you, take a seat and warm up, I insist… I’m Magma, and yes, I am the real deal. Don’t listen to those fakes who say they are Magma, they are obviously trying to cheat you...So, how was your day? I hope it was nice….Hmm…..So is it me...or is it getting a bit….cold in here…(a long while later). Why, this is quite annoying. I’m a solid now, I don’t like being solid, it’s just not my thing. I’m currently an Igneous, and...don’t much care for it. OUCH!!! Something’s hitting me. It seems to me that a thing called erosion is happening. Hopefully, it will end soon. Now I feel....small….a sediment of what I once was...why...why does this happen, to me? I feel so, crowded, so, pressured. Although, I do feel whole again, as whole as a Sedimentary rock. The heat...I feel it again…..So, welcoming….So, warming…..So... natural. Even though being a metamorphic rock could never beat being me, Magma, it is...tolerable. I still don’t much care for the pressure...but it means one step closer to my old self... Oh? This is it! I...FEEL IT!!! AT LAST, MY JOURNEY THROUGH THE ROCK CYCLE IS OVER! HUZZAH! Now, so terribly sorry for me abandoning the conversation, please, forgive me. It was, forsooth, very rude of me. Anyways, back to our, conversation...Are you enjoying the scenery, I arranged everything myself...What am I saying, of course you love it… It just it….getting a bit….cold?

I hope that was as enjoyable to read as it was to see performed live! A special thanks to the author and the eighth grade class for their hard work. If you have any questions about the rock cycle or would like to read any of the other stories, you can talk to one of your local eighth grade students!