Saturday, November 9, 2013

Exeter-Milligan Update: Science Class

Shining a Light on the Subject by Matt Nicholas, E-M Science Teacher

            Chemistry is the study of matter and energy, and the changes they undergo. Currently, we are looking at emission line spectra as a method of identifying unknown gases. Every element gives off specific wavelengths of light when it has electricity running through it. These types of light are commonly referred to as “neon” lights, but not all of these bright lights contain neon. Neon happens to produce a red orange color, but there are many other gases that yield the different colors of the spectrum.

            Our students are using this experiment to look at just one variety of properties that electrons are responsible for. electron behavior is the primary area of study in chemistry because electrons are the outer most parts of the atom and are responsible for the way atoms interact with each other.

            When the students use the pictured apparatus, called a spectroscope, to view the tubes of gas, they see a distinct line spectrum. We will then compare the spectra of the unknown gases with the spectra of known gases and determine what the tubes are filled with. Some practical applications of this technology are in forensics and cosmology.

Pictured is Dusty Axline using the spectroscope.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Exeter-Milligan Update: Geography Class

Mr. Murphy’s social studies classes have spent a good deal of time discussing current issues affecting our country.  In addition, the Post World War II History class has been investigating the Cold War and African decolonization following World War II.  The high school American History class has researched local pioneers and westward expansion, as well as, immigration and culture of the late 1800s.  World Geography completed a unit on Nebraska geography and is currently looking at how weather and climate influences human geography.  At this time, History 8 is studying the American Revolution.  

Pictured are clockwise:  Samantha Horne, Trystan Brandt, and Evan Harre, and Haylee Sheffield preparing on an online review game for a Geography map quiz.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

FCDC Shares Home Buyers Downpayment Assistance Information


Funds were received from the Affordable Housing Trust Fund (NAHTF) to provide “down payment assistance” to eligible homebuyers in Fillmore County for the purchase of existing homes in Fillmore County communities. The program runs through September 22 of 2015 and $128,000 dollars is available for down payment assistance.  The assistance comes in the form of a no interest loan that is paid back when the home is sold.
Participants must occupy the property as a principal residence and be income eligible. The purchase must be of an existing home in a Fillmore County community and the cost may not exceed $135,000. The maximum subsidy cannot exceed 20% of the purchase price and has a maximum of $17,000.
There are also funds for minor repair and/or rehabilitation work in the form of a conditional grant.  The maximum amount of these grants will be $7,500 per home.  Additional rehabilitation funds may also be secured through the USDA Rural Development programs.  Rehabilitation work will be completed after the purchase of the property and must be completed within 6-months of the purchase closing date.

The Affordable Housing Trust Fund (NAHTF) funds were awarded to Fillmore County with the Sub recipient being FCDC.  The Fillmore County Development Corporation implements the program and Southeast Nebraska Development District (SENDD) is the program administrator.

For information or to request program guidelines and an application, contact Jen Olds, Program Manager, SENDD, 2631 “O” ST, Lincoln, NE  68510-1398 (402-475-2560) or or Patt Lentfer, Exec Director of FCDC at 402-759-4910, email: or by mail at:  1032 G Street, Geneva, NE  68361 The application and complete guidelines may also be found on the web at

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Exeter-Milligan Softball Players Receive Post-Season Honors

Congratulations to senior Logan Zeleny, the catcher for the Fillmore Central/Exeter-Milligan Panther Softball Team as she was selected for the Southern Nebraska Conference first team. Zeleny was also selected on the York News-Times All-Area Softball Team and was given an honorable mention on the Class C Super State Team.  Senior Meredith Emshoff was recognized with an honorable mention with both the Southern Nebraska Conference and the York News Times All-Area Softball Team. The FC/EM Panthers headed to the Class C State Tournament and posted 1-2 record there.  They finished the season with a 24-12 record.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Exeter-Milligan Football Game at Clarks on KTMX

The Exeter-Milligan District Playoff Game will be broadcast live on the York Radio Station KTMX 104.9 on Wednesday.  The game starts at 6:00 p.m.

Volleyball Team Play Hampton Hawks Tonight

The Omaha World-Herald ranked the Exeter-Milligan Volleyball team #9 this season.  The team plays tonight in Wilber versus the Hampton Hawks at 7 p.m. at the Sub-District Finals.

Exeter-Milligan Update: Junior HIgh Football

The Exeter-Milligan junior high football team recently completed their 2013 season.
Five of the six games were played in Milligan. The team was slowed by injuries
throughout the season. The EM team finished with a 1-5 record.
On September 9, Exeter-Milligan hosted McCool Junction. The EM junior high came up
on the short end of the 24-36 final score. Scoring touchdowns for EM were Colton
Boassaller on a 20 yard run, Bossaller again on a 52 yard kick-off return, and Joey
Bartu on a 2 yard run. Two point conversions were all converted on passes: Eric Olsen
to Patrick Murphy, Seth Maxson to Murphy, and Maxson to Spencer Pribyl. Bossaller
had a fumble recovery for the EM defense.
Exeter-Milligan hosted East Butler on September 17. The EM offense had a tough time
getting anything going in the game. The strong East Butler team soundly defeated the
EM team 0-84.
Exeter-Milligan was again home on September 23, hosting Friend. The junior
Timberwolves were again held scoreless in the 0-22 loss. However, the defense played
much better than the previous week. The EM defense was led by linebackers Joey
Bartu and Derek Axline.
On September 30, Hampton traveled to Milligan to take on Exeter-Milligan. The game
was close throughout. When the clock showed zeros, EM came out on top, by a 24-22
margin. Patrick Murphy caught a 2 yard TD pass from Eric Olsen, Joey Bartu scored on
20 and 28 yard runs. The Exeter-Milligan defense recovered four Hampton fumbles:
Joel Klemm, Derek Axline, and two by Olsen. One of Olsen’s recoveries was returned
30 yards for a TD.
The junior Timberwolves traveled to Henderson on October 7 to play Heartland. EM
came up on the short end of a 6-52 score. The lone score for EM came on a 20 yard
TD pass from Eric Olsen to Patrick Murphy. On the EM defense, Joey Bartu had a
fumble recovery and an interception.
Exeter-Milligan wrapped up the season on a wet Monday, hosting Deshler. The October
14 game score ended: EM 8, Deshler 56. Eric Olsen hit Derek Axline on a 15 yard
center eligible touchdown pass play late in the game for EM. Patrick Murphy ran in the
2-point conversion. Joey Bartu had two fumble recoveries, while Axline added another fumble recovery.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween Fun for Exeter-Milligan Psychology students

 The Psychology students in Mr. Marr's class decided to have a little fun with the Exeter-Milligan Kindergarten, first and second graders on Halloween.  The high school students wore costumes to school and created boxes of "parts" for the elementary students to examine.  Second grader Troy Kallhoff feels some "brains" while Huntington Trauger  supervises.

Exeter-Milligan Senior Kaitlyn Hertzel lets second graders (l-r) Amarah Carr, Tyler Due and Taylor Pribyl feel the creepy “parts” that are in here box.

 The High School students brought Batman in his costume.

 Trenton Vossler, left, and Troy Kallhoff check out what Hunter Stride's box contains.
There were eyes, toes, fingers, skin, brains and other “parts” for the students to feel.

Shelby Bell watches while Troy Kallhoff feels her box of "eyes" which were right next to a bottle of real preserved sheep eyes.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Exeter Junior Fire Patrol Graduation

 Clint Oldehoeft and Jacob Miller
 Georgia Meyer and Jacob Miller
 Jackson Beethe and Jacob Miller
 Jaiden Papik and Jacob Miller

Participants and volunteers at the Exeter Junior Fire Patrol are pictured front row from the left:  Georgia Meyer, Jaiden Papik, Jackson Beethe, Clint Oldehoeft.  Back row from the left are:  Marv Swanson, Hope Androyna, Dan Everheart, Jacob Miller, Mark Beethe, Jackie Miller, Ken Strate and Ed Mark.

After the graduation ceremony the Exeter Junior Fire Patrol participants headed out for a ride in the fire truck and a chance to spray some more water from the truck fire cannon.  They are pictured from the left:  Jackson Beethe, Clint Oldehoeft, Jaiden Papik and Georgia Meyer.

Every October the Exeter Volunteer Fire Department hosts a Junior Fire Patrol classes during Fire Safety Month.
Part education and part training, the fifth graders from Exeter Milligan love the program. “They’re learning valuable life skills for not only now, but when they have families of their own.  It’s a fun class but at the end of the day I want them to remember this could actually save someone in their families lives,” explained lead instructor Hope Androyna.
This is the fifteenth year that the Exeter Volunteer Fire Department has sponsored the Junior Fire Patrol for area fifth graders. This year there were four participants.
The fire department hosts the program at the Exeter Fire Hall and attendance is required for all four sessions to become a junior fire marshall. During the sessions the students plan a fire escape plan individualized to their home, learn about fire hazards in the home, learn burn prevention and first aid, and how to use a fire extinguisher to put out a fire.
Androyna notes that the “hardest lesson they have to get is that you never go back into a burning home and get something valuable, no matter if it’s a pet or a favorite toy.  That is my least favorite part of teaching these classes – exposing the kids to the reality of mortality in fires.” 
This year Androyna was able to find some new updated videos to share with the students, “We were able to purchase some new videos.  The one that has the most impact even on adults shows how an entire room can go up in flames in three minutes from a burning candle.  It shows a heat thermometer at the same time.”
Another important lesson the kids learn is about the damage that arson causes and how to prevent fires inside and outside. Exeter Volunteer Fire Department member Ed Mark designed the program in 1998 to keep the students and the community safe.  Mark researched educational materials and designed the program for the Fire Department to approve.  He serves as the Chairman of the Junior Fire Patrol project and, "We wanted to help teach the kids more fire safety so we could save some lives. . .who knows what value it will have in their future lives."
The students are required to attend every one of the four sessions and perform each assignment if they want to achieve the rank of junior fire marshal. Some of the assignments include fun, like running the water hoses on the department trucks, while others, like crawling through a room full of artificial smoke, are a much greater challenge.
“This class went fast.  These kids were a very attentive and a very bright class.  They knew a lot about the department and since it was a smaller class we had the opportunity to do some different things like working with an interactive fire extinguisher with Deputy Fire Marshall Ray Nance,” explained Androyna.
The last few years they have begun to teach the kids CPR “We can’t certify them but they are getting the same training the squad does minus a few equipment trainings. It’s a life-saving skill,” explained Androyna.

If the students pass the final written exam, attend all the meetings and complete the other requirements then they become a junior fire marshal of the Exeter Fire Department.

After so many years of watching students take the junior fire patrol course Mark is still amazed at the fifth graders, "Every year they grab the information. The intensity level is amazing. They just want to learn. We have great kids every year."
The department received a donation from Sam’s Club to purchase snacks for the different nights and Casey’s supplied pizza for the graduation celebration.
Three of the students had perfect attendance and passed all of the requirements to become junior fire marshals.  They are Jaiden Papik, Jackson Beethe and Georgia Meyer.  All three of these students have a parent who serves on the Exeter Volunteer Fire Department.
The department is now seeing a side benefit to the program that wasn’t realized for a number of years, as several Junior Fire Marshalls have become active members of the Exeter department.  One, Jacob Miller, now serve as assistant fire chief.
Hope Androyna served as the lead instructor this year.  Many other members of the department served as instructors and volunteers throughout the four weeks including Ed Mark, Jacob Miller, Jackie Miller, Marv Swanson, Dan Everheart, Ken Strate, Mark Beethe, Doug Papik, Craig Meyer, Nate Kahler.