Friday, March 31, 2023

Exeter-Milligan Update: State FCCLA Peer Education Conference



State FCCLA Peer Education Conference 

February 27, 2023

By Mary Lou Vossler


Kearney, NE - The Exeter-Milligan  FCCLA Chapter joined over 370 other Nebraska FCCLA members and advisers at the State Peer Education Conference held in Kearney, NE on February 27, 2023.  The theme of the meeting was “Channeling Your Inner Leader.” The State Peer Officer Team encouraged chapters to focus their leadership efforts at a local level through their Community Outreach Project.  


The keynote speaker at the conference was Monica Huber, a training specialist. Her presentation was titled “How Do I Prepare to Show Up for My…self……family…friends…life and everything in between?” She shared a message about being prepared for everything in life, with leadership and schoolwork examples. Her message of "S.U.P"- Show Up Prepared was a theme carried throughout her presentation.


Additionally, three breakout sessions represented the three FCCLA National Programs the State Peer Officer Teams are promoting this year: Families Acting for Community Traffic Safety (FACTS), Career Connection, and Stand Up. The FACTS session was presented by members of the Community Leader Team and featured the Nebraska State Patrol. Trooper Shriver and Trooper Kroeger provided a rollover demonstration for members and advisers. The Career Leader Team hosted a Career Panel with Dr. Carol Erwin (post-secondary teacher educator), Hannah Kizer (interior designer), Kris Walahoski (registered dietician), and Tyler Clay (Buckle recruiter). Each of their careers represented a different section of the FCS Career Pathway. These representatives answered questions from members about their own careers and how they got to where they are today. The Family Leader Team partnered with Jackie Freeman presenting “A Healthy Outside Starts from the Inside.” Jackie shared her story as a past FCCLA member and also kept her life balanced with being a mom, running coach, and school nurse. Her main point included how to balance physical health with mental health to keep our “insides” as healthy as our “outsides.” She expressed that all members have a special place in this life and that we will achieve great things now and in the future. 


Exeter-Milligan FCCLA members and sponsors attending the State Peer Education Conference were: 

back row L-R: Kiley Oldehoeft, Savana Krupicka, Lily Jeffries, Joni Vossler, Troy Kallhoff, and FCCLA Adviser- Mrs. Mary Lou Vossler

Front row L-R: Kierra Papik, Taylor Pribyl, and Emma Meyer



Thursday, March 30, 2023

Throwback Thursday 03/24/2013



Robert Vlcek who resides in Exeter was recently presented with a Certificate of Continuous Membership of 60 years with Cordova Legion Post 359

The sixth grade had a big night at the February 8 basketball game against Cross County. They had the opportunity to play with the pep band and sing the National Anthem.  Participating were  Mitchell Manning, Trever Zelenka, Theron Odvody, Spencer Pribyl, Blake Steuben, Katherine White, Kate Jansky, Josie Kresak and Macy Due.  

Exeter Cub Scout Pack 218 had a wood project night with their dads.

Services for Del Jensen were held  Tuesday, March 26, 2013 at the Trinity Lutheran Church in Cordova, Nebraska. Military Graveside services were held in the Exeter Cemetery.

Exeter-Milligan students heard an inspiring speech on the last Monday in March.  Jerry Traylor, a McCook native, shared the message of positive thinking that has made the difference in his life.


Born with cerebral palsy, Traylor endured 14 operations before he was 14 years old.  Despite wearing braces and crutches he shared a picture where he is still smiling as a young child, “I knew I was blessed because I could do things in my imperfections and I knew I was loved.”


His goal was to help the students see their strengths and use them.  “Don’t worry about what you lack, use what you’ve got,” was a big part of Traylor’s message.


Exeter-Milligan Elementary students presented their Spring Concert “Genres” on Tuesday, March 26th in Milligan.

The 5th & 6th grade girls sang the National Anthem at the Exeter-Milligan v. Hampton basketball game on February 1. Participating were Anna Sluka, Josie Kresak, Kate Jansky, Kayla Geiger, Caitlin Murphy and Katherine White.

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Exeter-milligan Update: FCS/FCCLA News



By Mary Lou Vossler, Exeter-Milligan FCS Instructor and FCCLA Sponsor


EM FCS Class Update:

Foods & Nutrition:  Students have had the opportunity to learn about quick & yeast bread. Each student had the opportunity to learn how to shape cinnamon rolls or kolaches.  The aroma in the classroom was wonderful.  They hopefully aren't intimidated by baking.  We took a bit of a break and enjoyed a "wing" lab and I must say the kids could open their own food trucks or sell them all.  WOW!  They definitely turned out some delicious wings that they all got a chance to taste and enjoy.

FCS 9/Careers:  Students wrapped up their major budget project.  In this project, they "draw" for their hypothetical career with a salary, a career for a significant other with a salary, and a number of children.  They then determined their income after taxes and savings, named their children, selected a home based on their income, bought a mode of transportation, selected a pet for their "family", paid monthly bills, "drew" unexpected challenges or situations that made an effect on their family and finances, created a weekly menu for their family and used this expense to estimate the monthly cost of groceries and of course planned a family vacation/getaway while staying in budget.

We've now moved on to careers and each of them is investigating a possible career they may want to pursue after graduation.  Their eyes are being made wide open when they see the cost, the classes they need to take in high school, and the demands of the job.

Adult Living- Our class was able to donate 2 sets of pillowcases, 1 baby blanket, 14 throw blankets, 54 new twin/full-size thermal blankets, and $150 to People's City Mission- Lincoln, NE.  "Thank You" to the communities of Exeter and Milligan for your donations. Students have focused on "Decisions You Face" in adulthood, with the first unit focusing on avoiding harmful substances and now lifestyle options and consequences.

Child Development- Students experienced Reality Babies earlier this semester and are now focusing on the fetus's development and the changing body of the mother.  Soon childbirth methods and learning about the newborn.  We will hopefully have an opportunity to zoom in with a new mommy and newborn.

FCS 8- Students will be learning about safety in the kitchen, nutrition, measuring techniques, and reading recipes, and then enter the kitchen lab area for some simple food preparation.



EM FCCLA officers and members were able to attend FCSTN Legislative Workshop which was held on Feb. 8th. FCCLA members met in the Werner Legislative Chamber and were welcomed by Senator Vargas. Senator Vargas shared his journey to becoming a Nebraska Senator which was quite captivating.  Members were introduced to a lobbyist and their role in getting potential legislative bills supported.  A tour of the Nebraska Supreme Court Room followed.  Attendees were given a history of the State Capitol and the architectural aspects of the courtroom.  EM FCCLA participated in a tour of the State Capitol and then did a scavenger hunt which pulled in several of the architectural aspects, statues, and history of the Capitol.   Members then joined all those in attendance at a luncheon in the Governor's Mansion.  The day was wrapped up with a ride to the 14th floor of the Capitol to look out over the area.   Those in attendance ( photo L to R).  Emma Meyer, Taylor Pribyl, Savana Krupicka, Troy Kallhoff, Lily Jeffries, Kierra Papik.


Sunday, March 26, 2023

Exeter-Milligan Students Chosen for Conference Honor Band and Choir

Students from 12 of the 14 Crossroads Conference schools were selected through audition to participate in the Crossroads Conference Honor Band and Choir hosted by Nebraska Lutheran in Waco on March 20.

The students spent the day with the two clinicians Dr. Timothy Farrell, a professor of music at the University of Nebraska, Kearney, band director and Dr. Kurt Von Kampen, conductor of the University A Cappella Choir at Concordia University, for the choir.

The band performed four numbers including “Shimmering Joy,” “Ancient Flower,” “Whiplash,” and “Marche Diabolique.”  The combined choir also sang four pieces including “Shenandoah,” “The Wellerman,” “Sing Gently,” and “Pete, Pete.”

Several Exeter-Milligan students received medals for their outstanding performances including choir members Morgan White and Dravin Birkes, Exeter-Milligan.

Band students medaling included Liberty Johnson, Clarinet, Jozie Kanode, Clarinet, Olivea Swanson, Bass Clarinet,Selah Petersen, Alto Saxophone, Aidan Vavra, Tenor Saxophone, Jayden Capek, Baritone Saxophone, and Troy Kallhoff, French Horn,